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Enhancements to Advising, Enrollment and Institutional Planning Tools.

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1 Enhancements to Advising, Enrollment and Institutional Planning Tools

2 To Support Students & Make the Most of Limited Resources:  Increase retention and rate of progress to graduation  Help students become independent decision- makers and effective planners  Facilitate major selection  Encourage student engagement with learning opportunities  Support students with personalized advising when needed

3  Enhanced student planning through web- based advising & enrollment services  Enhanced institutional planning through analytics ◦ projected demand data to inform planning ◦ student progression data to inform curriculum development ◦ data to guide development of academic support programs  Targeted personalized advisement

4 Career & Academic Exploration Self assessment Major information Career information Academic Planning Degree requirements Experiential learning opportunities Interactive degree planning Academic Progress Degree progression Instructor feedback Resource information Advisor contact STUDENTS

5 Student Contact Welcome messages Milestone recognition Events of interes t Student Information Career interest information Degree progression Records of advising interactions Alert Reports Course issues Failed milestones Probation and suspension status Graduation application problems WUE issues ADVISORS

6 Reporting Course demand Transfer trends Change of major activity Assessment Progression trends Curriculum efficiency Change of major trends Resource Management Instructional needs Advising support Technical support ADMINISTRATORS

7  Consolidation of targeted web services within an enriched “My NAU” portal environment, including modernization of portal look and feel  Behind the scenes: Integration of PS and other data components to create comprehensive web environment for students

8 Dynamic Degree Planning  Major and career exploration tools  Term by Term Plan w 3, 4 and 4+ year options (summer, winter term enabled)  Pre-populate plans with completed/transfer units, and critical track courses  Critical course sequences/requisites highlighted  Plan enrollment/change process; program admission  WUE status- communication to student, administrative reports, requirement compliance  What if functionality—majors, minors, study abroad, internship  Advising cues and orientation to internship, international study, research opportunities—incorporate as planning element for term by term plan  Department/program dynamic communication and web links (based on plan, sub plan)  University Honors Program planning

9 Enrollment  Default one step regular term enrollment for students in plans (based on 4 year model)  One step enrollment linked to individual dynamic plan  Waitlist or some comparable function allowing students to signal an attempt/desire to enroll  Term enrollment feedback: number of units, critical track progression, electives threshold  Liberal studies essential skill and block learning designations/outcomes  Supplemental instruction information for supported courses (designation in SOC as SI course, link to program information, schedule for SI sessions, etc)  Academic standing

10 Student Tracking  Milestones—foundation requirements, LS completion, plan specific, class standing  Communications linked to milestone attainment  Advising holds linked to failure to attain critical progression milestones, off-track indicators  Reports for first year, undeclared, and plan enrolled student—milestone attainment, on- track/off track indicators  Academic standing process and notification  Diagnostic markers reports (semester gpa below 2.0, drop below FT enrollment, plan specific, math DFW)

11 Student Support  Self assessment tools  Student best practices page  Academic and other support resources  GPS communications  Advising notes to students  GPA calculator  “ichat” access to general advising  Learning portfolio

12 Graduation  Application and fee payment  Online feedback –status, honors, University Honors Program completion  Graduating Senior Survey  Employment Services Links/Tools  Feed in to Alumni Association

13 University Planning  Enrollment demand projections (data extracted from individual plans, or plan enrollment plus critical course sequence tracking)  Enrollment period monitoring (capacity analysis/tracking, waitlist reports)  Change of major reports  Milestone, progression reports  Data to inform development of academic support programs

14 Curriculum Management  Curriculum process/change web-interface  Curriculum design audit  Curriculum performance indicators/reporting (exceptions/waivers, critical track progression rates, capacity indicators) Course Scheduling??  Generic course schedule plans by program (based on projected total capacity/section parameters )  Large section room scheduling  Centrally coordinated classroom scheduling  Classroom utilization reports

15  Steering Committee ◦ Liz Grobsmith, Karen Pugliesi, Alfred Estrella, Fred Hurst, David Bousquet  Stakeholder Groups ◦ STAAG ◦ CARS ◦ ADDR  Project Team ◦ Lanita Collette (ITS Lead), Eileen Mahoney, Julia Spining, Andrea Stalker, Pam Anastassiou, Terri Hayes, others tbd

16  Phase 1- Spring 2010 Rollout of Enhanced Portal  Phase 2- Fall 2010 Degree Planning/Enrollment/ Student Support/Graduation Enhancements  Phase 3 – Spring 2011 and beyond Reporting/Tracking/Planning/Course Scheduling/Curriculum Management Enhancements

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