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Reading Rencana Perjalanan Wisata (Itinerary) Tour package to Australia January 19 – 22.

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1 Reading Rencana Perjalanan Wisata (Itinerary) Tour package to Australia January 19 – 22

2 Thursday, 19 January 10.00. pm Departure from Jakarta

3 Friday, 20 January 02.00 pmArrival at Brisbane (Australian Time) 03.00 pmSightseeing tour. Places of interest: Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Cultural Centre and Mount Cootha for a panoramic view of Brisbane city.

4 04.00 pmWelcome Cocktail hosted by Marrott 06.00 pmComplimentary dinner, Chinese Cuisine 08.00 pmFree

5 Saturday 21 January 08.00 amBreakfast at Summer View Hotel hosted by Jet Air. 09.00 amVisit to Sea World, a large marine park: free, unlimited use of all rides including Wide Wave, Water sun, Water Slide, Flume Ride, Bumper and Pedal Boats, Pirate Ships, and the most exciting Cockcrew roller coaster.

6 06.00 pm Return to hotel; guests may use the evening for their own activities; try a wonderful dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf.

7 Sunday, 22 January 07.00 amBreakfast at Summer View Hotel hosted by the hotel 09.00 amFree for last minute shopping 01.15 pmTransfer to Sidney Airport for departure to Jakarta at 3.15 pm (Australian Time) 09.15 pmArrival at Jakarta International Airport (Jakarta Time)

8 1.How long will the tourists have a tour in Australia? a. two days b. three days c. four days d. five days

9 2. What do the tourists have if they go to Fisherman’s Wharf? a. A Welcome cocktail b. A breakfast at Summer view Hotel c. A wonderful dinner d. Evening activities for their own

10 3. How many times can the tourists have free times to do their own activities? a. once b. twice c. three times d. four times

11 4. The tourists can have fun and try many kinds of games offered at … a. Brisbane Cultural Centre b. Summer view hotel c. Sea world d. Fisherman’s Wharf

12 5. “…Mount Cootha for a panoramic view of Brisbane city.” The underlined word means … a. beautiful b. wide c. long d. good

13 Elliptical construction Pengertian : Digunakan untuk menyatakan dua hal yang diungkapkan dalam satu pernyataan.

14 Pola kalimat : Kalimat positif : too dan so Kalimat negative : either, neither

15 Kalimat yang menggunakan to be Lion is a mammal Whale is a mammal Lion is a mammal and Whale is too lion is a mammal and so is lion I was not there You were not there I was not there and you weren’t either I was not there and neither were you

16 Kalimat yang menggunakan modal Cheetah can run fast Horse can run fast Cheetah can run fast and horse can too Cheetah can run fast and so can horse

17 Kalimat yang membutuhkan kata bantu I like swimming Tuti likes swimming I like swimming and Tuti does too I like swimming and so does Tuti We don’t have any money

18 They don’t have any money We don’t have any money and they don’t either We don’t have any money and neither do they

19 Tina visited Borobudur in Jogya last holiday Anton visited Borobudur in Jogya Last Holiday Tina visited Borobudur in Jogya and Anton did too Tina visited Borobudur in Jogya So did Anton.

20 I didn’t do it Liza didn’t do it I didn’t do it and Liza didn’t either I didn’t do it and neither did Liza

21 Kalimat berbentuk simple present perfect tense Andy has gone Ferry has gone Andy has gone and Ferry has too Andy has gone and so has Ferry

22 I haven’t done the homework Irfan hasn’t done the homework I haven’t done the homework and Irfan hasn’t either. I haven’t done the homework and neither has Irfan

23 Bentuk have sebagai kata kerja Mr. Ratno has a new car Mr. Wahyu has a new car Mr. Ratno has a new car and Mr. Wahyu does too Mr. Ratno has a new car and so does Mr. Wahyu

24 I don’t have a pencil Tuti doesn’t have a pencil I don’t have a pencil and Tuti doesn’t either I don’t have a pencil and neither does Tuti

25 1. Cici : I like reading “Harry Potter” Baba:.. The story is interesting a. So are you b. So am I c. So do I d. So did you

26 2. My father is from Padang and my mother … So they were neighbors. a. does too b. is too c. so did d. so was

27 3. Rudy : Did you meet Ani in the concert? Lukman : I didn’t. What about you? Rudy : … I think She had gone home when we arrived. a. Neither didn’t I b. Neither did I c. So did I d. So didn’t I

28 4. There were an accident on Jl kenari this morning. A woman was hurt, and ….her two daughters. Now they were in the hospital. a. So does b. So were c. Was too d. Does too

29 5. Arini : I can’t do the test. It is too difficult for me. Rista : … We must study harder then. a. so can I b. I can’t either c. neither can’t I d. I can too

30 Ungkapan permintaan (request) Could you …, please? Would you mind ….? Do you mind …., please? I’d be very grateful if you … I am sorry but could you … Do you think you could …

31 1. In the store Shop assistant : That will be Rp 50 000 all Together, Madam. Woman : Yes, here is the money. …wrap it for me with pink paper, please it’s for granddaughter Shop assistant : Of course madam. a. Do you want to b. Would I c. Could you d. Shall I

32 2. Aldi : I can’t concentrate doing the math's problems. … turning down the radio please! Adri : Oh sorry. a. Can you b. Would you mind c. Shall I d. Do you

33 3. On the phone. Fitra : Hello, Ri. Are doing anything at this moment. Riana : No. What’s up? Fitra : There is a good film on the movie tonight. … go with me ?. Riana : OK. Pick me up then. a. can you b. Would you mind c. Did you d. have you

34 4. Nena : Tomorrow is my birthday. I have a small party at my house. … Dilla : I’d love to. What time. Nena : at 7 pm Dilla : Right. I’ ll be there a. That’s my conviction b. I do apologize c. I would be very grateful if you could come d. I’ ll be sad if you come

35 5. Ali : Oh I forget to bring my pencil. … Harry : Oh sure. Here it is. Ali : thanks a. Could you lend me yours, please? b. Are you sure you don’t need it, please? c. Do you love lending me, please? d. have you bought some?

36 Episode 9

37 Reading label Obat Secretolytic agent Composition 5 ml elixir bromhexine HCL 4 mg Indicator For productive cough i.e. cough to influenza (flu), cough in acute/chronic bronchitis and asthma

38 Dosage Elixir Adults & Children > 10 years : 3 x 2 tsps Children 5-10 years : 3 x 1 tsps Children 2-5 years : 3 x ½ tsps Children, 2 years : 3 x ¼ tsps Or according to doctor’s prescription. The elixir suitable for diabetic patients, Since it does not contain sugar.

39 Side effect Occasionally gastro intestinal side effects may occur but these are almost in variable mild. Headache, Vertigo, sweating, skin rash and an increase in transminase have been reported rarely Store in a safe place out of reach of Children Adapted from Bisolvon Elixir

40 1.What is the medicine for ? a.Headache b.Skin rash c.Vertigo d.Cough

41 2. A three years old child who suffers from cough should take …tsps. a.¼ b.½ c.1 d.1 ½

42 3. “..transaminase have been reported rarely. The underlined word means …happening a.often b.not often c.Commonly d.Usual

43 4. The text above is kind of … a.Letter b.Leaflet c.Brochure d.Advertisement

44 Perbandingan (Comparison) Perbandingan keadaan suatu benda (Comparative adjective) a.Tingkat sama (positive) : as adjective as b.Tingkat lebih (comparative) : adjective + er than/more adjective than c.Tingkat Lebih (superlative) : The adjective + est/ The most adjective

45 satu suku kata Talltallertallest BigBiggerBiggest Youngyoungeryoungest Tiga suku kata Expensivemore expensivemost expensive Beautifulmore beautifulmost beautiful Dangerousmore dangerousmost dangerous Dua suku kata Happyhappierhappiest Easyeasiereasiset Clevercleverercleverest Simplesimplersimplest Modernmore modernmost modern Stupidmore stupidmost stupid

46 Pekecualian goodbetterbest badworseworst oldeldereldest olderoldest farfartherfarthest furtherfurthest

47 Contoh Kalimat My house is as beautiful as yours This book is thicker than that one Dian is more popular than Andin Himalaya is the highest mountain in the world I think snake is the most dangerous animal.

48 1.Via : I think TV is …than a radio Tia : of course, It has audio and visual system a. Interesting b. More interesting c. As interesting as d. The most interesting

49 2. Budi : We are in hurry. I think we’d better use motorcycle. Rudy : Yes, I agree with you. It’s … a. Fast b. As fast as c. Faster d. The fastest

50 3.

51 Ungkapan Permintaan Ijin Can I …, please? Excuse me, do you think I could … ? Would it be possible …? Could I …. May I …? Do you mind if I ….? I was wondering if I could …

52 Memberi Ijin Sure Yes, of course Certainly Go ahead By all means Not at all

53 Ungkapan menolak memberi ijin Sorry But I … I’d rather you didn’t Well actually I’d rather you didn’t … I am afraid not

54 1. In a fashion shop Young lady : Excuse me, … Shop assistant : Sure, Madam, The fitting room is over there. a. Do you think I could try this dress on? b. Do you agree to try this on c. What are you going to try this on? d. Could you try this dress on, please?

55 2. Daughter : Dad …? Father : With whom will you go? Daughter : with aunt Anita. Father : All right. Be careful then a.Can you tell me? b.May I go the cinema? c.Shall I do it for you? d.Could you tell me the truth?

56 3. Riani : What is the meaning of this word? Sita : Sorry I don’t know. Why don’t you look it up in the dictionary? Riani : I don’t bring it. …? Sita : Sure. Here you are.

57 a. Where is your dictionary? b. Do you have a dictionary? c. Your dictionary is very important this moment. d. Can I borrow your dictionary?

58 4. Student : Would you mind if I turn on the lamp sir? It is getting dark here. Teacher : … a. certainly b. not at all c. of course d. sure

59 5. Man : Can I submit the identity card tomorrow? Clerk : … It should be now. a. of course b. go ahead c. I am afraid you can’t d. You can’t do that

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