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Gonzaga University Clubs & Activities “Passing the Torch”

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1 Gonzaga University Clubs & Activities “Passing the Torch”

2  GEL Weekend Club Fair ◦ Saturday April 16 th  MadonnaStock Club Tabling

3  Evaluate and IMPROVE upon the past  Discuss Roles/Expectations  Outline policies & procedures  Be ready to hit the ground running in Sept.  Prep leads to Student BALANCE!  LEAVE IT BETTER! Make this your legacy.

4 Past Future Present ? Understand the Past and Present… …Make a better future


6 How do you manage your club?

7  Let’s talk about club meetings ◦ How often did you meet? ◦ Why do you meet? ◦ Was the location good? ◦ What’s the typical agenda? Do you have agenda’s? ◦ Do you hold officer only meetings? ◦ Are you following your constitution with regards to meetings?  Committees ◦ Do you have any committees? ◦ Should you have more or less committees? ◦ What does your constitution say about committees?

8  Officers ◦ What officers or positions exist in your club? ◦ How did it go with these positions? ◦ Does the club need consider more less positions? ◦ If more, what type of positions? ◦ What does your constitution say?  Communication ◦ How do you communicate with other officers? What worked well what didn’t? ◦ How do you communicate with club members? What worked well what didn’t? ◦ How do you communicate with your advisor? What worked well what didn’t? ◦ How do you communicate your clubs mission, purpose and events to the generally student population?

9  Accountability ◦ When a member doesn’t follow through on a job or a membership requirement how did you hold them accountable? Did you? ◦ When an officer doesn’t follow through on a job or task how did you hold them accountable?  3 Resources ◦ Constitution ◦ Club Manual ◦ Community

10  Past/Future Events ◦ What event did you plan this year? ◦ What was successful? What could be improved? ◦ Who attended? ◦ How much did it cost? Host event again? ◦ Are there events that you wanted to do but could not? ◦ Pitfalls of event planning ◦ People/resources that were essential  Advertising ◦ How did people become aware of your event? What worked/What did not?

11  Matt Leisy GSBA Director of Budget and Finance 1) How much money is currently in your account? What is your fund number? 2) Has your lack of knowledge about the finance system kept your club from achieving its goals and/or mission? 3) How does your club keep financial records? 4) What will be the biggest financial hurdle for your club next year and what can the club do to make this process earlier.

12  What was your biggest leadership challenge?  What was your biggest surprise?  What do you know now that you wish you had known a year ago?  What other advice can you share that will contribute to experiencing a successful term?

13  Specific: who, what, where, when, why, how?  Measurable: establish concrete criteria for measuring progress. How will you know when goal is reached?  Attainable: Prioritize and set timeline, BELIEVE.  Realistic: What conditions would have to exist to accomplish goal?  Timely – Must have timeline, when done?

14  Delegate AND Participate  COMMUNICATE!  Support, not compete.  Accept/seek critical feedback.  Deal with Conflict  LISTEN  Be transparent, Share  BALANCE, take care of yourself!

15  Pass on your Club’s Story and Passion  Help new leaders succeed! Don’t be “that guy/gal” that left the club with NOTHING.  THANKS!!

16  Leadership Resource Center, Room 100 Crosby, 313-4156  Visit for transition binder templates (resources---workshops)  Offers Custom Workshops for your Club ◦ TeambuildingDelegation ◦ Conflict ResolutionLife Balance ◦ Creating Shared VisionCommunication Skills  Advisor Assistance/Mentoring

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