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VENTURA COUNTY CALWORKS HOUSING SUPPORT PROGRAM (CHSP) REPORT DECEMBER 2014 Presented by: Chris Russell, Supervising Social Worker, Homeless Services Program.

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1 VENTURA COUNTY CALWORKS HOUSING SUPPORT PROGRAM (CHSP) REPORT DECEMBER 2014 Presented by: Chris Russell, Supervising Social Worker, Homeless Services Program Maria Maestro, CalWORKs Program Analyst

2 BACKGROUND Because of the critical importance of securing stable housing, $20 million from the General Fund was appropriated by the California Legislature and the Governor.  Ventura County was awarded $514,512 for FY 2014-15.  Implementation date: October 20, 2014 2

3 3 POLICY The goal of CHSP is to house 120 CalWORKs families who are homeless or facing imminent eviction. CHSP will provide direct financial assistance for rent, utilities and other costs associated with making house habitable.  $3,000 per household, but no more than  $5,000 with management approval.

4 4 POLICY (CONT’D) Primary responsibility for the delivery of CHSP services will be carried out by the Homeless Services Social Worker who will employ the rapid re-housing model.  Services include, but are not limited to:  Landlord outreach and engagement,  Housing search and placement,  Housing barrier assessment,  Legal services, and credit repair.

5 5 POLICY (CONT’D) Concurrent to CHSP services Welfare-To-Work (WTW) eligible families will be evaluated for other needed services and referred to the appropriate partners such as:  Public Health,  Behavioral Health, and  Children & Family Services, Who in a collaborative effort will provide intensive case management services in specific problem areas such as substance abuse, mental health, and domestic violence.

6 6 POLICY (CONT’D)  This new housing program is a separate program available to all CalWORKs recipients regardless of whether they have received other housing and/or homeless programs in the past.  All CalWORKs recipients identified as homeless or facing imminent eviction due to a court ordered eviction must be screened for potential CHSP eligibility.  Recipients meeting the initial CHSP eligibility criteria must be referred to the Homeless Services Program for CHSP evaluation within the same day, but not to exceed 24 hours.

7 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA CHSP funds are only to be spent on CalWORKs recipients who are homeless. Homeless is defined as:  Lacking a regular fixed nighttime residence  Literally (As per HEARTH ACT definition / category 1; includes temporary shelters)  In receipt of a court ordered eviction 7

8 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (CONT’D) Initial Referral Criteria: 1. Be a CalWORKs recipient; and 2. Be homeless; and 3. Have income other than CalWORKs (i,.e. – earned; UIB; SDI; SSI; or a housing subsidy, i.e. – section 8 voucher); or 4. Be a Welfare to Work participant; and 5. Be willing to engage and participate in a CHSP service plan 8

9 SERVICES PROVIDED  Short to Medium term rental assistance  4-6 months with proof of service plan compliance and progress; usually a partial subsidy only)  Rental deposit assistance  Appliances &/or beds that are essential to ensure that rental meets basic habitability standards  Case management (i.e. – budgeting; job search; transportation; medical appointment assistance; child care search; stabilize school attendance; credit repair) 9

10 EXPENDITURES TO DATE  Rental Assistance = $6032 (deposits & monthly rental payments)  Refrigerators = $1145  Beds (mattress & frame) = $1350  Stoves & Microwaves = $0.00  Utility Payment Assistance = $375 10

11 FACTS & FIGURES Pilot Implementation September 25, 2015  One (1) case funded during pilot Implementation date October 20, 2014  61 unduplicated referrals received in first 30 days.  4 households have been funded:  Total of 14 persons  5 adults  9 children 11

12 FACTS & FIGURES (CONT’D)  Direct financial aid spent in first 30 days = $8903 ($2225 average per HH)  Average days from referral date to funding = Six (6)  Approximately pending referrals = 55 12

13 PROGRAM CHALLENGES  Staffing Issue/Increased Workload  Hired one F/T Homeless Services Social Worker  Hired one F/T clerical support (answers phones; monitors CHSP e-mail box; screens clients; enters into CalWIN)  Training Homeless Services Social Work staff in programmatic differences: CHSP vs. ESG vs. HPRP (both in regulation & HMIS data entry)  Inability to fund “Homelessness Prevention” 13

14 PROGRAM CHALLENGES (CONT’D)  Affordable housing;  Expenses exceed income.  Example: single mother + 1 child = $510/mo. income  FMR for SRO in Ventura County = $726/mo.  Funding households that move outside of our County. Example: Family of six, two adults; both adults work 3 p/t jobs, currently being aided in Ventura County. Found affordable housing in L.A. County, 1 exit from Ventura County. 14

15 DATA TRACKING Data tracking is being done via:  CalWIN Case Special Indicators and Case Comments  HMIS Data System  Internal excel spreadsheet 15

16 ADVERTISING  Article in local newspaper: Ventura County Star dated October 15, 2014  Posters  Flyers  Word of Mouth 16

17 CONCLUSIONS / FINDINGS  Unlike Ventura County’s ESG & HPRP local rules, CHSP rules allow for multiple month funds if deemed necessary and appropriate by SW & with supervisory approval.  CHSP allows assistance to be provided to mixed households including households that may have an ineligible non- citizen family members.  CHSP has allowed us to involve the community in housing homeless families. 17

18 CHSP SUCCESS STORIES A homeless family who had been without their own home for more than two years, sleeping in shelters & on the floors of people they barely knew was brought to tears upon being told her case was approved and she’d be getting into her own place. The mother sobbed uncontrollably when her Social Worker arrived on the day of bed delivery, exclaiming that she could not believe what we were doing for her. 18

19 CHSP SUCCESS STORIES A family of six: A grandmother, raising three grandchildren, along with her adult daughter and her child, were living in an uninhabitable 20’trailer with no electricity or running water, and broken out windows. Grandmother was forced to leave her job due to stress and chaotic living conditions. Family did not have easy access to showering & cooking facilities. Grandmother stressed due to having no where to properly care for her grandchildren. With the assistance of CHSP funds, the family is now residing in a three bedroom, section 8 subsidized house and grandmother was able to re-gain employment as an In-Home Caregiver. 19


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