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2 Opening Slide(s) In-House Presentation: For a Customer:
Company Name & Logo Project Title Audience Greeting/Identification Your Name & Title For a Customer: Put their logo large at top; yours small at bottom

3 Special Welcome to Livonia Butterbeans,
Welcome Egg Lovers! Special Welcome to Livonia Butterbeans, 2014 Egg Queen EGGS-ilicious Corporation

4 EGGS-ilicious Corporation EGGspansion
John Carlberg Marketing Division

5 Format Bullet Points Slides should have brief, concise text, usually in bullet format. These bullet points are merely the cues—you will elaborate fully upon them when you speak.

6 Overview Begin with an overview of your presentation to orient your audience The 4 Ps Delivery Visuals Handouts Closings

7 Introduction Delivering your presentations effectively involves using a proven four-step process: Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present. Follow these guidelines and you and your message will have high impact on your audiences.

8 Plan Identify and describe your audience Knowledge Experience Needs

9 Identify and organize your key points
Plan (cont’d) Define the purpose of your talk based on the outcome you seek with your audience: Inform Persuade Motivate to action Sell Teach Train TIP Identify and organize your key points

10 Prepare Establish a positive Mind-Set Value your message.
Visualize yourself succeeding. Visualize your audience responding. Give yourself pep talks.

11 Prepare (cont’d) Prepare an attention-getting Opening
Use a question related to audience need. Pay a sincere compliment. Relate a relevant incident.

12 TIP Develop transitions or bridges between key points.
Prepare (cont’d) Illustrate and support Key Points with evidence and visuals. Statistics Analogies Demonstrations Testimonials Incidents Exhibits TIP Develop transitions or bridges between key points.

13 Prepare (cont’d) Prepare a memorable Close Dramatize your ideas.
Throw down a challenge. Use a motivating statement. Restate the key benefit. Deliver a convincing summary.

14 Practice Practice your presentation and review your visuals for
Clarity Relevancy Eye-appeal Visibility Quality Memorability

15 Practice (cont’d) Practice your presentation before an audience, coach, video camera. Receive feedback and coaching on Strong opening. Clear key points. Logical flow using clear transitions Credible evidence. and...

16 Practice (cont’d) Also receive feedback and coaching on
Memorable close. Clarity of message. Identifying distracting mannerisms. Results achieved.

17 Present Rely on the fundamentals Own your subject.
Feel positive about your talk. Project to your audience the value of your message.

18 Present (cont’d) Make a positive first impression:
Establish eye-contact. Display poised, confident body language. Be relaxed. Be well groomed.

19 Present (cont’d) Build rapport with the audience: Be sincere.
Be yourself. Say “we” not “you.” Talk in terms of your audience’s interest. Involve your audience.

20 Close your presentation to make a favorable, lasting impression
Present (cont’d) Hold the attention of the audience: Be enthusiastic--SMILE! Use vivid words. Express yourself clearly and concisely. Tell a story. Have an upbeat voice. Have proper body animation. TIP Close your presentation to make a favorable, lasting impression

Present (cont’d) Strive for continuous improvement: Measure the success of your talk. Identify the strengths as well as areas to improve. Decide how you will improve the next talk. TIP Remember to PLAN / PREPARE / PRACTICE / PRESENT


23 Delivery Choose the extemporaneous style (pp. 657-58) Plan carefully
Use outline notes Use conversational delivery style

24 Visuals Don’t let visuals drive the show Keep visuals clear and simple
Seek variety


26 Visuals (con’t) Computer Images Posters Projectors TV/VCR Flip Charts
Chalkboard Handouts

27 PowerPoint Capabilities

28 A long time ago in a classroom far, far away . . .


30 Handouts

31 HANDOUTS (con’t) Supplemental Information

32 HANDOUTS Complex or Involved Graphics

33 HANDOUTS Professional Graphics

34 HANDOUTS Questionnaire



37 Two Closings First Second Segue into it with a recap of main points
Say thanks and solicit questions Second Another thanks and, since this is final impression time, include such things as: Your slogan/proposal Your name and contact info Any other valuable resources (personnel, Web sites, etc.)

38 Thanks for your Time! QUESTIONS??

39 Let’s Go Crack Some Eggs!!!
Have A Great Day Let’s Go Crack Some Eggs!!!


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