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Sisters are doing it for themselves! All across the world By Patrick And Ben.

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1 Sisters are doing it for themselves! All across the world By Patrick And Ben

2 Britain's largest women's organisation, the Women's Institute helped to form the Fairtrade Foundation in 1992

3 Traidcraft Traidcraft is the organisation who supply Britain with our fairtrade products. Traidcraft also help women in poorer countries to develop in their education, domestic and ecomnos status’. The next few slides are what fairtrade actually do to support women.

4 Women in fair trade Many organisations have a focus on women. This is partly because :- they are often discriminated against working with women brings greater benefit to families many women are involved in craft production


6 Women are the key to effective development Rural women are responsible for ½ the world’s food production and produce between 60% and 80% of the food in most developing countries. 70% of those who live in poverty are women 2/3 of those who are illiterate are women 2/3 of the children who don’t attend school are girls, and girls are less likely to complete school than boys


8 Women and economic growth Income in the hands of women has had a dramatic impact on the well-being of families. Women spend a higher proportion of their income on children’s food, health and education. A focus on women – through empowerment and training – is key to fighting poverty


10 Women in Bangladesh Girls in education Primary & secondary school – now nearly as many girls enrol as boys But at college level only 30% are women.


12 Women in Bangladesh Still often have to marry young, often to much older men. Move to their mother in law’s compound Are normally expected to stay home based Have few job options, especially in rural areas.


14 Fair trade and women in Bangladesh Income to spend as they chose Increased status as a result Children can go to school Rent can be paid and more chance of 3 meals per day Money for medicines and a few “luxuries” …but many still struggle with poverty at times


16 Women in Bangladesh Things are better than 20 years ago, but there is still quite a way to go. For example, in education: Literacy in 15-24 year olds 19812000 Men 4467 Women 2760


18 Geeta Kala Kendra GKK is a private company, based in Jodhpur. It is owned and run by a woman. Up to 200 women produce embroidery Tailoring is done by men Workers are home based

19 After one year working at Action Bag “I now have hope for the future of my child.” really done by holly, Jessica Ciara, Helen and Eleanor

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