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HEAL OUR DAUGHTERS FUND Bringing our girls/women back to balance…naturally.

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1 HEAL OUR DAUGHTERS FUND Bringing our girls/women back to balance…naturally

2 Do you know/believe there are young girls/and women who…  Are devoid of quality time with people and experiences that are important to them?  Come from a world full of dysfunction?  Feel disrespected by those closest to them as well as society at large?  Feel distressed from the pressures imposed upon them by family, friends, and themselves?  Are disconnected from their true nature?

3 Would you like to see the same girls/women have a place to go where they can be introduced to natural ways to…  Restore balance to their lives?  Renew their soul, body and mind?  Respect themselves, others and their environment?  Remember who they are and reintegrate themselves to wholeness, and consequently, achieve a sense of balance?  Relax/Rejuvenate their entire being – soul, mind and body

4 We need your help…  Wild Grace Facilities Fund A donation of $99K is needed to secure the title to the Wild Grace* property. An additional $75K is needed to invest in housing for the caretaker of the property and retreat facilitators.  Heal Our Daughters Scholarship Fund Financial resources will be put aside to allow for scholarship opportunities for women “at hope” who do not have the financial means to attend scheduled retreats/workshops held at Wild Grace. Goal $25K-99K.

5 More opportunities to support this program…  Wild Grace Maintenance Fund An interest-bearing base fund that will be drawn upon as repairs and maintenance needs arise (plumbing, electrical, siding, roofing). Goal $30K.  Wild Grace Caretaker/Faculty Fund An interest bearing account that will supply (through interest accrued) a $12K annual salary (based on 5% interest). Will be set up as a trust account. Goal $250K.

6 What is Wild Grace? Wild Grace is a spiritual healing and retreat center located in Nashville, IN on 5 acres of land adjoining 180 acres of State Forest. It has it’s own private pond, classroom, cottage and 8 individual dwellings (to house guests).

7 Individual Dwellings…

8 The History of Wild Grace Carol Bridges and Dwight Sands have devoted over 30 years of love and experience to this special place. Carol's academic focus has been the social psychology of environmental design, and Dwight was the Permaculture designer. Carol has led women's personal empowerment groups since 1976. Dwight designed, built and lived in many types of alternative dwellings. Carol became a teacher of Feng Shui, the Chinese art of environmental harmony. Dwight instructed dedicated newcomers in creating a permanent culture based on cooperation with nature. Carol and Dwight have infused their art with a strength of spirit. It’s now time to ensure that this dream continue on through future generations, especially with Dwight gone.

9 Future Generations…  It is our hope that even following the passing of Dwight, that this retreat center would continue on indefinitely for future generations.  Your help is needed.  Our grandmothers, mothers, wives, significant others, daughters, aunts, nieces and friends all need a place like this to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits.  Provide your financial contribution today.

10 What we offer… Wild Grace provides workshops on a variety of wellness- related topics, including (but not limited to):  Natural Nutrition  Yoga  Soul Movement and Sound  Energy Bodywork  Reconnecting With Nature Activities  Artful Spiritual Practices It is ideal that Wild Grace is adjacent to 180 acres of state forest where we can take advantage of natural trail systems -allowing for daily hikes and the opportunity to enhance our physical health.

11 In Summary If we were to realize our financial goals, Wild Grace would be self- sustaining. The property would be secured, maintenance needs would be met, accommodations would be available for all guests as well as the caretaker of Wild Grace, and a scholarship fund would remain in place for girls/women who would like to apply for financial aid to attend the workshops. From all of us who are involved in this Wild Grace journey, we thank you for your time and consideration in helping us to realize this dream for our future generations.

12 It’s Tax Deductible All donations are tax deductible through our 501-c-3 non-profit corporation.

13 You Can Help These Women…  What type of financial contribution are you willing to contribute today?  Thank you… Your tax-deductible contributions can be made payable to: Church of the Earth Nation Send to: ALTERNATIVES Holistic Health & Wellness Center c/o Kate Trnka 345 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 7 Appleton, WI 54911

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