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Royal St. John’s Regatta and the St. John’s Rowing Club Operational Procedures Around the Lake.

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1 Royal St. John’s Regatta and the St. John’s Rowing Club Operational Procedures Around the Lake

2 Contents Authority Crew Safety – Docking – Flow Pattern – Turns – Stopping – Flag System

3 Contents (Cont’d) Motorized Vehicles Emergency Alerts Coach Boats Disciplinary Action

4 Authority Under the City of St. John’s By law the Royal St. John’s Regatta Committee has the responsibility and authority to govern activity on QV lake from May 1 st to September 1 st or whilst shells are on the lake. The RSJRC would prefer that this authority be exercised with input and in collaboration of the St. John’s Rowing Club On a day to day basis the Boathouse Manager or his/her designate will be the operational authority

5 Crew Safety Docking: Caution must be used by all shells leaving or entering the docking area. – Crews actively practicing have the right-of-way over crews leaving or entering the dock

6 Crew Safety (cont’d) Flow Pattern – All lake rowers must know and follow the flow pattern and must travel in a counter-clockwise direction in single order around the lake – Rowers should proceed down the lake when leaving the docks – Rowers should enter the docks while proceeding down the lake from the top – The RSJRC reserves the right to limit the number of boats on the lake if it deems that it poses a safety concern

7 Crew Safety (cont’d) Turns – Fixed seat crews wishing to turn should make an effort to inform other crews of their intention – All fixed seat crews should consider practicing turns using the men’s buoys at the bottom of the lake – Crews should use buoys 3,4and 5 on the men’s buoys only when deemed safe to do so – After turns crews should proceed to the north side of the lake and continue following the flow pattern

8 Crew Safety (cont’d) Turns (cont’d) – Fixed seat crews wishing to use the ladies buoys should do so at extreme caution because of the approximation of passing traffic – Make others aware of your intention – Use buoys 3 and 4 – When safe to do so return to the flow pattern at the north side

9 Crew Safety (cont’d) Stopping for the purpose of coaching – Pull as close to the shore as is reasonable and safe in single order heading east or west – Leave room for others to pass – Crews should avoid stopping at the top of the lake because that causes congestion and creates an unsafe environment

10 Crew Safety (cont’d) Flag System – The appropriate flag for the weather conditions will be determined by the Boathouse Manager or his/her designate – All rowers must be aware of and adhere to the flag status – Red means- “No Boats On the Lake” – Yellow Means – “Proceed with caution” – Green Means – “Go – All is OK”

11 Motorized Vehicles All motorized boat operators must have a valid pleasure craft operators card and must carry it at all times while operating a vessel All occupants of a motorized craft must wear an PFD (personal flotation devise) When passing shells motorized operators must be aware and do everything possible to reduce or avoid creating wakes

12 Emergency Alerts At any time while on the lake and an air horn is used crews should be aware of a possible emergency. Crews may be called on to assist and/or be prepared for larger high powered crafts attending to an emergency situation

13 Coach Boats A total of two coach boats only shall be on the lake at any one time Other boats may be permitted at the discretion of the RSJRC/Boathouse Mgr Coaches should be aware of wakes at all times Coaches should travel to and from shellsor docks at a low rate of speed Coaches should only use enough speed to stay with any boat they may be coaching

14 Coach Boats (cont’d) If a coach boat is coaching more then one crew and wishes to change to follow another, every effort should be made to transfer when the crews come together or are passing in opposite directions on the lake Coach boats are not permitted to travel up the lake past the Boathouse – This causes problems for shells that are tied to the wharf and could cause damage – Makes it difficult for rowers entering or exiting shells

15 Disciplinary Action Persons deemed to be operating outside of the safety rules of operation could be subject to disciplinary action such as: – First offence; Warning – Second Offence; 1 day suspension – Third Offence; 1 week suspension – Fourth offence; season suspension – (my words we need to discuss this)

16 Disciplinary Action (cont’d) Boathouse Manager, through his/her daily supervision, will report offences to the Director Of Boathouse Operations for appropriate action – Report to SJRC if required – Take action for 1 st and 2 nd offences – Report to RSJRC – BOD for actions above this – Appeals must to in writing to the RSJRC Honorary Secretary for consideration by the RSJRC -BOD

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