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Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP) Paul Bergeron LELAP Supervisor Lod Cook Alumni Center Baton Rouge LA May 23, 2011 1 LOUISIANA.

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1 Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP) Paul Bergeron LELAP Supervisor Lod Cook Alumni Center Baton Rouge LA May 23, 2011 1 LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY

2 Who is Required to Be Accredited? Any laboratory, stack tester, or geotechnical soil tester or facility which is ◦ A third party, distinguishable from the permittee or the Department ◦ Providing chemical analyses, analytical results, or other test data ◦ Providing the analyses, results, or data by contract or agreement and…. 2 LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY

3 Who is Required to Be Accredited? (cont’d) The data is ◦ Submitted on behalf of any facility, as defined in RS 30:2004 ◦ Required as a part of any permit application ◦ Required by order of the Department ◦ Required to be included on any monitoring reports submitted to the Department ◦ Required to be submitted by contract; or ◦ Otherwise required by Department regulations LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY3

4 Who is Required to Be Accredited? (cont’d) Laboratories located on separate premises, even though operated under the same management, shall be required to maintain distinct accreditation. Separate accreditation is not required for buildings on the same or adjoining grounds. Mobile and/or field laboratories are not required to be accredited unless they are operating independently LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY4

5 Who is Required to Apply for Accreditation? (cont’d) Laboratories seeking “primary” accreditation—those which will be assessed by LELAP Laboratories seeking “secondary” accreditation—those which are seeking recognition of accreditation granted by other accreditation bodies LELAP will issue a certificate bearing the LELAP logos if LELAP is not recognized by the accreditation body LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY5

6 Who Does Not Have to Be Accredited? In-house plant laboratories Municipal laboratories Laboratories accredited by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Laboratories licensed by the Emergency and Radiological Services Division LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY6

7 Applying for Accreditation: The Smoke is Clearing…. The electronic application is accessible at LELAP Laboratory Accreditation LELAP Laboratory Accreditation In the past fiscal year, thousands of lines of method-analyte combinations have been added Hundreds of listings have been assigned to qualified laboratories to ensure the detail and accuracy of scopes of accreditation LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY7



10 Application Particulars: the Electronic Application Use the latest version and download the method-analyte combinations Follow the instructions Save all data generated in a file on an accessible desktop Notify LELAP immediately if ◦ the desired method-analyte combination is missing ◦ The application cannot be completed or submitted LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY10

11 Application Particulars: Required Submittals The application fee is $660 The application must also be submitted in hard copy and include ◦ The quality assurance plan ◦ The standard operating procedures ◦ Proficiency test results and/or analytical data packages if there are no proficiency tests available ◦ The signed certificate of compliance LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY11

12 Application Particulars: Test Categories Metals Microbiology Biomonitoring Classical Wet Chemistry (nutrients, minerals, ions, demands, and coliforms) Minor Conventional Parameters Organics (semi- volatiles, volatiles, pesticides, herbicides, and PCB’s) Dioxins and Furans Radiochemistry Asbestos Geotechnical Soil Testing Air Pollutants LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY12

13 Application Particulars: Minor Conventional Parameters Limited to-- BOD 5 Hexane Extractible Material Total Suspended Solids Fecal and Total Coliforms Total Residual Chlorine LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY13

14 Accreditation by Recognition LELAP will recognize the accreditation granted by additional accreditation bodies to instate laboratories, including: National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program American Industrial Hygiene Association National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY14

15 Interim Accreditation If an application is deemed complete, LELAP will grant “interim” accreditation if requested The “interim” status will enable the facility to submit data to the Department (or be recognized by other states participating in the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program if the application complies with the standard) The status will not exceed one year LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY15

16 Assessments All instate laboratory assessments are performed by LELAP staff The number of assessors depends on several factors: ◦ Size of the laboratory ◦ Purpose of the assessment  Routine Biennial Assessment  Scope Amendment Travel expenses shall be reimbursed by the laboratory LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY16

17 Pre-Assessment Materials Includes checklists, standard operating procedures, and data packages Facilities are requested to complete and return the checklist prior to assessment Offsite reviews reduce travel time to assessor and visiting time for laboratory LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY17

18 Assessments (cont’d) The following shall be available for review at the laboratory: Quality Assurance Plan Standard Operating Procedures Quality Assurance Data Proficiency Test Data LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY18

19 Assessments (cont’d) Laboratory Inspection will follow this outline: Entry Briefing Review of Documentation Review of Sample Handling Staff Interviews Demonstration of Selected Tests as necessary Exit Briefing LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY19

20 Post-Assessment: Deliverables and Deadlines Assessment Reports--due 60 days after the state assessment Corrective Action Plans—due 30 days after receipt of the assessment report Responses to the Corrective Action Plan – expect 30 days after receipt of the Corrective Action Plan Correction of Findings Identified During Assessment—6 months after receipt of the assessment report LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY20

21 Assessment Finalization An initial applicant is granted a certificate and scope if the corrective action plan is approved, attestation is signed, and remaining fee (test category) is paid An initial applicant is denied a certificate and scope if the corrective action plan is not approved Accredited facilities owe no further action if the corrective action plan is approved and attestation is signed LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY21

22 Other Deadlines Renewal Application—every three years Proficiency Tests Results/Analytical Data Packages—every six months Assessments—every two years Invoices—due within 30 days Notice to LELAP of change of key accreditation criteria—due 30 days after change is effective Notice to laboratory clients of change of accreditation status—due 10 days from official notice of the action LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY22

23 LELAP Location within LDEQ Office of Environmental Services Public Participation and Permit Support Division Notifications and Accreditations Section LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY23

24 LELAP Contact Information 602 North Fifth Street Baton Rouge LA 70802 Paul Bergeron, Supervisor Phone 225-219-3247 Email Paul.Bergeron@LA.GOVPaul.Bergeron@LA.GOV LDEQ. LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY24

25 LELAP Organization Chart Paul Bergeron Supervisor Cindy Gagnon Assessor Dr. Alicia Ryan Assessor Elizabeth West Assessor (Shreveport) Dr. Jacqueline Prudente Assessor Charles Leonard CIH Assessor LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY25

26 Other Items Web page has accredited facilities listed by test category; ultimate goal is to have searchable list on the page New database has been developed totally in-house without the expenditure of unbudgeted dollars Scopes of Accreditation have new format and identify the revision of the test method, the method code and the analyte code LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY26

27 Other Items (cont’d) Assessors are verifying compliance with the new MQL requirements for arsenic, copper, lead and nickel Bioassay laboratories are not required to seek accreditation for support methods as long as the data is not reported to the Department Quarterly meetings to be conducted between LELAP and participating laboratories LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY27

28 Other Items (cont’d) No surprises: assessors will fully discuss any findings before adding them to an assessment report The LELAP e-Newsletter will return In-state laboratories will be asked to participate on task force to update the regulations LELAP assessor interpretations will be posted in the LELAP FAQs LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY28

29 Reminders…. If the laboratory fails a proficiency test, the laboratory must provide LELAP with a report on the corrective action taken and the results of a corrective action proficiency test result and Implement the approved corrective action plan! LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY29


31 Laboratory Issues and Challenges An Open Forum Paul Bergeron, LDEQ Lod Cook Alumni Center Baton Rouge LA May 23, 2011 LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY31

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