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Erik Amerikaner Oak Park High School Oak Park, California

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1 Erik Amerikaner Oak Park High School Oak Park, California

2 We will show you today Why use Alice 2.2 as an Introduction to Computer Science Background of Alice 2.2 How to access and install the Alice 2.2 program How to run the Alice 2.2 program Alice 2.2 online resources Tutorials and examples of Alice worlds your students can use immediately. Alice 2.2 Learning Materials, Projects, and Assessments Posting and hosting Alice worlds on YouTube. CCSC Presentation March 26, 20102

3 Computer Science and Advanced Office Applications teacher at Oak Park High School, Oak Park, CA. Ventura College, Community Education- Introduction to Computer Gaming with Alice. Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Certified Office Applications Instructor Microsoft Certified Specialist on Office 2003/2007 High School Webmaster and Teacher Trainer Candidate 2010 for National Board of Teaching Standards in Career and Technical Education-Information Technology. Erik Amerikaner’s Background CCSC Presentation March 26, 20103

4 Erik Amerikaner’s Background Online Executive Editor for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing, Technology Turning Points Co-author/reviewer for Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Publishing: CCSC Presentation March 26, 20104

5 Why use Alice 2.2 as an Introduction to Computer Science "Alice is the perfect tool to introduce students to object-oriented programming. It keeps them happy with a clean, drag-and-drop interface where they can actually see how their programs work. Even better, it allows me to teach them the fundamental computer science concepts such as type and inheritance in a pain-free, intuitive fashion." -- Jacob Kaufman-Osborn, Computer Science Teacher, McKinley Technology High School, Washington, DC "Just wanted to let you know that we are using ALICE for the first time this semester at Penn State University, Schuylkill campus. We have incorporated it into a redesign of our IST 110 (Information, People, and Technology) course and the student response has been great. The course serves both non-majors and Information Sciences and Technology (IST) majors, both of whom have been very enthusiastic about ALICE. Our IST majors who are concurrently enrolled in our CS1 course (Java-based) have openly asked "why don't we use this in CS1?" (alas, that is out of our control)." -- Jeffrey A. Stone, M.S. Instructor of IST Penn State-Schuylkill Campus CCSC Presentation March 26, 20105

6 Why use Alice 2.2 as an Introduction to Computer Science "At Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School, we offered Alice programming this year. By the end of the school year, 7 sections of our 9th through 12th graders completed the one semester course. The results were phenomenal. My students stayed focused and on task throughout the computer lab period. They created wonderful animations and learned quite a lot of object oriented programming skills." -- Michael Kadri, Department of Mathematics and Computer Technology, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics "Alice was a really fantastic software to be using for Building Virtual Worlds. It was extremely easy to learn and use, and produced such amazing virtual reality worlds. More important than it's ease of use, however, is how effective a learning tool it turned out to be. I was a painter for the course, so going into the course I already knew how to draw and paint. However, I didn't know anything about CAD modeling or programming. Over the semester I took BVW, I learned to model and have become quite proficient at it. I even learned a little programming; While I didn't realize I was learning any programming at the time, when I started taking 15-125 this semester, I was already familiar with all of the basic concepts. While obviously I didn't learn to model using Alice (Alice isn't used for that) it was definitely why I learned that skill." -- Joe Hocking, Building Virtual Worlds student CCSC Presentation March 26, 20106

7 History of Alice Developed in response to decline of CS majors and especially the decline of women in CS Careers. Developed at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Virginia in 1999 Refreshed in 2004 and 2009 Alice 2.2 released in 2009- Improved video Alice 3.0 in Beta testing CCSC Presentation March 26, 20107

8 Download Alice 2.2 Community Forums Teaching Materials CCSC Presentation March 26, 20108

9 Alice 2.2 Download Screen CCSC Presentation March 26, 20109

10 Alice Community Forums CCSC Presentation March 26, 201010

11 Alice in the Welcome Screen CCSC Presentation March 26, 201011

12 Alice Student Tutorials CCSC Presentation March 26, 201012

13 Alice Tutorials- continued CCSC Presentation March 26, 201013

14 Alice Help Screen CCSC Presentation March 26, 201014

15 Examples of Alice Worlds CCSC Presentation March 26, 201015

16 Alice 2.0 Shelly Cashman CCSC Presentation March 26, 201016

17 Introduction to Alice 2.0 CCSC Presentation March 26, 201017

18 Alice 2.0 S/C Student Files CCSC Presentation March 26, 201018

19 Alice 2.0 S/C Faculty Access Link to Faculty Website CCSC Presentation March 26, 201019

20 Alice 2.0 Faculty Files CCSC Presentation March 26, 201020

21 Alice 2.0 PowerPoint Files CCSC Presentation March 26, 201021

22 Alice 2.0 ExamView on my website Click here to open exam CCSC Presentation March 26, 201022

23 Alice 2.0 ExamView Test online CCSC Presentation March 26, 201023

24 Alice 2.0 ExamView Test Click to submit CCSC Presentation March 26, 201024

25 Alice 2.0 ExamView Result CCSC Presentation March 26, 201025

26 Dick Baldwin Resources CCSC Presentation March 26, 201026

27 Barb’s Ericson’s Resources I have been doing webinars on Alice and have materials that go along with the webinars at You will be asked for a user-id and a password or a key. Just enter a key of brillig. I also have short videos at You are welcome to use my materials. Just keep my name on them. Thank You, Barb Ericson CCSC Presentation March 26, 201027

28 Exporting to a video Alice 2.2 CCSC Presentation March 26, 201028

29 Sample Video Clip CCSC Presentation March 26, 201029

30 Video from my website link Web 2.0 server Lunar Lander Project Recorded with Flash Studio Link to site CCSC Presentation March 26, 201030

31 Alice 2.0 You Tube Videos Link to YouTube CCSC Presentation March 26, 201031

32 TechSmith Studio Software Link CCSC Presentation March 26, 201032

33 Some Resources Shelly-Cashman Introduction to Alice 2.0 Shelly-Cashman Faculty Link Dick Baldwin Barb Ericson Computer Science Teachers Association CCSC Presentation March 26, 201033

34 Some Resources Cont’d CCSC Presentation March 26, 2010 Click to link d.php?t=3686 34

35 Some Resources Cont’d CCSC Presentation March 26, 2010 Link to Newsletter 35

36 Summer Conferences 2010 CCSC Presentation March 26, 201036 Link to CSTA Link to Workshops Other Alice workshops announced the newsletter-handout

37 Questions? Let’s Go to Alice… This presentation and web links are available at CCSC Presentation March 26, 201037

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