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Cyber Security Sadia Ahmad Jeffrey Au Onika Emanuel March 27, 2012.

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1 Cyber Security Sadia Ahmad Jeffrey Au Onika Emanuel March 27, 2012

2 What Is It? Definition: “Measures taken to protect a computer or a computer system against unauthorized access or attack Also known as: Information Security Attacks include (but not limited to): ▫Viruses ▫Hacks ▫Identity theft

3 Why Is It Important? President Barack Obama declared that the “cyber threat is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation” and that “America’s prosperity in the 21 st century will depend on cyber security.” In 2010, Obama declared an investment of $13 million toward a strategy for cyber security

4 How You Can Protect Yourself Install Anti-Virus software to protect yourself from crippling bugs ▫Norton, Kapersky, Trend-Micro, and Webroot Report anything suspicious to siteowners ▫Siteowners have the right to kick suspicious users off their websites Don’t store personal information on websites ▫Phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers

5 How to Protect cont’d Do not talk to strangers online ▫Not everyone is who they claim to be online Never give your information over the phone ▫Some telemarketing companies don’t admit when they plan on selling your information to websites Never reply to emails that look suspicious ▫They may be scams from people asking for money – i.e emails that say you’ve won money

6 How to Protect cont’d Never give out your password Never use the same password for your computer, phones, credit/debit cards, etc. Change your password regularly Change your password if you have had unwanted access Upgrade your software on your computer regularly Enable the firewall on your computer

7 How to Protect cont’d Monitor your online presence ▫Check your accounts for any suspicious activity Turn off your Bluetooth on your phone ▫Computer hackers may find a way to use it Don’t log onto Wi-Fi hotspots unless you know that it is secure If you see an advertisement with outrageously low selling prices, they are generally untrue

8 How to Protect cont’d Think twice before clicking on a link ▫It might not be secured or what you think it might be Never save your personal information on a public computer ▫You never know who might be on the computer after you

9 History of Cyber Security 1983: The FBI tracks down the “414s” ▫The “414s” were a group of young hackers who broke into several U.S. government networks, often only using an Apple II+ computer and modem 1983: Fred Cohen (USC) coins the term “computer virus” ▫A computer program that can “affect other computer programs by modifying them in such a way as to include a possibly evolved copy of itself”

10 History cont’d 1986: One of the first PC viruses ever created was released by programmers in Pakistan ▫This virus was named “The Brain” 1991: Phillip Zimmerman released “Pretty Good Privacy,” a free, powerful data-encryption tool ▫The U.S. government began a three-year criminal investigation on Zimmerman, alleging he broke U.S. encryption laws after his program spread rapidly around the globe (The government later dropped the charges).

11 History cont’d 1991: Symantec released Norton Anti-Virus software 1994: Inexperienced e-mail users dutifully forwarded an e-mail warning people not to open any message with the phrase “Good Times” in the subject line. ▫The missive, which warns of a virus with the power to erase a recipient’s hard drive, demonstrates the self-replicating power of e-mail virus hoaxes that continue to circulate in different forms today.

12 History cont’d 1995: Microsoft Corp. released Windows 95 – Anti-Virus companies worry that the operating system will be resistant to viruses. ▫Later that year, evolved “macro” viruses started appearing to be able to corrupt the new Windows system 1997: Kapersky Lab was founded by Natalia and Eugene Kapsersky

13 History cont’d 2000: The "I Love You" virus infects millions of computers virtually overnight, using a method similar to the Melissa virus. The virus also sends passwords and usernames stored on infected computers back to the virus's author. ▫Authorities traced the virus to a young Filipino computer student who got away free because the Philippines had no laws against hacking and spreading computer viruses. ▫This spurs the creation of the European Union's global Cybercrime Treaty.

14 Questions?

15 Sources dyn/articles/A50636-2002Jun26.html dyn/articles/A50636-2002Jun26.html www.merriam-

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