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Bible Blitz II Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler.

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2 Bible Blitz II Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler

3 The Gospel of Mark May 8Chapters 1-4 May 15Chapters 5-8 May 22Chapters 9-12 May 29Chapters 13-16

4 Chapter 5 2-12The Healing of the Gerasene Demoniac The territory of the Gerasenes Man from the tombs Naked, chains, gashings “Don’t torment me – Son of the Most High God”

5 Name – “legion” – many Send us into the swine! 2000 drowned Report – fear – leave us “stay here – proclaim” Good news in Decapolis Chapter 5 – cont’d

6 21- 43Jairus’s Daughter And The Woman with a Hemorrage Jairus – synagogue official “Save my daughter – lay on hands” “On my way!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

7 Bloody Mary – 12 years - $$ Touched cloak of Jesus – Cure! She felt it! “Who touched my clothes?” Woman owned up “Faith – Go!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

8 Back to Jairus Daughter dead! “Don’t fear – have faith” Jesus, Peter, James, John “ … not dead, but asleep” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” “Out!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

9 “Talitha Koum!” Immediately “Don’t tell” – Messianic Secret Feed the girl. Chapter 5 – cont’d

10 Chapter 6 1 – 6 The Rejection at Nazareth Sabbath – Synagogue – Teaching Amazed! – Who is he? Carpenter – Son of Mary Brother of James, Joses, Judas, Simon and sisters

11 Offense No prophet accepted at home No mighty deeds – little ones Amazed at lack of faith Chapter 6 – cont’d

12 7 – 13The Mission of the Twelve Summoned the “12” – 2 by 2 Power over the devil Marching orders Healings - oil Chapter 6 – cont’d

13 14 – 16Herod’s Opinion of Jesus J. B. raised from the dead Elijah – a prophet “It is John – raised up” Chapter 6 – cont’d

14 17-29 The Death of John the Baptist Prisoner John Herodias – unlawful wife – revenge J. B. – good preacher Birthday Banquet – Crowd The dance – the dish – the head The burial Chapter 6 – cont’d

15 30 -33The Return of the Twelve Report – Retreat The followers Chapter 6 – cont’d

16 34-44Feeding of the 5000 Pity – teaching Late – hungry You give – “5 + 2” Sit down – They sat “looking up to heaven – Blessed, broke, gave All ate – 12 baskets – 5000 men! Chapter 6 – cont’d

17 45-52Walking on the Water Apostles – in the boat Jesus – up the mountain to pray Trouble on the water – up Jesus! Jesus walking – a ghost “Take courage, It is I, don’t be afraid” Jesus, in the boat - calm Chapter 6 – cont’d

18 53-56Healings at Gennesaret The crowd – the sick “ … only his tassel” Touched the tassel - healed Chapter 6 – cont’d

19 Chapters 7 - 8 Conflicts grow and Jesus shows his pragmatic side. Vocabulary: Korban – dedicated to God

20 Chapter 7 1-16The question of and the place of tradition in the lives of followers of the Lord. 1-4Mark explains the basis of the law and tradition because he is writing primarily for Gentiles. 9-13Jesus encounters the argument by showing how the law can be misused.

21 14-23The “Fundamental Option.” (Rev. Louis Monden, S.J.) 24-30a Canaanite Woman and her daughter. The meaning of the harsh reply from Jesus. Chapter 7 – cont’d

22 The power of Faith Pre-figures the later Church, i.e. Catholic: for all people “Dogs” a term used by Jews to show their abhorrence of paganism Jesus cures go beyond the Jews to Gentiles also. This prefigures the later Church which will be Catholic: for all people. Chapter 7 – cont’d

23 31-37Healing a deaf-mute. Ephphatha: be opened Jesus cures with his spittle. (A giving of life by sharing one’s life) The Messianic secret. Crowd is amazed. Chapter 7 – cont’d

24 1 – 9Feeding of the four thousand. Duplicates 6:34-44. 11-13Pharisees want a sign: argue that what Jesus does is not satisfactory as proof of the arrival of God’s Kingdom. Chapter 8

25 Jesus answer: a sign demanded by human distrust will not be provided. Faith is needed to see the significance of his actions. 14-21 The blindness of his disciples who fail to see the deeper meaning of his actions. Chapter 8 – cont’d

26 22-26 The cure of the blind man. This healing seems to resist Jesus: a symbol of his disciples who cannot see yet. Their tradition has failed to provide them with an adequate understanding of the coming Messiah. (see Acts 1:6-11) Chapter 8 – cont’d

27 21-33More of the same involving Peter. 14-38The doctrine of the Cross. The meaning of discipleship: Follow Me. Chapter 8 – cont’d

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