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Extra Slides – WebFLIS.

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1 Extra Slides – WebFLIS

2 Logistics Information Available via WebFLIS
Types of Searches: NIIN / NSN Item Keyword Part Number Cage Code Medical Keyword Search UIT Code MCN / LSN / NIIN

3 Every Bold header is linked to a detailed explanation of the acronym and the codes under them
RNCC / RNVC = 3 / 2 Primary Identifying item of production – Ref/PN & Cage CD are Primary Buy item (5 / 2 Secondary)

4 Every Bold header is linked to a detailed explanation of the acronym and the codes under them
Source of Supply Code – MILSTRIP routing identifier code which ID’s the activity as a potential source of supply SMS = DLA AKZ = US Army Tank-automotive And Armaments Command Warren, MI NRP = NAVICP, Philadelphia

5 American Metal casting Consortium Search
for NSNs by Material and/or Process

6 American Metal casting Consortium Search for NSNs by Material and/or Process

7 Update User Profile & Manage Vendor Accounts

8 Logging onto DIBBS (registered user)

9 Logging onto DIBBS (registered user) (cont’d)
User ID & Password

10 Home Page Hot Links to: Manage your Accounts – User & Vendor, Your Submitted Quotes, SRVA, Market Ready Orders Home Page: – Date password expires – Shows if SAM needs updating and provides link to website (yearly update) * System will let you quote but you can NOT receive an Award until SAM updated

11 Accounts Options (Profile)
Location: Home > My Account Options Available on Page: User & Super User - options to manage accounts Our Quotes Searches Non-Public Buyer Direct Solicitations

12 Extra Slides – Update My User Profile

13 Update My User Profile Update My User Profile
Location: Home > My Account Update My User Profile – Change your address, Fax or phone #

14 Update My User Profile (cont’d)
To update your Vendor Account go to: My Account > User Profile Change – address, Fax & phone # Click “update” button

15 Extra Slides – Forgot / Change Password

16 Change My Password (voluntary change)
Location: Home > My Account > User Options Change My Password whenever you need to

17 Change My Password (voluntary) (cont’d)

18 Forgot Password (new or involuntary change)
Location: Home > Log In (Key Logo) ANYTIME you cannot get into DIBBS (other than being locked out) you need to go into the Forgot Password process and change your password New Users then must go into the Forgot Password process to create their password

19 Extra Slides – Manage User Accounts

20 Manage User Accounts Location: Home > My Account
Super User creates other User accounts, edits accounts or deletes user accounts in “Manage User Accounts” (02-99) New Users then must go thru the Forgot Password process to create their password

21 Manage User Accounts (cont’d)
To update a user account, click on “SELECT” for that user ID/Name. To add a new account, click on “New Account”.

22 Manage User Accounts (cont’d)
The Super User is able to update Name, Phone #, Fax # and/or .

23 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile
Extra Slides – Manage Vendor Accounts Profile

24 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile
Location: Home > My Account Super User Option > Manage Vendor Profile – Quoting Defaults & Notification Options

25 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile (cont’d)
Location: Home > My Account > Accounts > Vendors (only view if authorized to quote for multiple cages but also go if want to add sub-accounts to your account {click on Cage} numbered 02 thru 99) Link to SAM data CAGE: cannot quote if “red status flag” visible, need to update your account info or DLA has tried to send you an based on your DIBBS account and have been unable to do so. If correct contact DIBBS Helpdesk to verify address and clear flag. Click on “CAGE” to do for Vendor Profile – also maintenance

26 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile (cont’d)
Super User can Check or Change the default Vendor representations as required

27 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile (cont’d)
Award and Solicitation Notifications – Primary and Secondary (Alternate) POCs – can only ONE Primary and Alternate POC, no more POCs can be added. Notifications sent ONLY to Primary, unless get notification back (undeliverable only) that the s did not go through then Notifications sent to Alternate POC Specific NSNs Super User – updates these fields that direct notification of new solicitations that match selections for FSC, NSN, and Approved Manufacturer CAGE Codes in the profile. Can enter up to 3000 values per category (FSCs, NSNs, and/or CAGEs) separated by commas. Do not enter an NSN that falls within an FSC already chosen for vendor directed solicitation notification FSCs - will get every open solicitation in all the loaded FSCs (computer overload) Approved Manufacturer / Cage Codes - Distributers use this feature a lot

28 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile (cont’d)
Review and Submit changes

29 Manage Vendor Accounts Profile (cont’d)
“Submit” brings you back to the “Manage Vender Accounts “ page

30 Extra Slides – Manage Vendor Quotes

31 Manage Vendor Quotes Our Quotes > Search Submitted Quotes
For your CAGE Code you can: Search for, Look at, Revise or Re-Enter Quote (a Re-Entered Quote will overlay an original quote, do not kept multiple variations of quotes) Non-Public Buyer Direct Solicitations If you have any or were sent a solicitation directly to your CAGE, i.e. are on QPL / QML Lists or PRE qualified some way, look here

32 Manage Vendor Quotes (cont’d)
Quote Search page: For your Cage Code you can search: Today’s Quotes Recent’s Quotes (past 15 days) Date Date Range Custom Search

33 Extra Slides – DIBBS Quoting

34 Welcome Page Fast Trak Quoting
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx “RFQ Search” & enter in search criteria If you know the solicitation #, you can type it directly in the FAST TRAK QUOTING

35 NOTE: The quoting portion of the system is timed
NOTE: The quoting portion of the system is timed. It may lock you out after about 15 minutes. It takes a little bit of time to submit a bid if you haven’t done it before, so print out the solicitation To print a solicitation, click on the solicitation number interested in

36 Use the print icon in the upper right hand side to print a copy of the solicitation

37 Ready to quote? Click on the letter “Q” (quote image)

38 DIBBS Quote Input Form Step 1
Choose 1 from multiple CAGEs you are preauthorized to quote on behalf of.

39 DIBBS Quote Input Form

40 Bid Types - Bid Without Exception
Used to indicate quote is in exact compliance with the solicitation requirements. **This information is used to evaluate automated solicitations (T or U in ninth position).** The following conditions ARE NOT considered exceptions: Quoting a different delivery than the required delivery. Quoting origin inspection on solicitations requiring destination inspection. Quoting a superseding or previously approved part or correction to a CAGE/part number cited in the AID on an item described by manufacturers CAGE and part number. 4. Quoting a used, reconditioned, remanufactured, new/unused Govt. surplus, foreign, or hazardous end item. Bid Type dropdown One recommendation provided is to NOT change the Bid Type but continue to fill in all required information. Once you SUBMIT QUOTE system will validate the information and inform you of any errors and what to do next.

41 Bid Types - Bid With Exception
The following ARE considered exceptions to the solicitation: Taking exception to the item description Exceptions to packaging requirements Exceptions to FOB point Quoting destination inspection on a solicitation requiring origin inspection Exceptions to required quantity 6. Quoting a quantity variance outside the range specified on automated solicitations (“T” or “U” in 9th position of solicitation number). NOTE: Quoting Bid With Exception WILL preclude you from receiving an automated award. Bid Type dropdown

42 Bid Types – Alternate Bid
If you wish to supply other than the approved part, you will have to submit your bid as an Alternate Offer. For automated solicitations ("T" or "U“ in 9th position of solicitation number), the following applies to your alternate offer: Offers of alternate products will not be evaluated for the current procurement, ONLY for FUTURE procurements. You may submit a request to the Supply Center for evaluation for future procurements of the same item. Additional information presented during “Submitting an Alternate Offer” presentation. Bid Type dropdown

43 Bid Types – No Bid No Bid:
Declining to submit a quote on this solicitation. Quoting zero quantity for all line items will force a bid type of "No Bid.” A “No Bid” will also delete a previously submitted bid. Note: “No Biding” is the ONLY way to delete a previously submitted bid. Bid Type dropdown

44 Vendor Quote # Optional fill-in for a vendor reference number – if calls, buyer can provide the internal reference #

45 Accept Packaging & RFID
Are you quoting in accordance with the packaging & RFID requirements as stated in the solicitation? Select appropriate response. - If no, your bid type will change to bid with exception

46 Discount Terms Select dropdown to select from a list of six most common discount terms. This field will default from vendor DIBBS registration.

47 Quote Valid For Enter number of days your quote is valid. Validation forces a numeric response from This field will default from vendor DIBBS registration.

48 FSS / BOA / BPA Defaults to N/A
Select "FSS/BOA/BPA" ONLY if applicable and include Contract # and expiration date, otherwise leave N/A.

49 FOB (Free on Board) Point
Defaults to Solicitation requirement. Select Destination or Origin for FOB point. FOB Origin will require City, State and Country. If quoting other than what is required, bid type must be Bid with Exception. If vendor quotes FOB Destination, then all shipping costs must be included into the unit price of the item. If vendor quotes FOB Origin, shipping costs are NOT included in the unit price. Vendors will invoice twice --- once for the cost of supplies and second for the cost of shipping. First Destination Transportation (FDT) RFQs must be quoted FOB origin as solicited. If you quote FOB Destination on an FDT eligible solicitation, the quote will be considered a “bid with exception” and the quote will not be considered for an automated award

50 Government Inspection Point
Defaults to Solicitation requirement. Select Destination or Origin for Inspection point. Inspection at Origin will require the CAGE code where the supplies and packaging may be inspected. If solicitation requirement is Origin Inspection and vendor quotes Destination Inspection, bid type must be Bid with Exception.

51 SPI Process Proposed Applies only over micro-purchase threshold
Management or Manufacturing process that has been previously accepted by DoD under the Single Process Initiative (SPI) for use in lieu of specific military or Federal specs or standards at specific facilities.

52 Pricing & Delivery First Article price/delivery and Waiver Request
Enter price and delivery by line item. If price or delivery do not vary per line, enter info into first line and click on “cascade fill” for all other line items. If quantity quoted is not in accordance with RFQ, bid type must be Bid with Exception.

53 Min Order, Qty Variance Immediate Shipment
Select appropriate response to question. Qty % Government will accept under or over required quantity. Select appropriate response to question.

54 Price Breaks Enter price break ranges and unit prices in the blocks provided. If price breaks are solicited, default values will show. Ranges may be altered using the “CLEAR” button. If price break ranges were not solicited, values will be blank. However, vendors can provide ranges and unit prices with quote. 1 1 5 10.00 6 10 7.00 11 15 5.00

55 Part Number Offered Exact Product & Alternate Product
Exact Product = providing EXACT manufacturer CAGE code & part number as it appears in the solicitation. Bid type is “Bid without exception”. Alternate Product = providing manufacturer CAGE code & part number that is NOT listed in solicitation. Bid type is “Alternate Bid”.

56 Part Number Offered Superceding P/N
Superceding P/N = providing exact product; however, there is a part number change. Bid type is “Bid without Exception”.

57 Part Number Offered Previously-Approved Product
Previously-Approved Product = Product previously furnished to Gov’t or previously evaluated and approved. Bid type is “Bid without Exception”.

58 Part Number Offered Correction to CAGE/PN cited in AID
Correction to CAGE/PN Cited in Acquisition Item Description = used to notify the Gov’t if there is a CAGE code error, obsolete p/n etc. Bid type is “Bid without Exception”.

59 Drawing Item Offered For a DRAWING ITEM: Select the type of supplies being offered based on the 4 options provided. Bid type is not affected.

60 Higher Level Quality Requirements
Select appropriate higher level quality system that is currently in place at the manufacturing facility for the supplies.

61 Product Offered Are you a Manufacturer or Dealer?
Select one of the following If quoting as dealer or QSL dealer – provide CAGE of mfg or if unknown, provide Name and address

62 Material Requirements
Select one of the following, if your reply is “YES”

63 Material Requirements Surplus / On-line Certification
Fill-in completely Government Surplus Material certification To assist with the evaluation, recommended that you complete the surplus certification with your offer. Note: Vendor surplus is NOT accepted. Previously owned Government surplus Only

64 Hazardous Material Identification and Material Safety Data
Select one of the following, if your reply is “YES” to Hazardous Material

65 Non-Qualifying Country
Buy American Act Fill-in for information purposes only on FMS, overseas shipments, and all micro-purchases as the restrictions of the Buy American Act DO NOT apply. Select one of the following: Domestic Qualifying Country Non-Qualifying Country

66 Duty Free Entry Default = NO
If requesting duty free, select yes and answer questions 1 – 3.

67 Business Size Representation
Select one based on vendors applicable business type for this solicitation

68 Small Business Size Representation
If a small business, select one or more of the socioeconomic categories listed. HUBZone Joint Venture Veteran-Owned Small Business selections: SDB Designated Groups:

69 Affirmative Action Compliance
Affirmative Action Compliance applies to quotes exceeding $10,000 when FAR (Equal Opportunity) applies. Select one as applicable

70 Previous Contracts and Compliance Reports
Previous Contracts and Compliance Reports applies to quotes exceeding $10,000 when FAR (Equal Opportunity) applies. Select one as applicable

71 Alternate Disputes Resolution
Select as applicable

72 Certification Regarding Child Labor
Select as applicable Make sure all information on your quote is complete and correct. Click on NEXT.

73 Review Quote and Submit
Validate Quote for Accuracy Scroll down to bottom of webpage Click “Submit”

74 Review Quote and Submit (cont’d)
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure you read and understand the Notices portion of this quote prior to submitting a quote. This will explain to you based on your quote information, what we expect from you. Many vendors have went to court & lost because they did not abide by this NOTICE

75 Quote Accepted If you do not receive this screen, then your quote did not submit and you’ll have to redo it

76 View Submitted Quotes

77 Quote Search

78 Quote Search Results Here is a sample of the quote search.
If you need to revise a quote that’s been previously submitted, you may do so here before the PR is awarded

79 Award Search

80 Award Search (cont’d)

81 Award Search (cont’d)

82 Award Search (cont’d)

83 Post Award Requests (PAR) in DIBBS
Enter DIBBS user ID and Password Ability to make modification requests via DIBBS - replacing formerly-used methods such as phone calls, s, letters, faxes etc

84 Post Award Requests (PAR) in DIBBS (cont’d)

85 Post Award Requests (PAR) in DIBBS (cont’d)

86 Submit a New PAR Submit a New PAR

87 Submit a New PAR (cont’d)
* Mandatory Entries - Provide as much information as possible on your request Ability to add an attachment is currently not working but will be fixed Note: When entering text within this field, do not use the “Enter” key at the end of each line. Allow the system to word wrap your sentences to the next line.

88 Submit a New PAR (cont’d)

89 Submit a New PAR (cont’d)

90 Submit a PAR Status Request

91 Submit a PAR Status Request (cont’d)

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