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Table of Contents Section 1: Our Mission Section 2: Executive Summary Section 3: The Business Opportunity Section 4: Sales and Marketing Section 5: Engineering.

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1 Table of Contents Section 1: Our Mission Section 2: Executive Summary Section 3: The Business Opportunity Section 4: Sales and Marketing Section 5: Engineering and Research/Development Section 6: Operations/Manufacturing Section 7: Management

2 Section 1: Mission Statement
The primary mission of TDT Solutions, Inc. is to reduce the loss of life and property and protect communities from flooding by leading and supporting world agencies in a proactive and comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness, protection, and response.

3 Section 1: Branson, Missouri 2008 Flood
TDT Solutions, Inc. met with the City Engineer, David Miller, Public Works Director, Larry Vanbilder, Director of Parks and Recreation, Cindy Shook, Chief of Police, Caroll McCullough, Fire Chief , Carl Sparks, City Administrator, Dean Kruithof, Mayor of Hollister, Missouri, Dave Tate, and several volunteers from the Branson fire department on Monday, November 24th, 2008 to perform an outdoors deployment demonstration.

4 Section 1: Historic Annapolis, Maryland 2003 Flood
TDT Solutions, Inc. is actively seeking opportunities to provide Annapolis, MD flood protection from future devastations. Our 4-ft. tall flood wall would have prevented this catastrophe.

5 Section 1: Baltimore, Maryland 2003 Flood
Fells Point after Hurricane Isabelle Mayor Sheila Dixon has arranged for TDT Solutions, Inc. to meet with the City of Baltimore’s Public Works Director David E. Scott, P.E. on Monday, March 30th Our 4-ft. tall flood wall could have prevented this disaster.

6 Section 1: Marietta, Ohio 2004 Flood
TDT Solutions, Inc. has met with the City Engineer, Joe Tucker and representatives of Marietta College on Wednesday, October 1st, Mr. Tucker and the College representatives were excited over our product, and they are eagerly waiting the field demonstration of our 4-ft. tall flood wall.

7 Section 1: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Flood June 2008
TDT Solutions, Inc. met with met with the Public Works Director/City Engineer, Dave Elgin, P.E. & L.S. on Monday, August 25th, Mr. Elgin was interested in our product. As a result of this meeting, our research and development department is developing a modified TDT flood wall that will retrofit to concrete levees and prevent such catastrophes as this.

8 Section 1: Alexandria, Virginia Flood Prone Area
Alexandria, VA is a key area of our nation’s capital. Currently, the critical area depicted on this map has no means of protection and when flooded, the damages incurred will be in the millions. If a flood occurs similar to the magnitude of the 2008 Cedar Rapids, Iowa flood, the extent of the damages for Alexandria will exceed this critical area and be in the billions of dollars. This catastrophic event could potentially cripple the nation’s capital. They currently have no flood protection!

9 Section 1: 20th Century estimated deaths caused by flooding
TDT Solutions, Inc. can prevent loss of life and property.

10 Section 2: Executive Summary
Company objectives: Provide an affordable, reusable, user/eco-friendly, flood protection alternative to at-risk areas. Effectively protect against loss of life and property. Produce an attractive recreational alternative to traditional sandbagging, earthen levees, and concrete flood walls. Reduce the cost of flood insurance. Create jobs across the US in the construction, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and engineering sectors.

11 Section 2: Executive Summary (Cont’d)
Available Target Markets: All 50 states within the US and associated territories. Local/State/Federal Governments At-risk property owners South America Europe Africa Asia Australia Coastal Islands

12 Section 2: Executive Summary (Cont’d)
Business Model: TDT Solutions, Inc. provides a turn-key flood prevention solution to its target market. The turn-key package consists of: Development of a flood mitigation system Engineering services Deployment training services Construction services Design/Build the TDT Solution modified levee system, which incorporates the clear deployment path, redundant pumping stations, and light standards Retrofit and fortify existing infrastructure and schematics “That Dam Thing™” flood walls products Shipping/Storage/Deployment vessels products

13 Section 2: Executive Summary (Cont’d)
Sales Model: Identify flood-prone areas based on damage/flood insurance costs/analysis Schedule meetings with concerned leaders and communities at flood prone areas Presentation of the TDT Solution modified levee system and “That Dam Thing™” flood wall Perform a deployment demonstration of the “That Dam Thing™” flood wall Coordinate with communities to develop a Request For Proposal for flood mitigation study Accept award of contract and help secure funding for projects Initiate contract and obtain deposit Implement contract and negotiated monies Finalize sale and receive remaining 10% of contract monies

14 Section 2: Executive Summary (Cont’d)
Competitive Advantages: “That Dam Thing™” flood wall is patent-pending TDT Solutions, Inc. is a green company Turns earthen and concrete levee eyesores into panoramic views Creates parks and recreational areas Protects and prevents areas from future flood disasters Creates new locations for waterfront development properties Protects existing waterfront communities without obstructing the panoramic waterfront view Cost Advantage: Our modified levee system increases the value of waterfront properties by maintaining the panoramic view and ambience of the community Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Our value-creating processes has not been duplicated or imitated by other firms because we have the only immediately deployable flood wall which is proprietary to our company Supplier/Customer Advantage: Our suppliers have a vested interest in our company The customer’s safety and the success of the project is our company’s first priority.

15 Section 3: The Business Opportunity
The venture capitalist firm should be interested in investing in the TDT Solution because of the exponential market opportunity for flood prevention services. TDT Solutions, Inc. has a patent-pending, immediately deployable 2-ft. and 4-ft. tall flood wall product that is currently being brought to market. Research and development of the 6-ft., 8-ft. tall flood walls, and retrofit to existing concrete levees are ongoing, and scheduled to be brought to market in FY’09/FY’10. Target markets for our products and services are : Individual communities (i.e. Branson, MO, Marietta, OH, San Diego, CA) Local government (i.e. City of Annapolis, MD, Spencer, IN) State government (i.e. State of Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) Federal government agencies (i.e. DHS/FEMA) Assist TDT Solutions, Inc. with market branding and positioning the TDT Solution to introduce to similar target market sectors. Realize the lack of creditable competitors and attainable benchmark for the venture capitalist success by capitalizing on an untapped market. Changes in the flood prevention market are imminent and everyone is seeking a way to protect against flooding without sacrificing budgets, time, construction costs, and project management. The TDT Solution modified levee system is a comprehensive solution. The TDT Solution is a proactive flood mitigation and prevention solution that will also improve the aesthetic value of waterfront properties.

16 Section 3: The Business Opportunity Cont’d
TDT Solutions, Inc. is a developer of modified levee systems. The Technology: The TDT Solution is a permanent solution to a temporary flood problem utilizing a portable and immediately deployable flood wall, “That Dam Thing™” (TDT). TDT is available in 2-ft., 4-ft., 6-ft., 8-ft. tall sections. In-house engineers have successfully tested and proved the 2-ft. and 4-ft. tall flood walls. Venture Capital funding will assist with the production of the 2-ft. and 4-tall flood walls. Venture Capital funds will also assist with the research and development of the 6-ft., 8-ft. tall walls, and the modified levee system. The System: The combination of the TDT Solution modified levee system and the TDT flood wall accomplishes two major goals. The hybrid solution protects against flood disasters while adding value to the community and improving the aesthetics of waterfront properties. The hybrid solution also provides safety to waterfront properties by utilizing the user-friendly TDT flood wall product without sacrificing the panoramic view and easy access to the waterfront.

17 Section 3: The Business Opportunity Cont’d
The Product and its added-value: “That Dam Thing™” (TDT) flood wall is responsive to flood events. The TDT Solution modified levee system can be implemented in a short time period. The TDT Solution modified levee system is a permanent solution to flood mitigation. “That Dam Thing™” (TDT) flood wall is reusable. The TDT Solution will dramatically reduce flood losses. Customer Needs: Immediately deployable and reusable flood protection products. Affordable and effective flood mitigation solutions. Creative flood mitigation efforts while not compromising the waterfront appearance. Reduced flood losses Provide flood protection security for the community. Market Data: All 50 states flood. Flooding also occurs throughout the world. Over $35 Billion in flood loss payments in the US from US Loss statistics can be found at:

18 Section 4: Sales and Marketing
Recent US flooding events in the past 12 months: Areas affected from June – July 2008 flooding include – Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Approximately 13 fatalities in these areas alone. Over $6Billion in damages, and Innovative Sales Strategy: Outsell competitors by offering the best eco and user-friendly solution. Work directly with our potential customers and ascertain what their direct. Network with Venture Capitalist business development specialists and their business leads. Follow up periodically after making initial contact. Hiring and Training Plan: Hire open-minded and “out of the box” thinking sales consultants who are familiar with emerging technology challenges.

19 Section 4: Sales and Marketing Cont’d
Market Penetration Tactics: Sell beauty and protection The TDT Solution competes with earthen and concrete levees and the TDT Solution provides protection with beautification, without changing historical ambience Our company will offer customers varying development options that will transform the clear deployment area for the TDT flood wall into an elegant and illuminated bike-walk / park like setting. The modified levee’s overall setting will be equipped with exercise equipment, playground equipment, landscaping, picnic areas, lights, and art work. This modified levee system will contain 70-80% of the flooding activity. The remaining 20-30% will be contained by implementing the immediately deployable “That Dam Thing™” flood wall. In addition to the health and wellness benefits of the bike-walk / park, the park will also be an area where residents can relax and enjoy themselves through the beauty of the waterfront and park combination. The retrofit of existing communities where the modified levee cannot be installed will minimize construction and disruption of the retrofitted community by using the existing draining schematics and existing waterfront streets and/or parking lots as the deployment area. With the assistance of the Venture Capitalist, our company will also begin advertising to promote the use and effectiveness of our flood protection solution. Data Points used to measure success: Establish a proof of concept and obtain media coverage before September 2009. After completion of proof of concept field demonstration begin to send out video and press releases on the success of an “outside” testing agency. Close on first sale by December 2009.

20 Section 4: Sales and Marketing Cont’d
Strengths: Unique Product Patent-Pending Dedicated suppliers Focused and dedicated Management Product quality Turn-key flood protection solution Recognizable product name Made in America Opportunities: Niche marketplace (A new emerging technology in an untapped, enormous emerging market) Flooding occurs in the US and Worldwide every year Changes in government policies to be more proactive versus reactive Change in flood protection methodology Stocks are available

21 Section 5: Engineering and R&D
What differentiates “That Dam Thing™” flood wall from other flood fighting structures? “That Dam Thing™” flood wall was engineered to use the weight of the water as the integral mechanism of the flood wall.  The flow of water onto the vinyl foot print creates the weight needed to secure TDT to the ground.  The rear wall angular gusset protects the airbladder from debris. TDT is made of military grade, UV-protected; polyester reinforced scrim, bacteria static, 18 mil. recyclable PVC vinyl.  (The 6-ft. and 8-ft. tall flood walls will be constructed from 24 mil. material). The double interlocking sealed zipper technology provides a water-tight hinge between each section. The hinge joint provides TDT the flexibility needed in order to adapt to changing deployment configurations.  The ability to interconnect different height walls compensates for differing topographies and helps facilitate our immediate deployment method. 

22 Section 5: Engineering and R&D
Developmental Status: “That Dam Thing™” 2-ft. and 4-ft. tall flood walls have been successfully tested at our facility in Baltimore, MD. 80% of the floods in the US are 3-ft or less “That Dam Thing™” flood wall is currently patent-pending. TDT Solutions, Inc. is currently searching for an accredited program or flood prone community that is willing and technically/financially capable of working with us to construct an outdoor testing facility for the testing and accreditation of our modified levee system. US Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center is not equipped to properly test all advantages of the TDT Solution and the “That Dam Thing™” flood wall, i.e.: no fixed fortifications, no un-even topography, no trees, lighting/pumping standards. Testing of the “That Dam Thing™” 6-ft. tall flood wall is currently entering its developmental phases. Technical Team’s Background: 50 years combined experience of mechanical and civil engineering 3 years design and manufacturing experience of portable flood walls Patent application experience Mr. Bernard Salemie is a successful patent recipient of the USA on his Heat-Differential Motor granted in 1999

23 Section 6: Operations/Manufacturing
Manufacturing Strategy: Manufacturing of the TDT flood wall for the TDT Solution modified levee and retrofit system is in the US. Reason: Create American jobs, promote economic stimulus, diversify the industrial market place of Baltimore City, and remain true to a “Made in America” product Quality Assurance: Every product is tested for manufacturer’s defects before it leaves the warehouse. Testing involves: Rear wall air bag sustainability, welds and joints are successful, sections are appropriate in length, light standards and pumps are engineered per specifications, and modified levee system is constructed per design.

24 Section 6: Operations/Manufacturing Cont’d
Distribution Strategy: The TDT Solution modified levee and retro fit system will be designed, engineered, and constructed based on the water level rise study. Partial distribution of the items above will be performed by third party contractors and strategically managed by TDT Solutions, Inc.  "That Dam Thing™" will be delivered as a turn-key package in a covered TDT trailer.  This trailer serves as the shipping, storage, and deployment vessel.  There are two sizes of trailers available.  1.) A small trailer, which is single-axle and is 6-ft. X 8-ft.  2.) A large tandem-axle trailer, which is 6-ft X 12-ft.  A SUV or small truck can tow either trailer to the area of deployment.

25 Section 6: Operations/Manufacturing Cont’d
YKK – Provides the water proof zipper needed to connect/adjoin TDT flood wall sections Patrick Taylor – Sales Representative (201) ext:1250 United States Watermattress Corp. – Manufactures the TDT flood wall per TDT Solutions, Inc. engineered specifications Iftakhar Malik-Operations Manager (443) Ronald Mark Associates – Produces raw vinyl chemistry necessary for the manufacturing of the TDT flood wall Les Satz-CEO (908)

26 Section 7: TDT Solutions, Inc. Management
President/CEO Mr. Bernard Salemie Engineering/Operations Treasurer Mrs. Beverly Salemie Sales Manager Mr. Jerry L. Jones III Sales Consultant Jimmy De Leon Sales Consultant Myra Salemie Sales Consultant Jimmy Dickerson Accountant Mr. Lindsay Hurst Legal Counsel Mr. Brian Yoklavich, Esquire Secretary Mr. Joseph Salemie Deployments Chief Deployment Specialist/Engineering Mr. Roland Miller Nautical/Site Engineering Department

27 Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc.
Mr. Bernard Salemie: Mr. Salemie is an accomplished Mechanical contractor that owns and operates a specialized Mechanical Contracting Firm (Capital Climate Services). Capital Climate Services has been in business for over 25 years. Mr. Salemie built Capital Climate Services to be known in the residential, commercial, and government industries as a company with a reputation for integrity, quality craftsmanship, and excellence in the engineering field. Capital Climate Services specialized in HVAC service, sheet metal design and fabrication, production of highly specified mechanical blue-prints for clients, development of high efficiency hydronics system, installation of and servicing of complex heating and air devices, improving air quality, flow, and control, and dedication to high efficiency equipment. Mr. Salemie is by all means a modern day renaissance man with an aptitude to see the faults and benefits of a system and all its counterparts. Mr. Salemie is dedicated to following and supervising all projects from conception to completion and demonstrates a great understanding for perfection. Under Mr. Salemie’s direct leadership, TDT Solutions, Inc. is beginning to gain major notoriety in the flood protection industry.

28 Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc
Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc. Cont’d Mrs. Beverly Salemie: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Central Missouri University - Bachelor’s of Science in Math & Education Master’s in Math & Education from Trinity College & University of Maryland at College Park Mrs. Salemie has taught mathematics for 36 years in Prince George’s County, Maryland Office Manager and Accountant for Capital Climate Services for 25 years. Volunteer Awana leader and Sunday school teacher for 12 years Facilitator for Maryland’s Equity 2000 math forum for 9 consecutive years High School Tennis Coach for 8 years Mr. Joseph Salemie: 1966 to Air Craft Master structural technician and instructor with 4 tours in South East Asia and Vietnam.  Opened and operated his own fiber glass business in O'Fallon, Missouri until he retired in 2000. Member of O’Fallon’s J.C.'s President of the Kiwanis Club Served on the Planning & Zoning Commission for the City of O'Fallon Served on the Committee for the Expansion & Development for the City of O'Fallon Elected 4th Ward Alderman for the City of O'Fallon

29 Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc
Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc. Cont’d Mr. Roland Miller: After spending 4 years in the United States Marine Corp as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief, with a tour in Vietnam, he has worked in the Washington, DC region, in the construction field. Mr. Miller worked for the General Service Administration as a pipe fitter, Foreman, General Foreman, and Manager of the Steam Distribution Complex in Washington, DC. The Steam Distribution complex consists of 7 miles of steam tunnel, 10 miles of buried pipe, and over a 100 buildings being serviced with steam. Mr. Miller retired in 2001 after 30 years of service and has worked as a consultant for various companies in the DC area. Mr. Miller joined the TDT Solutions, Inc team in 2005 and has worked as part of the core group, testing, developing, and marketing the flood walls. His many years in the construction industry, and his knowledge of topographical layout, makes him invaluable to the company and it customers. Mr. Miller checks every application and layout of “That Dam Thing™” flood wall for proper deployment in regard to site preparation, sizing, alignment, and suitability for the job required. Mr. Miller works with the customers to train their crews how to efficiently and quickly install “That Dam Thing™” flood wall.

30 Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc
Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc. Cont’d Mr. Jimmy De Leon: Mr. De Leon is an Information Technology Consultant with extensive experience in Computer Network Systems. Skilled in providing technical solutions in a fast paced environment, Mr. De Leon has been integral with the design and development of TDT Solutions, Inc. hardware and software infrastructure. Mr. De Leon has been with TDT Solutions, Inc. since 2006 and has proven his excellent background in personal development, goal achievement management, scheduling, and budgeting. Mr. De Leon has demonstrated his experience in developing and implementing quality assurance in training and support programs for major non profit organizations, small businesses, charter schools, government agencies, and start-up companies. Ms. Myra Salemie: Entrepreneur Joined TDT Solutions, Inc. in 2006 as a Sales Consultant and Deployment Specialist. Ms. Salemie has been successful with introducing the TDT Solution modified levee system to the City of North Charleston, South Carolina. Ms. Salemie is steadily working to identify other potential communities in need of flood protection.

31 Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc
Section 7: Management Dedication to Success of TDT Solutions, Inc. Cont’d Mr. Jimmy Dickerson: 1966 to 1970 – US Air Force Chief of Supply Inventory Management Specialist US Air Force Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare Team Member Production Analyst for General Dynamics Corporation in San Diego, California Production, scheduler, and planner for Digital Development Corporation in San Diego, California West Virginia Department of Transportation Highway Equipment Supervisor, Highway Equipment Store Room Supervisor, and Highway Construction Project Manager Former advisory committee member of the Tulsa High School in West Virginia for the Automotive Vocational and Technical Center Mr. Dickerson joined TDT Solutions, Inc. in 2005 as a Sales Consultant. Mr. Dickerson will be responsible for assisting in business development and product deployment training. Mr. Jerry L. Jones III: Mr. Jones is an accomplished sales and information technology professional known for delivering strong results in highly competitive business start up markets. Mr. Jones has a proven track record of solid sales experience and select strengths that encompasses constant business development, territorial sales management, key account development, and both horizontal/vertical sales. Mr. Jones joined TDT Solutions, Inc. in 2006 and has accomplished extraordinary success with effective relationship building, program development, and team leadership. Mr. Jones is an Advisory Board Member for Towson University’s College of Business and Economics “The Associate” program located in Towson, Maryland. Mr. Jones volunteers as an ambulance operator for Walkersville, Maryland Volunteer Rescue Company.

32 Enhances Property/ Community
Company Highlights Patent-Pending Proven Engineering Waterfront Areas Consumer Goods and Services Immediate Deployment Illuminated Bike/Walk Park Enhances Property/ Community Modified Levee Untapped Market B2B Services Excellent Leadership Federal Govt. Local Govt. Funding State Govt. Networking BD Guidance Marketing

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