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 Executive Order in 1961  OPM provides oversight -  In 2005 our campaign raised more than $2M for the first time - $2,189,787  In.

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2  Executive Order in 1961  OPM provides oversight -  In 2005 our campaign raised more than $2M for the first time - $2,189,787  In 2010 we combined with Jefferson & Clallam counties from the Olympic Peninsula CFC and became the Greater Olympic Peninsula CFC!!!  Our campaign is among the top 25 CFC’s nationwide and piloting the “Universal Giving” concept

3  100% Contact  Greater Olympic Peninsula Goal $2M  Local Goal – establish to be realistic and challenging  Suggest 1Hr. Avg. Pay x # Employees

4  Campaign Dates – On-line open September 1st – December 15 th GOP CFC solicitation – 1 October – 22 November Establish local dates that work for your command/organization  Make information available as much as possible – websites, FB, etc/

5  Influence the success of the campaign  Coordinate the program in your shop/code/department/division  The direct link for the Key person(s)  Responsible for having the knowledge & experience to answer questions

6  Most important link to reach employees!!!  ESSENTIAL for a good campaign  Provide 100% Contact to Employees  One-on-one  Small Group Presentation (< 20 employees)  Materials provided – brochure, donor slip, pen, website address  Important Tools to use:  Action Checklist – copy in workbook  Contact Check Sheet – Key worker Drawing  Advertising – Display posters

7  You may NOT set a personal dollar goal.  You may NOT set a 100% participation goal.  Supervisor may NOT solicit employees.  Do NOT display or use lists of donors or non- donors.  NO promoting one agency over another – Let the contributor choose the agency that will receive his or her gift.

8  DON’T DO IT!  It is not coercion when you ask people to participate and then give them a chance to think about it. Do not say you expect 100% participation.  True voluntary giving is fundamental to Federal fund raising.  Coercion is Forbidden in the CFC.

9  Emphasize purpose of CFC  Advertise Benefits of giving THRU CFC  Address “Concerns” of the Individual  Provide Convenient Opportunity to Give  Publicize, Publicize, Publicize!!!  Emphasize use of On-Line option to benefit campaign – http://www.gopcfc.org

10  Your donation goes to whichever participating agency you choose or if you do not choose an agency it will be undesignated.  Undesignated donations will be distributed to agencies in proportion to their total designated gifts  Confidential Donations: This option is available to interested donors – Pledge card should be placed in a sealed envelope and be sure to check the box on front of the Report & Contribution Packet.

11  What is it? In 2012, GOP campaign and two others are testing a new donation option called Universal Giving (UG). UG permits donors to pledge to any participating CFC charity no matter where the donors or the charity is geographically located. Previously, only National, International, and Local charities in our campaign's area were available to our donors. Universal Giving now makes all Local agencies in all CFC regions accessible as well. Thus, donors who wish to stay involved with a favored charity or charities elsewhere may do so through UG.  How does Universal Giving work? Universal Giving charities will only be listed in available on-line giving tools, and not in the paper charity list. If you wish to donate to a local charity elsewhere, log in to our on-line giving tool at to search for the charity you want to support. Enter the charity’s 5- digit charity code either on your paper pledge form or in the on- line donation tool, complete the form and submit! It’s that easy!

12  Only listed via on-line search tool  Multiple Search Options  Taxonomy, National, International, Zip Code, etc  Icon represents affiliation (L, N, I, UG)  Pledging exactly the same – paper/on-line  On-line more efficient

13  Able to support agencies ANYWHERE in the world!  Donations can support local agencies when deployed/stationed away from home  Increased donation options – ALL approved agencies from ANY CFC eligible for designation Through Universal Giving, any donor in any campaign can donate to ANY approved CFC agency worldwide!

14  Convenience: pledging online allows you to complete your pledge thru CFC from the privacy and comfort of your computer.  Searching: finding charities of interest is easy through the interactive search tool. Search, sort, and filter charities to find the ones that deserve your dollars. You can even research through charity websites while you are creating your pledge.  Math is made simple: enter the amount per pay period and decide how much of your total annual donation goes to each charity.  Accessibility: log in to your CFC Nexus account at any time to view, print, or email pledges you have made in the past. This is convenient for the tax season.  Replication: as a returning donor you may simply replicate your previous year’s pledge.  It’s green: pledging online means fewer pledge cards and charity catalogs need to be printed.  Efficiency: because your online pledge card is fully legible, with perfect math, and designated to the charities you decide, the CFC and payroll centers time for each pledge is greatly reduced.  Reporting: you can check the reports page to see how your Federal agency compares to others and contributes to the overall campaign.

15  Local, National, and International agencies listed – UG available on-line  To donate to a agency they must be approved and in the brochure  Make brochures available to every potential donor along with their pledge card.  Searchable version also available at

16  CFC Q & A  Pledge Card  Giving Guidelines  Alphabetic Index

17  CFC Handbook (green)  Posters  Thermometer Goal Poster  CFC Brochure  CFC Keyperson Report & Contribution Packet  CFC Consolidated Receipt & Accounting Form  Pledge Card


19 Copy 1 (white) Payroll Copy 2 (yellow) PCFO Copy 3 (pink) Contributor

20  Link through website Payroll – automatic processing for civilians Military – print and submit to PSD  SSN is not retained in either method


22 Donor selects “Add New Contribution”

23 Key Training Point 1.The screen will ONLY be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. Those donors must be provided their 4-digit Campaign Code 2.All other donors’ campaign information will be automatically populated 3.Invalid code will result in error message

24 Donor selects donation amount per pay period/month Key Training Point Maximum allowable total donation for military personnel is $833/month. For donations higher than that, military donors should use a paper pledge form

25 Donors can search for charities in multiple ways. The donor can specify the 5- digit Charity Code.

26 The donor can search for a specific charity by name.

27 The donor can also search for charities using Administrative Overhead rate and/or by Keyword The donor can limit the search to National and/or International Charities

28 The donor can select charities or return to search for additional charities Key Training Point Donor can select a maximum of 30 charities. Donors wishing to designate more than 30 charities should use paper pledge forms

29 The donor enters the per pay period or per month donation amount

30 Balance remaining is automatically calculated Donor has the option to continue or add / delete charities

31 Pledge summary is displayed; undesignated funds are automatically calculated and displayed Key Training Point For an organization’s pledges to be properly credited the donor MUST enter the Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office

32 Final review and opportunity for donor to confirm intent

33 Key Training Point No forms will be submitted to Keyworker. Donor can view print PDF pledge form for recordkeeping.

34 Donor receipt copy. Up to five charities are listed on Page 1

35  The ‘Campaign Search’ screen will only be shown to active duty Army, Navy, and Air Force Personnel. This information is automatically provided for active duty Marines and Federal civilians.  Maximum donation amount for military personnel is $833/month.  Donors can designate to a maximum of 30 charities (29 if there are ‘undesignated’ funds remaining).  Donors must be trained to enter their Command/Unit or Federal Agency/Office name code for pledges to be properly credited.  There is no paperwork associated with this pledge type. The donor can print a receipt for his/her records.

36  DoD  MilPay  Civ Pay  Veterans Administration  Executive Office of the President  Environmental Protection Agency  Department of Energy  Health and Human Services (2013 only)  Broadcasting Board of Governors

37 Employee Express Donation Process













50  Keypersons should turn in contributions NLT Wednesday to their Chairperson or Coordinator (or more often if convenient)  Chairperson should turn in contributions NLT Thursday a.m. and/or no later than Thursday p.m. to the CFC Coordinator  On-Line processed through out campaign by PCFO

51  Notify Coordinator & Chairperson  Include POC phone, email, event date, time and place of scheduled fundraisers  This will prevent any problems that may occur with duplicate events being planned in the same space


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