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Gaming integration solutions that leave nothing to chance.

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1 Gaming integration solutions that leave nothing to chance

2 In a dynamic and fast-changing industry, SoftWeave’s I-gaming software integration solutions are completely customized, offering flexibility and stability to enrich your company portfolio with confidence.

3 Welcome to optimal integration. targeted to your company’s unique technical, organizational, and user needs. Welcome to SoftWeave Integration is a critical phase of the software development process. A tailor- made solution package by SoftWeave is built with a specific assortment of gates enablers methodologies& approaches

4 Development of a customized project plan. Management of a clearly-defined handshake process during development and testing phases. Hands-on management of risks and change requests to ensure synchronization. Project Management Development & operation of a fully customized and continuous delivery process. Management of delivery sprints, including configuration management, progress, timelines and reporting channels. Delivery Management Services & Solutions

5 E2E development and delivery of a fully integrated package while emphasizing time to market and high quality Lead testing resources outsourcing services to support all ATP aspects and activities. Systems Integration Review and enhancement of existing integrations. Representation of companies operating in the European market. Process review & representation Services & solutions (cont’d)

6 Brought to you by SoftWeave… Customized software integration solutions Efficient utilization of bandwidth Enhanced quality & delivery Improved time to market Reduced overall costs Increased business flexibility

7 Over a decade of experience in software testing and project management. Former director- manager at Comverse Ltd and 888 Holdings. Offers a broad systems perspective, robust technical knowledge and inherent business and leadership skills Doron Shavit Former section manager at 888 Holdings, with high- level experience in outlining and creating project plans. Executed and managed dozens of successful software integration projects worldwide. Planned and created the initial gateway for dozens of integrations. Roy Greenbaum Behind the scenes Daniel Burns – non executive Director


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