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1 Budget Study Session Michael E Finn. Wide range of projections for next year – How do we plan for this Overview of what has been done so far – 2009.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Budget Study Session Michael E Finn. Wide range of projections for next year – How do we plan for this Overview of what has been done so far – 2009."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Budget Study Session Michael E Finn

2 Wide range of projections for next year – How do we plan for this Overview of what has been done so far – 2009 reductions – 2012 reductions Collaboration team summary and progress Enrollment projections Governing Board Discussion 2 Topics

3 3 Planning Scenarios

4 In MillionsProposedActualProposedRevised No Sales TaxWith Sales Tax 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 Funding M&O$189.60$184.30$183.90$180.00 $182.50 $158.80 $182.50 CSF Carry Forward$3.70 $ - CORL$9.50$6.60$4.89$5.20$5.50$5.20 Soft Cap$1.20$0.80$0.00$0.80$1.10$0.80 Contingency$7.80$16.80$16.00$14.94$7.77$0.20 EduJobs$6.80 $ - Total$218.60$208.50$204.79$200.94$196.87$165.00$188.70 Expenses M&O$189.30 $194.00 $187.15 CORL$1.10 $1.02$1.10$1.02$1.10 Soft Cap$4.20 $3.60$4.20$3.60$4.20 EduJobs$3.50$0.00 $ - ASRS $ -$1.20-$1.00 $ 1.35 $ - Health Care Benefits $ -$0.80- $ - $ 2.00 $ - Utilities $ -$0.16-$0.80 Prop Backfill$3.70$0.00 $ - Professional Growth $ 0.75 $ 1.00 Total$201.80$196.76$198.62$201.10$203.52$192.45$193.45 Reductions Staffing $ -$1.60$0.00$8.00$5.25 $26.60$3.50 Career Ladders $ -$1.60 Total0$3.20$1.60$9.60$6.85$28.20$5.10 Carry Forward$16.80$14.94$7.77$9.44 $0.20$0.75$0.35


6 Reductions Previously Implemented DAC- 21 positions eliminated – 6 Administrative positions – 12 Classified positions – 3 Curriculum specialists Maintenance – 20 positions eliminated – Realized through centralized landscaping program Transportation – 39 positions eliminated – 15 Bus drivers – 20 Bus assistants – 4 Transportation office assistants

7 Reductions Previously Implemented (cont’d) School Sites -116 positions eliminated – 30 PAL assistants – 14 High school clerical positions – 28 ELL assistants – 7 High school SpED support clerical positions – 6 High school audio visual specialist positions – 21 Intervention specialists and high school counselors/advisors – 10 Instructional Specialists

8 Not Implemented but approved in 2009 Centralized Maintenance Additional Reduction of 8 PAL Teachers Reduce Library Assistants by 50%

9 Retirees moved from District plan to ASRS and retiree health care reduced and phased out Traditional health care plan considered a buy up plan and contributions to Health Savings Accounts reduced Reductions made to Special Education programs Centralized Maintenance Program established Part time custodians 9 Current Reductions for 2012-2013

10 Reductions made to PTC Specials reduced Revised classified staffing models for all schools Managed Document Services 10 Current Reductions for 2012-2013


12 Requested representation from all employee association groups as well as from work groups not represented Weekly meetings began in August Established rubric for prioritizing reduction ideas – Higher numbers indicate higher support Established site on the portal for shared documents Goal to establish prioritized list for Governing Board for reductions if necessary 12 Team Overview

13 Guidance for Collaboration Team Global salary reductions are not being considered Further employee health care benefit changes are not being considered Improved efficiencies to create salary enhancements Attracting and retaining employees remains our number one priority Evaluate District programming and goals; not individuals

14 14 Rubric Results and Discussion Rank Gr 1Score Gr 1 Rank Gr 2Score Gr 2 Rank Gr 3Score Gr 3 Rank Gr 4Score Gr 4 Rank Gr 5Score Gr 5 Rank Gr 6Score Gr 6 Close elementary627 126 222 328 624 1223 Have HS Teacher teach 7 sect430 526 229 724 132 Increase Participation Fees 130 427 628 Reduce Reading Specialists723 9 1026 Elimination of Block718 226 323 Relocate PTC 131 236 Close DAC 330 133 Elem/HS Class size333 429 Reduce Librarians 428 329 Eliminate pull out Gifted Teachers529 527 Reduce Nurses (LPN and RN)/assts. 825 826 Gifted 530 1521 Four day weeks 330 1420 SIS Coordinator136 Postage at HS236 Transportation Efficiencies 231 Class Size HS 530 Guidance Elementary 429 Eliminate M&O contributions 627 Eliminate Band 727 Consolidate Aps 527 Asst. Principal HS 726 Reduce DAC 926 PE 7th and 8th only 424 Reduce PE 1124 Reduce courses HS 1322 HS Closure 819 Arts 1614


16 Conversations to Consider Boundary Overview Area Descriptions Methodology Housing School Sites Projections and Trends Signature Programs 16 PUSD Demographics and Enrollment

17 Elementary School 33/ES Site 32 Deer Valley Rd./Williams Dr. Bridge (Crossriver) Parkridge Enrollment Elementary Boundaries (District Regions) High School Attendance Boundaries Open-Enrollment (In/Out) Choice Areas and Program Locations Regional Enrollment Decline/Facility Capacity 17 Conversations to Consider

18 18 Boundary Overview-ES and HS

19 North/Northwest – Liberty and Sunrise Mountain Central/Southwest – Centennial, Peoria HS, and Kellis (Paseo Verde included for ES) East – Cactus and Ironwood (Paseo Verde not included in ES) 19 Area Descriptions Southwest/Central North/Northwest East

20 Students who currently reside in the boundaries Birth rates between 2006/07 and most current data available 2009/10 to 2011/12 enrollment trends (40 th Day) Cohort mobility between schools, grades, and retention In-District Open-Enrollment, Out of District Open- Enrollment, Unorganized Territory Open-Enrollment Projected housing units Rate of housing construction Student generation factors by housing type Build-out analysis of available lands 20 Methodology-Components of Projection

21 Births have declined in all cities our District covers from 2007 until 2010 Glendale and Youngtown steepest declines Average District births have declined 16% from baseline year of 2007 Enrollment is regional within the District and contributes to a District total New neighborhoods are younger, increase in enrollment, and maturation over time 21 Methodology-Births and Enrollment

22 The rate of new home construction is up year over year but far below the boom The rate of new home construction should increase as we approach 2015/16 New housing is not impacting all portions of the District Most new housing is in the North/Northwest with some in the Southwest The District is approximately 50% built-out over 138 square miles We could add 14,000 units to the PUSD by 2022 The economy is a big determinant of housing 22 Housing-New Housing

23 Major Developments in Progress – Camino á Lago (south) – Crossriver – Rancho Cabrillo – The Meadows – Tierra Del Rio – VistanciaVillage and Blackstone – Vistancia (north of the CAP) 23 Housing-New Housing

24 Loop 303 Lone Mountain Exit Deer Valley Road/Williams Drive Bridge – January 2015 24 Housing-Major Infrastructure Projects

25 Southwest – Rovey Farm Estates (E of 89 th Ave and Emil Rovey) Central – Acoma (E of 75 th Ave and Acoma) North – Camino á Lago South 25 School Sites-Property Owned

26 26 School Sites-Property Owned

27 27 School Sites-Property Owned

28 North – The Meadows (95 th Ave and Williams) Recommended Elementary 33/School Site 32 Projected to acquire before 2016 – Aloravita (79 th Ave and Yearling) Agreement extended through to 2019 28 School Sites-Future (North)

29 29 School Sites-Future (North)

30 Northwest – Rancho Cabrillo (Range Mule and El Granada) Donated (may acquire within 6 months-3 year In Rancho Cabrillo master plan (Happy Valley and Dysart) – White Peak Drive (White Peak and Canyon Ranch) Donated (as needed after platting) In Vistancia’s upcoming Village (north of the CAP) – Western Skies Drive High School Site (El Mirage and Western Skies) Land set aside for purchase 30 School Sites-Future (Northwest)

31 31 School Sites-Future (Northwest)

32 32 School Sites-Potential (Northwest) Northwest – Lake Pleasant Heights Negotiating 1-2 sites – Saddleback Heights Negotiating 1site Development split with neighboring District

33 33 Projections and Trends -North/Northwest SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity ApacheK-88077957737787727896871270 Coyote HillsK-81222114110439789379038481386 FrontierK-81012967971973995105710871200 Lake PleasantK-8723964123815031798200926881200 ParkridgeK-811471199118412471313138315661000 VistanciaK-89038598539781063110113311200 Zuni HillsK-86345434593953663735031200 North/Northwest ElementariesK-864486467652068527245761587098456 SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity Liberty High School9-1219262030219723942540268932901800 Sunrise Mountain High School9-1215791511146513781380134811141800 North/Northwest Highs9-1235053541366237723920403744043600 *Enrollments do not include Truly Self-Contained Special Needs, UE, CP, PS, or CO students

34 34 Projections and Trends- Southwest/Central SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity Alta LomaK-88308328208138379679701000 CheyenneK-87767276776326045926601000 Cotton BollK-89269319249029209218981120 Country MeadowsK-81146112210781018100099010701386 Desert HarborK-87156926616396246195601000 Ira A. MurphyK-8533521500493483482458800 OasisK-8777766749740748735591990 Paseo VerdeK-87607577277076856897081108 Peoria ESK-8603543503456438414391940 Santa FeK-86847006986977047216171000 Sky ViewK-85065085135435875825421170 Sun ValleyK-89138858648578488309221356 SundanceK-86836826776656626616491008 Southwest/Central Elementaries K-8 985296659391916391409201903513878 SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity Centennial High School9-1221302095204720402007195215872092 Peoria High School9-1216061542138412381146109114022000 Raymond S Kellis High School9-1218181823180417881762177914571800 Southwest/Central Highs9-1255545460523450664916482244465892 *Enrollments do not include Truly Self-Contained Special Needs, UE, CP, PS, or CO students

35 35 Projections and Trends-East SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity CanyonK-8397369341316310290307850 CopperwoodK-8922919 912930935909800 Desert PalmsK-8548541542531535534557920 Desert ValleyK-8525516514498495497507830 FoothillsK-85825715515265115194891050 HeritageK-8733718704668657643636908 KachinaK-8384376360369358363379800 Marshall RanchK-8722731748754760 768908 OakwoodK-888792495499210301073807990 PioneerK-8423380351307292254197989 Sahuaro RanchK-8548562569578593599556800 East ElementariesK-866716607655464526471646761149845 SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity Cactus High School9-1213611284124312381151110110642117 Ironwood High School9-1220432007194219351938194618662120 East Highs9-1234043292318531733088304729314237 *Enrollments do not include Truly Self-Contained Special Needs, UE, CP, PS, or CO students

36 36 Projections and Trends-District SchoolsGrades 2012201320142015201620172020*SFB Capacity North/Northwest ElementariesK-864486467652068527245761587098456 Southwest/Central ElementariesK-8985296659391916391409201903513878 East ElementariesK-866716607655464526471646761149845 Peoria Traditional/ PTC+SMHS (7-8)K-8248312343363374395443 District ElementariesK-82321923052228072283023230236772430032179 North/Northwest Highs9-1235053541366237723920403744043600 Southwest/Central Highs9-1255545460523450664916482244465892 East Highs9-1234043292318531733088304729314237 Peoria TC9-1285472316 District Highs9-121254812340121041202811940119221179613729 District Total K-123576735392349113485835169356003609745908 *Enrollments do not include Truly Self-Contained Special Needs, UE, CP, PS, or CO students

37 37 Projections and Trends- Truly Self-Contained Special Needs

38 In-District Open Enrollment is currently up by more than 300 students Out-of-District Open-Enrollment is currently up by more than 100 students In-District students who attend their neighborhoods school is down by almost 200 students After 40th Day a year-to-year analysis will be conducted 38 Projections and Trends-Open-Enrollment

39 39 Signature Program Analysis Program Name In-District Open Enrollment Neighborhood School Out of District Open- Enrollment Unorganized Territory Grand Total Arts Institute479133 171 CCDI1271951 197 Spanish12513473 332 Teams1810541 164 Traditional168 TBD 736 211 Gifted Academy777517 169 University (7-8)19 4 23 University2486 38 Ironwood IB7711998 294 Participant37967718831247 Sibling15728581 523

40 40 Signature Programs/Open-Enrollment % of Variance Category Population Participating in Signature Program Name In-District Open Enrollment Neighborhood School Out of District Open- Enrollment Unorganized Territory Grand Total Foothills39%24%39% 29% Copperwood43%5%25% 21% Santa Fe64%36%65% 49% Heritage33%20%25% 22% Peoria Traditional92%0%92% 95% Apache53%13%25%0%21% Sunrise (7-8)95% 100% 96% Ironwood30%9%19% 14%


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