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Greening Your Meeting Michael Patton

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1 Greening Your Meeting Michael Patton

2 Printed Materials Avoid paper if possible Try dry erase boards, Powerpoints, flash drives, Old fashioned projectors

3 Printed Materials Cont’d Recycled content paper Double-sided Water based adhesives Clean up mailing lists

4 Food and Beverage Functions China service if possible Cloth napkins Reusable coffee mugs – Styrofoam is the devil

5 Food and Beverages Cont’d Water pitchers Bulk dispensers – Coffee urn – Ice tea dispenser – Soda machine

6 Recycling Paper Plastic Aluminum Glass

7 Local Foods Defining local is difficult – Grown and/or processed where? Vegetarian/organic Keg beverages Prevent food waste – Commit to meal by sign up

8 Transportation Site selection Local transit Carpooling options Attendee and speaker travel Carbon offsets

9 Hotels Green practices Recycling Walkable distance Linens/towels/toiletries

10 Attendees Name badges – Scanable with bar codes – Reusable Badge holders Giveaways Notepads Agendas Meeting packets

11 Outside Attendees Webcast Conference calls – Minutes/proceedings

12 Follow-up Surveys – Attendee input

13 More Resources

14 Michael Patton Executive Director The Metropolitan Environmental Trust 918-584-0584

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