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How to join a Triangle.  A Triangle is a group of six to eight members who work together to complete a number of tasks. These tasks help the members.

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1 How to join a Triangle

2  A Triangle is a group of six to eight members who work together to complete a number of tasks. These tasks help the members learn about themselves and help Lifebushido learn about the prospective employees.  To be hire you must join a Triangle.

3  To join a Triangle go to this page : http://lifebushido- http://lifebushido-  On this page you will post your information either as a member seeking a Triangle or as Leader seeking Triangle members

4  State who you are in your post:  Adventurer - Random, World Person seeking to Join a Triangle  Recruit - Person seeking to be hired  New Hire - Person just hired and in 0-10 hours - If applicable, you should also state any other role or training you were hired for.  Newshido - Person hired recently and in 11- 100 hours - You should also state whether you are a Key Assistant, Caller, etc.  Ishido - Person with 100+ hours with Lifebushido

5  Post your information using the following format: (MM/DD/YYYY) - FirstName LastName, Status, TriangleName, Location, Email Address  Description of yourself. Include items that will attract others to join you in a Triangle. This could be anything such as your family, hobbies, education, personal websites, Twitter, Facebook or anything public which would help people get to know you.

6 Every Triangle must have a Leader, Scribe, Connector and Visionary. It will also include other members. Who are these people and what do they do? Continue to find out.

7 Leader  Leader of your Triangle - keeps a healthy, active and interacting Triangle  Communicates well, keeps all members informed  Be organized, stay on top of due dates  Be flexible  Be able to help as necessary, respond in a timely fashion to member questions or concerns

8 Scribe  Takes notes of activities, keeps written record of Conference Call  Distribute notes to other Triangle members  In charge of wiki - keep Triangle page up to date and add new pages as necessary  Compiles the Perfect Job and Goalbushido PDF of all members' Perfect Job statements and Goals and sends to Triangle Team Leader at

9 Connector  Seeks out connections with other Triangles, example…conference calls, get togethers  Help people to move into another Triangle when there is a need to combine  Schedules meetings  Keeps up communication within the group

10 Visionary  Objective-helping your Triangle have the most impact possible in sharing the Lifebushido vision. Maximize the distribution of the Creative project to as many other people as possible.  Seeks out and shares with their Triangle the visionary aspects of Lifebushido, to give them the big picture of the Lifebushido vision  A key role with the Creative Project is how to build upon that vision and share it with other people.  ​ Determine new ideas that would benefit the Triangle from Google, Triangle wikis, and other sources, and then communicate them with the Triangle Leader.  Be the liaison among all the different Triangles for the improvement of each Triangle by encouraging communication and exchanging ideas among Triangle Leaders.

11 Visionary  Be able to grasp a concept and express it precisely and succinctly. This requires a versatile vocabulary and good habits in grammar. The people who implement that person’s vision of a project or concept should be able to “see” or envision what is being expressed. This can lead to ideas for graphics or video projects.  Holds the most cultural, passionate vision that perceives beyond the business side of things…..resonates with the creative social entrepreneur.  Look for creative and innovative ways to connect the members of the triangle with each other and with the goals of the triangle as a team

12 Members  Complete all Triangle Tasks  Fills in where necessary  Works with Leader and Scribe to maintain wiki page  Assists visionary in building new ideas for Triangle  Gives input for all Triangle projects and tasks

13 Triangle Tasks  Passion Paragraph- What are you passionate about?  Perfect Job paragraph- What is your perfect job? Perfect Job  Top 3 Goals – A short list of your top three goals for the year. Top 3 Goals  Focus on Unique Talents paragraph- Writing this paragraph will help you find out what your unique talents are.Focus on Unique Talents  What Animal Am I? quiz – Find out what animal personality you have.  RPI Personality Profile – Learn a bit more about who you are and what makes you tic.RPI Personality Profile

14  Along with the Triangle tasks you will be engage in a serious of “get to know you” emails for 10 days.  You along with your Triangle members will brainstorm and produce a creative project.

15  http://lifebushido- http://lifebushido-  http://lifebushido- http://lifebushido-  http://lifebushido- http://lifebushido-  http://lifebushido- ket http://lifebushido- ket

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