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Identifying the State’s Exposures

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1 Identifying the State’s Exposures
CatNet® Identifying the State’s Exposures Presented by: Erika Gutierrez, SORM

2 “Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” - Theodore Roosevelt

3 What You Will Learn… How to Interpret CatNet® Data
How to Utilize CatNet® Data for: COOP Insurance Risk Management

4 CatNet® Features Spreadsheet Report Map with Legend
Summarized Report – NEW! (Risk Assessment Report)

5 Spreadsheet Report ID Name Value Latitude Longitude EQ 475y MMI
EQ PGA m/s2 Flood Return Period Hail days/yr Hazard Zone Code Hazard Zone Schema Tornado's/year Wind Peak gust 50y m/s 2 William P. Clements V 0.2 > 500 Year 6 X FEMA 0.25 25

6 Interpreting Data Data Sources

7 Tornado Data Sources Cont’d

8 Earthquake Risk

9 Tornado Risk

10 Tornado Risk – Dallas/Ft. Worth

11 Flood Risk

12 Flood Risk - Austin

13 Flood Risk – Austin Cont’d

14 Hailstorm Risk

15 Hailstorm Risk - Lubbock

16 Wildfire Risk

17 Hurricane Risk

18 Hurricane Risk - Houston

19 Risk Assessment Report

20 In Conclusion

21 Thank You
Contact Information: Erika Gutierrez (512)

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