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Inventions that didn’t make it By: Athena Golfinos.

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1 Inventions that didn’t make it By: Athena Golfinos

2 The Ferret Locating Device Invented in the UK, where many people own ferrets. Ferrets used to hunt for rabbits and such and chased them down holes. But….never coming back out. So, the inventor created a box that was attached to the ferret. It would give off a signal to help the owners know where the ferrets were underground. The only sound that the box picked up though was a radio station, and the box got lost during trials…which meant that they lost the ferret too.

3 All-American creations that didn’t become inventions…. A glass that burps when you drink out of it A device that captures birds….to feed to your cat A shoe that acts as an air conditioner, and is powered by gravity An invention that allows you to spit while in your car and then it filters out the back A hat that looks just like a fried egg Something that allows you to make egg yolks look like floppy disks A shoe that will tie its laces for you

4 Failed Japanese Inventions The Hair Blocker- a device that looks like a paper plate with the middle cut out that keeps your hair out of your food. The 360-degree camera- powered by a harmonica, cameras surround your head like a crown and when you blow in the harmonica, the cameras take pictures. Puppy speakers-yes, they are dogs that act as computer speakers. Not real dogs, but plastic dogs! Critics have said that puppy speakers are ‘a recipe for disaster’.

5 More Failed Japanese Inventions Solar powered cigarette lighter-a panel that looks like a magnifying glass and lights your cigarette, somehow… A giant multipurpose jackknife that contains many tools that farmers would use. Slippers that can also act as a bug squasher. (They even have a handle on them.) A toilet paper dispenser you wear on your head.

6 Multi-purpose slippers Toilet paper headgear Multi-purpose gardening tool

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