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NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template

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1 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
What is the Future of 9-1-1?

2 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Intent of this Session Present overview on current system and its limitations Provide a high level overview of NG9-1-1 Provide reasons why transitioning to NG9-1-1 is vital

3 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Terminology Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) A privately managed Internet Protocol transport network that may be shared by multiple agencies Functional and Interface Standard for NG9-1-1 (i3) NENA architecture and functions NG9-1-1 The set of network elements, software applications, databases, CPE components, and operations and management procedures required to provide Next Generation emergency services

4 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Terminology (cont’d) Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) A answering point which receives calls from a defined geographic area Geographical Information System (GIS) A computer software system that translates geographic data into a location on a map, such as a street address

5 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Industry Trends 330 million wireless devices in the US Population is approximately 313 million By 2015, there will be 2 billion networked devices Smart homes and offices; education applications More than 50% of mobile devices are smartphones These generate 35 times more data traffic than basic cell phones Tablets generate 121 times more traffic than cell phones This should provide updated stats and sources: When presenting this slide; please check the source for updated statistics.

6 Industry Trends (cont’d)
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template Industry Trends (cont’d) Wireless-only households are on the rise 32% of adults and 36% of children live in wireless-only households More than 98% of Americans have access to 3G or 4G services 103 million tweets per day in the US

7 Industry Trends (cont’d)
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template Industry Trends (cont’d) Exponential increases in text messaging More than 8 trillion texts sent last year Up 1.1 trillion from the previous year Teens text 5,500 messages per month 32 million Americans who are Deaf, Deaf-blind, hard of hearing or speech disabled rely on texting as main form of communication Per Richard Ray, co-chairman of the NENA Accessibility committee - FYI:  According to the National Organization on Disability (2007), there are an estimated 54 million individuals with a disability in the United States, which has a total population of approximately 300 million.[1]  As of 2006, over 37 million had some amount of hearing loss or have speech disability.[2].  I would safely say "over 32 million“

8 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
The Current Process 9-1-1 Caller Access/Service Provider* E9-1-1 Network 9-1-1 Call Center Call Taker The Nation's current system is designed around telephone technology The public can make voice or TTY calls Limited data is delivered to the answering point Call back phone number Caller approximate location * The Access and Service provider can be separate entities. There may not be a service provider. Explain the call flow process of a current call. Remember to explain what a PSAP is if you use that term; but it’s better to use the generic Call Center. The presenter should explain that for a wireless call the location is approximate & for a wireline/static VoIP call a specific address is delivered. For nomadic VoIP calls, the location provided by the customer when signing up for service is delivered. Call back phone number Caller approximate location

9 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
OK, really - What is NG9-1-1? NG9-1-1 is the upgrade of services infrastructure to meet the needs of a wireless mobile society More than just an IP network: Databases Technical & Operational Procedures Software Applications Equipment Components Explain that just putting in an IP network does not make a PSAP NG9-1-1; nor does IP capable equipment make a PSAP NG It takes special databases for location and validation; software to receive texting & video, ability to route on X,Y components. “Like building a highway with no exit signs”

10 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
What Can’t Do Today Support Newer Technologies/Services Text, Image, Video, Telematics, Sensors, Enhanced Subscriber Info Provide Robust Back Up Capabilities Network Resilience, Virtual PSAPs Provide Interoperability and Information Sharing

11 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Public Expectations Many people think they can text 9-1-1 today Younger Generation Text most common form of communication Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing and Individuals with Speech Disabilities Text and Video over IP most common form of communication Again this is a place to highlight the Deaf, hard of hearing and speech disabled community needs. In addition, highlight that texting would help in kidnapping and domestic violence situations. EAAC did a study and found that Text and Video IP were the most favored forms of communication for this audience. This audience most concerned with parity of service and text-to would provide that.

12 Public Expectations (cont’d)
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template Public Expectations (cont’d) One survey in North Texas in 2011 found that: 31% of the population think they can text 9-1-1 11% thought they could post a message on Facebook and will be notified

13 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template

14 How NG9-1-1 Will Improve 9-1-1
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template How NG9-1-1 Will Improve 9-1-1 Updated Technology: Internet Protocol (IP) on a private secured network Improved Functionality: Maintains current E9-1-1 capabilities Adds new capabilities and supports multimedia communications GIS based Improved Interoperability: At county, region, state and national levels Explain GIS to the audience – GIS = information is based on mapping vs tabular database of phone company or records Be prepared to explain that we use the GIS for routing & if someone calls or texts they are giving their permission to find them. Explain that the interoperability will happen over time

15 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 Reality NG9-1-1 by itself will not enable text to 9-1-1 Texting is an application available through NG9-1-1 NG9-1-1 is designed to support text when available Standards work is underway in the wireless industry to support various types of text messages In the long term, overall costs could potentially be lower because of shared services and lower cost technology Will not eliminate prank calls but may provide additional information to help mitigate.

16 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
The Nature of NG9-1-1 Designed to support enhanced interoperability of all systems Designed with open standards Designed to enable open competition Designed for a transition to competitive service provider environment May require regulatory (and legislative) change

17 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 Added Features GIS based routing control Location data can be transported with the call Additional types of calls and messaging: anytime, anywhere, any device Additional data Virtual PSAP capabilities Added alternate routing options (ex: sensing PSAP status) Direct control of call management [PRF] Additional data – like crash notification and medical data – will assist first responders

18 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 Concepts Your NG9-1-1 system is one element of an widely interconnected public safety system County - Regional – State – National – International Expansion of, and beyond the traditional PSAP Fusion Centers Virtual PSAPs Trauma Centers Poison Control Emergency Operations Centers This allows for different services to live on the network – for example, CAD, voice recorders, GIS, wouldn’t be needed at each PSAP, they could live on a network accessed by each PSAP. **************** NEW speaker note : Be prepared to explain what Fusion Centers are. Information sharing center many of where were created under the US Department of Homeland Security & the Justice Department. Designed to promote information sharing at the federal level.

19 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 Concepts Direct control of system capabilities by Authorities and PSAP management GIS data updated regularly, to control validation and routing Secure access to interactive validation data by service providers Routing and options controlled in databases that are directly accessible by Authority at PSAP terminals, or other authorized remote access points

20 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 Challenges Achieving Economies of Scale Bigger geography equals better price performance Solving Governance Issues Leadership at all levels Timely Standards & Technology Development Resolving Operational Issues Addressing Legislative and Regulatory needs Providing for a wide range of educational needs Economies of Scale - It can be a challenge to get buy-in from all PSAPs in a region on any one system – for example, selecting a statewide mapping system, or statewide CPE. The only way to recognize better pricing performance is to make these type purchases at a larger regional or statewide level. Governance Issues – example, If multiple services on IP network, who is in charge? Shared usage and costs means shared responsibilities Can mention that the IP network is referred to as an ESInet.

21 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Funding Challenges PSAP Authorities must be allowed to accrue funds to build NG networks while still paying for and operating legacy networks Consider different funding sources: IP access providers? Pre-paid wireless? Consider new payment terms for fees More sources/lower fees? It is important to understand that authorities will have to pay for two networks while transitioning. It isn’t possible to flip a switch on the old network & transition overnight; so therefore both networks will need to be operational for a period of time during transition. Will need the old network as a failover plan initially during transition. NG will require a capital outlay at the beginning, but costs will decrease over time.

22 Legislative & Regulatory Challenges
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template Legislative & Regulatory Challenges Regulations Should Allow, but Not Require: Your NG9-1-1 provider to be different than your current E9-1-1 provider Your NG9-1-1 IP infrastructure provider to be different than your NG9-1-1 services provider Choice of service providers Local ordinances requiring person initiated calls. (Alarm & sensor calls) Regulations requiring selective routing going through telecommunications companies. See: NENA NG9-1-1 Transition Policy Implementation Handbook

23 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
NG9-1-1 PSAP Benefits Text/IM to 9-1-1 Photos, additional data and other media to 9-1-1 Streaming video Telematics and sensor data available to 9-1-1 Nomadic and/or mobile call taker workstations Be prepared for a question – what if the dispatcher doesn’t want to see the video, etc. If asked, inform them the additional data will come in the form of a URL that the dispatcher can pass along to first responders without viewing it themselves.

24 NG9-1-1 PSAP Benefits (cont’d)
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template PSAP “on-the fly” or Virtual PSAP Policy-based alternate routing with new options Additional Policy-based routing for: Language preference of caller Type of technology IM, Sensor, Satellite phone Enhanced disaster planning & special events call management are two more that should be mentioned.

25 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Call to Action Understand that underlying network/technology needed for NG9-1-1 is needed for ALL emergency communications (high bandwidth voice, data, video) THIS SLIDE MUST BE CHANGED TO SUIT THE AUDIENCE, AS MENTIONED IN THE SPEAKER NOTES. Customize this slide for what you are asking your audience to do. Examples are contained in “What’s in it for me?” slide #27.

26 NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template
Q and A Be prepared for when & how much type questions? Current status of who is doing this? How has it improved response?

27 This is a reference slide
NENA 2008 Breakout Session Template This is a reference slide This slide is for reference to be used as an example of information that could be inserted on slide #25 “Call to Action”.

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