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Officer Lisa Van Horn Officer Bev Van Cleef.  The Cornell Police Crime Prevention Unit’s mission is to deter crime or the perception of crime and to.

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1 Officer Lisa Van Horn Officer Bev Van Cleef

2  The Cornell Police Crime Prevention Unit’s mission is to deter crime or the perception of crime and to reduce victimization in the Cornell community by:  Establishing a partnership with the Cornell community.  Through educational programs.  Providing resources to victims.  Implementing safety and security plans both on an individualized level or thru building security.  Coordinating alarm systems and physical security systems ( card access, maintaining blue light phones, EM phones)  Participation with annual lighting surveys

3  Operation ID  Identity Theft  Alcohol Awareness  Winter/ Safe Driving  Active Shooter Program  Workplace Violence  Front Door Software

4  Gorge Safety  Cornell Police website  Brochures and the Plantations websites  Provide alternatives for swimming  On-line video  Personal Safety  Violence in the Workplace and Domestic Violence  Student Program  Faculty & Staff program

5  Personal Safety  Discuss tips for being safe on campus  Residence Halls  Don’t open doors for strangers  Lock doors and windows  After dark or late night  Plan ahead  Blue light escort or blue light bus( extended hours)  Walk well lit sidewalks  Walk in groups

6  360 degrees Stay Safe at College  Protection for students on/off campus  7 chapters for easy viewing □ Protect your Possessions and Identity, □ Students Assaults(sexual assaults), □ Controlling Behavior, □ Stalking, □ Everyday Safety, □ Common Sense Defense and □ Safe Travel.

7  CP unit is currently working with individuals that need a safe place to retreat in cases where Orders of Protection are attached.  Makes individuals aware of resources in the Cornell and surrounding community (Advocacy Center, FSAP, Women’s Resource Center, JA’s Office and Gannett.)  Make arrangements with Residential Life/ Management in cases where housing or work stations need to be relocated.  Importance of reporting.

8  Loss Prevention  Interior survey  Door hardware, windows, confidential information, need for further security systems, emergency phones  Exterior survey  Landscaping, lighting, barriers, blue light phone placement

9  Purpose of the lighting surveys are to determine:  If lighting is adequate.  If trees and shrubs are blocking existing fixtures or blue lights.  If existing lighting fixtures need to be updated  Check for uniformity  Check for glare, color and illuminance  Annual Survey  Residential- October 25, 2012- 76 areas of concern  Academic– November 1, 2012-40 areas of concern

10  Residential- October 25, 2012  Chad Loomis/- Manager of Facilities Operations  Several individuals from student & academic services  Dale Williams/Denise Thompson/Julie Paige – Fraternity and Sororities and Off campus Housing  Students from various Co-ops & Organizations  CPO Van Cleef and CPO Van Horn, Officer Corp and Officer Scott.  Academic- November 1 st, 2012  Dave Baildon- Maintenance Management  Brian Watson – Facilities Electrical Engineering  CPO Van Cleef and CPO Van Horn

11  Landscaping issues  Trees needed to be cut back/Vegetation trimmed  Areas of concern  103 Mc Graw Place  West side of Helen Newman  Akwe : Kon  Behind Low rise #8  South end of Clara Dickson near side 5  Lower Cradit Farm Drive

12  Lights Out Residential Areas- 22 Academic Areas- 35  Broken Fixtures Residential Areas-4 Academic Areas-0 Note: many areas that were addressed need re-lamping as well.

13 Areas of Concern Needing Evaluation/ Study-Academic 1. North Campus Rd- East Ave & Sage Ave- trees have overgrown current pole lights 2. Ho Plaza- no reasonable trimming without extensive tree limb loss 3. Kimball Thurston Bard parking lot dark- need additional light in island 4. Gannett Parking Lot dark 5. Newman Lab North parking lot dark 6. Route of travel from visiting team to Schoellkopf 7. Crosswalk at NE corner of Roberts Hall 8. Space science parking lot 9. South west corner of Big Red Barn 10. North east corner of Stimson Hall 11. North west Corner of Baker Lab 12. 410 Thurston Ave 13. Arts Quad, specifically North and East Sides 14. Maple Ave. north side between Pine Tree and Veg Crops- no lights 15. Forest Home Drive- attempt to light alternate path for runners 16. Olin Hall-south stairs dim 17. Baily Hall Stairs- dimly lit.

14 Areas of Concern Needing Evaluation -Residential 1. Area in front of Cemetery on Stewart Ave and Cornell Ave 2. South pathway from red Bud Lot to University Ave- vary dark 3. Alpha Delta Phi Ave- Stewart Ave- very dark 4. Libe Slope- very dark including corner of University & Mc Graw Place 5. 534 Thurston Ave – Zeta Psi- needs lighting on all sides 6. Wait Ave and Triphammer Rd- Dark crosswalk 7. Pathway that runs parallel to Pleasant Grove Road (Cradit Farm to Jessup) 8. Crosswalk issue at Pleasant Grove Rd & Jessup Rd 9. Suspension Bridge 10. East Side of Helen Newman up to Fuertes Observatory 11. North Campus Tennis Courts/ Basketball courts- no lighting 12. North Campus- most blue lights need new lenses 13. Clara Dickson Courtyard 14. 112 Edgmoore Lane/ bottom of Hughes Pathway 15. Thurston Court Apt parking lot- still very dark, near residential housing 16. Pathway from Telluride to Campus Rd

15  Currently working with CIT on 60 pre- existing buildings.  Looked into new locations for Blue Lights based on crime alerts and heavily traveled areas, as well as uniformity.  Approximately 240 new emergency phones will be implemented through the connectivity project with CIT upgrade.  New Blue lights have been installed at 1. 410 Thurston Ave 2. Thurston Court Apts (approved) 3. BLS 3 Lab on Hungerford Hill 4. Relocation on Tower Rd near VRT 5. MVR courtyard.

16 Recommendations for additional Blue Light Phones 1. South side of Fall Creek Gorge at Stewart Ave. 2. South side of Fall Creek Gorge behind FIJI. 3. Behind Print Shop above Pine Tree Rd Bridge at intersection of East Hill Recreation Trail. 4. Cascadilla Gorge Trail on South Side of Trail. 5. Relocation in Crescent Lot. Removal of Blue Light 1. ILR Courtyard


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