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Bible Blitz II Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler.

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2 Bible Blitz II Msgr Ed Thompson And Deacon Norm Kazyk With Technical Assistance Ray Hosler

3 The Gospel of Mark May 8Chapters 1-4 May 15Chapters 5-8 May 22Chapters 9-12 May 29Chapters 13-16

4 Chapter The Healing of the Gerasene Demoniac The territory of the Gerasenes Man from the tombs Naked, chains, gashings “Don’t torment me – Son of the Most High God”

5 Name – “legion” – many Send us into the swine! 2000 drowned Report – fear – leave us “stay here – proclaim” Good news in Decapolis Chapter 5 – cont’d

6 21- 43Jairus’s Daughter And The Woman with a Hemorrage Jairus – synagogue official “Save my daughter – lay on hands” “On my way!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

7 Bloody Mary – 12 years - $$ Touched cloak of Jesus – Cure! She felt it! “Who touched my clothes?” Woman owned up “Faith – Go!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

8 Back to Jairus Daughter dead! “Don’t fear – have faith” Jesus, Peter, James, John “ … not dead, but asleep” “Ha! Ha! Ha!” “Out!” Chapter 5 – cont’d

9 “Talitha Koum!” Immediately “Don’t tell” – Messianic Secret Feed the girl. Chapter 5 – cont’d

10 Chapter 6 1 – 6 The Rejection at Nazareth Sabbath – Synagogue – Teaching Amazed! – Who is he? Carpenter – Son of Mary Brother of James, Joses, Judas, Simon and sisters

11 Offense No prophet accepted at home No mighty deeds – little ones Amazed at lack of faith Chapter 6 – cont’d

12 7 – 13The Mission of the Twelve Summoned the “12” – 2 by 2 Power over the devil Marching orders Healings - oil Chapter 6 – cont’d

13 14 – 16Herod’s Opinion of Jesus J. B. raised from the dead Elijah – a prophet “It is John – raised up” Chapter 6 – cont’d

14 17-29 The Death of John the Baptist Prisoner John Herodias – unlawful wife – revenge J. B. – good preacher Birthday Banquet – Crowd The dance – the dish – the head The burial Chapter 6 – cont’d

15 30 -33The Return of the Twelve Report – Retreat The followers Chapter 6 – cont’d

16 34-44Feeding of the 5000 Pity – teaching Late – hungry You give – “5 + 2” Sit down – They sat “looking up to heaven – Blessed, broke, gave All ate – 12 baskets – 5000 men! Chapter 6 – cont’d

17 45-52Walking on the Water Apostles – in the boat Jesus – up the mountain to pray Trouble on the water – up Jesus! Jesus walking – a ghost “Take courage, It is I, don’t be afraid” Jesus, in the boat - calm Chapter 6 – cont’d

18 53-56Healings at Gennesaret The crowd – the sick “ … only his tassel” Touched the tassel - healed Chapter 6 – cont’d

19 Chapters Conflicts grow and Jesus shows his pragmatic side. Vocabulary: Korban – dedicated to God

20 Chapter The question of and the place of tradition in the lives of followers of the Lord. 1-4Mark explains the basis of the law and tradition because he is writing primarily for Gentiles. 9-13Jesus encounters the argument by showing how the law can be misused.

21 14-23The “Fundamental Option.” (Rev. Louis Monden, S.J.) 24-30a Canaanite Woman and her daughter. The meaning of the harsh reply from Jesus. Chapter 7 – cont’d

22 The power of Faith Pre-figures the later Church, i.e. Catholic: for all people “Dogs” a term used by Jews to show their abhorrence of paganism Jesus cures go beyond the Jews to Gentiles also. This prefigures the later Church which will be Catholic: for all people. Chapter 7 – cont’d

23 31-37Healing a deaf-mute. Ephphatha: be opened Jesus cures with his spittle. (A giving of life by sharing one’s life) The Messianic secret. Crowd is amazed. Chapter 7 – cont’d

24 1 – 9Feeding of the four thousand. Duplicates 6: Pharisees want a sign: argue that what Jesus does is not satisfactory as proof of the arrival of God’s Kingdom. Chapter 8

25 Jesus answer: a sign demanded by human distrust will not be provided. Faith is needed to see the significance of his actions The blindness of his disciples who fail to see the deeper meaning of his actions. Chapter 8 – cont’d

26 22-26 The cure of the blind man. This healing seems to resist Jesus: a symbol of his disciples who cannot see yet. Their tradition has failed to provide them with an adequate understanding of the coming Messiah. (see Acts 1:6-11) Chapter 8 – cont’d

27 21-33More of the same involving Peter The doctrine of the Cross. The meaning of discipleship: Follow Me. Chapter 8 – cont’d

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