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“Two weeks to experience, a lifetime to remember”.

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1 “Two weeks to experience, a lifetime to remember”

2 “Calling it the Jewish Olympics is wrong…. it’s so much more than that” - Garret Webber-Gale Dual Olympic Gold medallist, Dual Maccabiah Champion

3 The Maccabiah July 04 to July 18 2017 * Pre-Camp Tours Training Opening Ceremony Preparation Swimming competition Open Water competition Closing Ceremony

4 Age Divisions Juniors 2013 Year-Of-Birth: 97, 98, 99, 2000** 2017 Projected YOB: ‘01, 02, 03, 04** Open – as it says, any age Masters – from 35yrs up in 5yr groups The Maccabiah

5 The Swimming Competition

6 The Maccabiah Venue: Wingate Institute Pool – South of Netanya 10 lane, indoor 50m pool with warm down pools.

7 Junior/Open meet 4 day meet – Morning Heats Evening Finals 5/3 rule Only 8 finalists B finals if there are enough swimmers The Maccabiah

8 Day 1: 100 Fs, 200 Brs, 200 Bk, 200 Fly Day 2: 100 Fly, 200 Fs, 400 IM, 4 x 100 Fs Day 3: 100 Bk, 400 Fs, 100 Brs, 4 x 200 Fs Day 4: 200 IM, 50 Fs, 1500/800, 4 x 100 Med Swimming is recognised as one of the highest standard competitions at the Games The Maccabiah

9 Masters Swimming Wingate Institute Timed finals 4 sessions over 3 days 50 to 400 fs 50/100 in form-strokes 200m Ind-Medley 2013 – Israeli Nationals The Maccabiah

10 Open Water

11 Held after pool competition has finished Tiberius – Kineret 5km and 1500m First held in 2013 Highlight of the 19 th Games The Maccabiah

12 Qualification

13 The Maccabiah Each country sets its own criteria Historically, Australian team selection has been based on times – a set standard from a chosen State or National event For 2017 the NSC will use a hybrid of times, achievement and other factors to fit with the NSC’s goals for the 2017 swimming team…..

14 NSC Goals for the 2017 Maccabiah Swimming Team: To ensure that the best Jewish Swimmers in Australia can/will attend To support all swimmers toward qualification To support all swimmers and families with their financial preparations To field relay teams in each age division (Open men, Open Women, Boys, Girls) To build on the management/coaching structure from 2013 with a view to providing better/more comprehensive support for the swimmers in Israel. The Maccabiah

15 $$$ COST $$$

16 In 2013 the base cost for a Maccabiah athlete was $10,000 – for 2017 it could be up to $11,000 Covered: Airfares, Accomodation, Food, Team Uniform, Pre and Post camp Tours, Maccabiah Accreditation including competition entries etc. Travel could be opted out. Not covered: Souvenirs, personal trips, extra food, other personal expenses. This was just the base cost. Every sport will have additional costs: The Maccabiah

17 Competition strip (uniform) Coach/Coaches Support Staff - Myotherapist Pre-Games development and support Additional team costs in Israel These costs could be up to an extra $1000 per swimmer. However, in 2013 this was covered through fundraising…. The Maccabiah

18 Fundraising Swimathon Other team events Local fundraising – Melb/Syd Personal fundraising: – Team Handbook – ASF – Swimathon – Other The Maccabiah

19 Commitment

20 Cannot compare, never look back, no need to second guess Commitment takes on two main responsibilities: i)Commitment to training – both by the swimmer and the parent ii)Commitment to fundraising/creating a financial plan for the Maccabiah The Maccabiah

21 See you there in 2017!

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