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Cooking is painful for Kenyan women because

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2 Cooking is painful for Kenyan women because
of the acrid smoke …

3 … and the inconvenience of cooking.

4 In addition this way of cooking needs a lot of firewood.

5 But firewood becomes rare
But firewood becomes rare. Women like Velma Achieng have to search and walk for hours.

6 Or they have to pay for firewood and charcoal.

7 But fuel becomes more and more expensive.

8 Modern stoves can help. They produce less smoke and use less firewood.

9 To disseminate efficient stoves the programme of Energising Development Kenya (EnDev) focuses on a market based approach.

10 EnDev trains professional stove builders like
Shadrac Ananda.

11 In only six years 1.3 million stoves have been produced and sold.

12 This offers job opportunities for both
men and women. Keyo Women Group for example produces combustion chambers for the Jiko Kisasa stove.

13 Stove builder Shadrac Ananda runs his business on Rocket Stoves.

14 Rocket stoves are available for private households and institutions like schools
or restaurants.

15 Every day restaurant owner Joyce Apondi saves about 600 Kenyan Shilling
(5 Euro) with her new Rocket Stoves.

16 Huge institutional rocket stoves need up to
80 percent less firewood in comparison to traditional stoves.

17 Thus Nyamninia Primary School reduces its expenses for fuel. Money which is now available to invest it into the future of the children.

18 EnDev has helped to disseminate 1. 3 million stoves in Kenya
EnDev has helped to disseminate 1.3 million stoves in Kenya. Each of them protects the health of women and children. It protects the environment and the climate. Beside the fact, that cooking becomes joyful again.



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