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GSA Expo 2009 FEDERAL ACQUISITION CERTIFICATION – How to Obtain and Maintain Debbie HahnLinda Ott Social SecurityFAI Administration.

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1 GSA Expo 2009 FEDERAL ACQUISITION CERTIFICATION – How to Obtain and Maintain Debbie HahnLinda Ott Social SecurityFAI Administration

2 GOALS OF THIS PRESENTATION Overview of Certification Programs Best Practices for Implementation Keys to Success Resources


4 Purpose was twofold-- Expand definition of the acquisition workforce Align civilian and defense workforce requirements OFPP Policy Letter 05-01 Developing and Managing the Federal Acquisition Workforce—April 15, 2005

5 Expand Definition of the Acquisition Workforce At a minimum, the acquisition workforce includes: All GS-1102s All warranted Contracting Officers (COs) regardless of series All GS-1105s Program and project managers, as identified by the SPE All Contracting Officers Representatives and Contracting Officers Technical Representatives Any acquisition-related position identified by the SPE

6 Aligning the Civilian and Defense Workforce Requirements Core competencies Common to Civilian and Defense Agencies Core Training Aligned Uniform Core Training Requirements for Civilian and Defense Agencies Development and Implementation of Governmentwide Federal Acquisition Certification Programs

7 Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) --(Generally applies to the GS-1102 Series) Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) (Required for P/PMs working on programs considered major acquisitions such those covered by OMB Circular A-11, Exhibit 300 Acquisitions) Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer Technical Representatives (FAC-COTR) (Applies to all COTRs appointed to a contract.) Governmentwide Certification and Career Development Programs

8 FAC-C FAC-C was established via OMB Memo dated January 20, 2006 (available at Not mandatory for all 1102s; however, required for new COs warranted after January 1, 2007. Mirrors Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) requirements.

9 FAC-C (cont’d) WAYS TO MEET REQUIREMENTS Education and Experience Training DAWIA Certification

10 FAC-C—What is required? Education and experience Education requirement is set forth in the GS-1102 Qualification Standards ( There is no waiver authority for this requirement under FAC-C SPE may waive requirement for FAC-C certification, not education, for warranting purposes Experience is generally based on the qualification standard referenced above and is cumulative as set forth in the January 2006 memo

11 FAC-C—What is required? (cont’d) Training FAC-C aligns with DAWIA for training requirement at the junior, intermediate, and senior levels The training requirements for FAC-C are contained in the January 2006 implementation memo found at

12 FAC-C—What is required? (cont’d) Training (cont’d) DAU training or DAU-equivalent courses or Fulfillment

13 FAC-C—What is required? (cont’d) DAWIA Certification A valid, current DAWIA certification in contracting is equivalent to FAC-C at the same certification level Education and experience requirements for FAC-C still must be met

14 How To Maintain FAC-C Certification 80 continuous learning points (CLP) every 2 years January 2006 Memo, Appendix B provides specific guidance on meeting CLP requirements

15 FAC-P/PM FAC-P/PM was established via OMB Memo dated April 25, 2007 (available at Not mandatory for all program and project managers; however, those assigned to programs considered major acquisitions must, at a minimum, be senior-level certified Certified professionals are required to earn 80 CLPs every 2 years to maintain FAC-P/PM

16 FAC-P/PM (cont’d) Different from FAC-C-- – No specific curriculum prescribed – Describes core, minimum competencies considered essential for successful program and project management – Certification is based on attaining these competencies – No education requirement

17 FAC-COTR FAC-COTR was established via OMB Memo dated November 26, 2007 (available at All COTRS appointed to a contract after the effective date of this policy letter must be certified and must maintain their skills currency through continuous learning

18 FAC-COTR (cont’d) Like FAC-P/PM, there is no prescribed curriculum for FAC-COTR – Must have a minimum of 40 hours of training to receive certification 22 of the 40 hours must cover essential COTR competencies 18 should include agency-specific courses/assignment specific courses – Must earn 40 CLPs every 2 years to maintain certification

19 THINGS TO REMEMBER All certification programs require continuous learning to maintain certification All certification programs are based on core competencies forming the foundation for the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively perform as a contracting officer, program/project manager, or COTR

20 Things to Remember (cont’d) Federal Certification Programs are designed to establish consistent competencies and standards for those performing acquisition- related work in civilian agencies. Important for all of us to maintain the integrity of the programs to ensure we are accomplishing the intent of this effort-- – Improving the competency of the acquisition workforce—current and future

21 Things to Remember (cont’d) – Improving recruitment by targeting those individuals possessing the core competencies needed to be a successful acquisition professional. A well-trained acquisition workforce is essential to agencies in order to accomplish acquisition mission goals effectively and responsibly



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