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Meetings and Exhibitions Industry Certification Programs Presented By: David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA: President/CEO, IAEE.

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1 Meetings and Exhibitions Industry Certification Programs Presented By: David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA: President/CEO, IAEE

2 Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) Governed by the CEM Commission Raise professional standards Minimum three years full- time experience in exhibitions and events industry Complete 9 out of 11 modules Art of the Show Textbook, 4 th Edition

3 Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) – cont’d Conference & Meeting Management Event Marketing Event Operations Exhibition & Event Sales Facilities & Site Selection Finance, Budgeting & Contracts Floor Plan Development Housing & Registration Management Selecting Service Contractors Strategic Planning & Management Security, Risk & Crisis Management Members Nonmembers On Location: $250$385 Online: $350$605

4 Certified in Exhibition Management (CEM) – cont’d Recertification: 15 hours every 3 years $200 / $50 discount if early/on-time

5 Mission of CMM (A MPI Certification Program) To select and educate management-level meeting and event professionals. The focus of the certificate is to provide continuing educational enhancements to the strategic decision-making ability of these leaders to manage and deliver exceptional meetings and events that drive organizational success.

6 Intensive Residential Program Intensive learning opportunity designed for experienced and highly accomplished members of our global meeting industry community For those seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition— over 800 have received CMM certificate.

7 Eligibility for Program Qualified candidates will be: – Management-level meeting and event professionals with a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry. – Business leaders who have existing expertise in all aspects of meeting management including logistics, budgets, people, legal/contracts, and marketing and communications.

8 Application Fee US $75 for MPI members and US $125 for non-members. Application fee is non refundable. Accepted applications are good for two years.

9 Application and Registration Process You will be notified by MPI before the end of the following month if your application has been accepted. Once accepted to the program, you must register for an upcoming education program. Once registered for a program, you will receive notifications regarding pre-course work and/or reading required for the program (typical time requirement is hours). You must be present onsite for the 5½ day program. Attendance is required for each session and group coursework participation is required for two evenings of the program. One week following the 5½ day program, you must submit and successfully pass an online essay examination based on the coursework presented onsite. You must submit a newly created business plan and receive a passing score.

10 Registration Fee $500 US for sponsored programs (such as through Mexico Tourism) $1800 US for unsponsored programs

11 Questions? Contact MPI questions to:

12 CMP Information Session Copyright Convention Industry Council

13 About CIC CIC is a federation of 31 trade and professional associations in the meetings, conventions, exhibitions and events sector Major CIC Programs Economic Significance Study CMP Program APEX Initiative (Accepted Practices Exchange) Hall of Leaders Copyright Convention Industry Council

14 History of the CMP Designation Launched in 1985 by the Convention Liaison Council “Certified Meeting PROFESSIONAL” Strategic initiative to enhance professionalism of meetings and business results Copyright Convention Industry Council

15 CMP Program Goals Establish the level of knowledge and performance required for certification Recognize and raise industry standards, practices, and ethics Drive the advancement of the art and science of meeting management Elevate the profile of certified professionals Copyright Convention Industry Council

16 The CMP Designation Today Global & Diverse Community of Professionals – More than 14,000 have been certified in 47countries – 70% of CMPs are planners – 25% are suppliers – 5% are Educators, Academics, Others Copyright Convention Industry Council

17 Continuing Globalization Internationalized exam language Computer based testing Regional representatives – Africa – Asia – Europe – Latin America – North America Copyright Convention Industry Council


19 CMP Benefits Personal achievement Enhances professional credibility to employers, customers and peers Validates your knowledge and expertise Competitive advantage in marketplace Improved earning potential Copyright Convention Industry Council


21 Certification Process ApplicationCandidateExam Copyright Convention Industry Council

22 Application Eligibility Criteria Work Experience Education Continuing Professional Education Applications are reviewed by qualified CMP assessors. Copyright Convention Industry Council Status notifications sent 2-3 weeks following the application submission deadline.

23 Certification Process ApplicationCandidateExam Copyright Convention Industry Council

24 Candidate Candidate eligibility window: 1 year = 4 testing periods Official Resources – CIC Manual – CIC International Manual – APEX Glossary – Professional Meeting Management – Official CMP Practice Exam Other Resources – PCMA Online Prep Course – Study Groups CIC recommends a minimum of 100 hours of study. Copyright Convention Industry Council

25 Certification Process ApplicationCandidateExam Copyright Convention Industry Council

26 Examination Computer Based Testing at a secure testing facility operated by Prometric 3.5 hours (4.0 hours outside of US & Canada) 165 multiple choice questions Situational based questions designed to test application of knowledge Trick questions? No! Immediate preliminary test results. Copyright Convention Industry Council


28 Application Requirements Section I – Professional Experience in the Meeting, Event, Exhibition and Hospitality/Tourism Industry Section II – Internship or Continuing Education Copyright Convention Industry Council

29 Application Requirements: Section I Option 1: A minimum of 36 months of work experience in the industry Option 2: Candidates with a degree in meeting, event, exhibition, and hospitality/tourism management can apply after 24 months of work experience Option 3: Full-time instructors at a meeting/hospitality university with 36 months of work experience Copyright Convention Industry Council

30 Section I Information Full time employment Professional Experience must have been completed at the time of application submission Required Documentation – Resume – Diploma/Transcript (if using Option 2) Copyright Convention Industry Council

31 Application Requirements: Section II Option 1: An approved internship/apprenticeship in the industry with a minimum of 200 hours Option 2: Twenty-five (25) hours of continuing education within the last 5 years Copyright Convention Industry Council

32 Section II Information Internship – Minimum of 200 hours through an educational institution – Proof of completion Continuing Education – Past 5 years only – CMP International Standards – Proof of attendance Copyright Convention Industry Council

33 CMP International Standards Body of knowledge for the CMP exam Aligned with other international competency standards: - MPI Meeting and Business Event Competency Standards - Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council International Event Management Standard Copyright Convention Industry Council

34 CMP International Standards DomainPercentageExam Questions A. STRATEGIC PLANNING16%24 B. PROJECT MANAGEMENT15%22 C. RISK MANAGEMENT8%12 D. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT10%15 E. HUMAN RESOURCES3%5 F. STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT8%12 G. MEETING OR EVENT DESIGN16%24 H. SITE MANAGEMENT12%18 I. MARKETING11%16 J. PROFESSIONALISM1%2 Total 100% Total 150 Copyright Convention Industry Council


36 Application Example Copyright Convention Industry Council

37 Clock Hour Example Length of Instruction 60 minutes minutes minutes minutes CEUs.1 CEU.2 CEUs.3 CEUs.4 CEUs Clock Hours1 Clock Hour Clock Hours 3 Clock Hours4 Clock Hours Copyright Convention Industry Council


39 Your To-Do List Visit Download and review: – CMP Candidate Handbook – CMP Application – CMP International Standards Review the application and exam schedules Determine your “Application Ready” date and set an “Exam Ready” goal Build a personal plan that works for you. Give yourself time to prepare for the exam. Build a personal plan that works for you. Give yourself time to prepare for the exam. Copyright Convention Industry Council

40 CMP Calendar Application Submission Application Notification Exam RegistrationAppointment SchedulingExam Dates February 19 - May 7 May 21May 22 – June 5 June 17 – August 7 August May 14 – July 30August 13 August 14 – September 4 September 16 - November 6 November Copyright Convention Industry Council

41 CMP Program Fees CMP Application Submission Fee$250 CMP Examination Registration Fee$450 CMP Exam Cancellation Fee$125 Copyright Convention Industry Council

42 Maintaining Your CMP Five Years Five Years Copyright Convention Industry Council

43 Maintaining Your CMP Recertification required every 5 years Requirements – Continuing employment in the industry – Ongoing commitment to professional development and continuing education Create a CMP folder to keep record of your continuing education and industry activities. Copyright Convention Industry Council CMP

44 What are your questions? Contact Us Convention Industry Council 700 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 510 Alexandria, VA USA Copyright Convention Industry Council







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