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States of Consciousness

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1 States of Consciousness
AP Psychology—Text Ch. 4

2 Describe your current thought in as much detail as possible
Describe your current thought in as much detail as possible. (this is your waking consciousness) Try to NOT think.

3 Altered Consciousness
Examples? Natural vs. intentional?


5 Daydreams…Good or Bad? Spontaneous use of imagination…
1/3 to ½ of awake hours are spent daydreaming (?) Evidence of a more agile working memory? Benefits of Daydreaming

6 Hypnosis & Meditation

7 Hypnosis—OfficeSpace
Complete Handout 5-12 Hypnosis Demonstration Hypnosis=power of suggestion

8 Research backed ideas:
Ability to be hypnotized does not indicate gullibility Participants retain ability to control behavior Posthypnotic amnesia is rare Not dangerous when practiced by a clinician Can’t re-experience childhood events Is considered effective treatment for some disorders

9 Meditation/Imagery Psychology Today: Science and Meditation
Mental Rehearsal & Performance

10 Progressive Relaxation Exercise

11 Sleep & Dreams

12 Take Sleep IQ Test (in sleep packet)
Adult average score=5.5

13 Naps When do you get the most drowsy? Socio-cultural perspective?
Research? Those is isolation for weeks slept at night and napped in the afternoon 3, 30 minute naps/week were associated with 37% reduction in deaths from heart disease (23,000 participants) Stress and sleep?

14 Sleep—another 1/3 of our lives
Adenosine—chemical that triggers sleepiness Melatonin—hormone regulates circadian rhythms. Disturbed circadian rhythms=hormone adjustments

15 Sleep Cycles—brain waves
Awake=Beta Waves 1: Alpha Waves 2: Sleep Spindles 3: Delta waves appear 4: Deep Delta

16 REM Takes place every 90 minutes Rapid Eye Movements
Accompanied by sleep paralysis Not to be confused with NREM

17 Sleep Cycles cont…

18 Duration of Stages Stage 1: lasts only a few moments Stage 2: 45-50%
Stage 3 & 4: dominate first half of night…REM and 2 dominate the rest REM: 20-25% of night…paralysis, heightened brain activity…1st dream = appox. 10 min Sleep cycle occurs approx 4-5 times per night and lasts 90 minutes.

19 Dream Theories Daniel Tosh track
“The royal road to the unconscious” –Freud Manifest and latent content Dreams simply reflect life events 1st dream of the night connects with events of the day—then REM works like the telephone game REM helps us remember Activation-Synthesis theory Source of creative insight

20 Dreams Kids dream substantially more than adults
Explain dreaming from each of the psychological perspectives… Handout 5-9: What do we dream about? 5-10: Remembering your dreams…try to track your dreams for one week. Problem Solving Experiment—volunteers?

21 Dream studies American men dreamed of men twice as often as of women
64% of interactions in dreams were hostile as opposed to friendly Ghanaians often dream of attack by cows Americans are more likely to find themselves embarrassed by public nakedness Children are more likely to dream of animals College students are more likely to dream of small pets Women dream of children Men dream of aggression and weapons American women dreamt about both men and women

22 Sleep Deprivation Study: 24 hours of sleep loss = equivalent test scores of intoxicated subjects Exxon-Valdez—crew member steering the ship had only six hours of sleep in the past two nights.

23 Sleep Disorders 1) Narcolepsy– the narcoleptic dog
2) Sleep Apnea—cessation of respiration 3) Insomnia—common causes are anxiety and substance use 4) Sleep Walking & Night Terrors More common in childhood Occurs in 1st stage 4 Occurs often due to sleep deprivation

24 Complete Handout 5-5: Morningness—Eveningness Questionnaire
Complete Handout 5-6: Am I Sleep Deprived? Complete Handout 5-8: Sleep Strategies

25 Sleep and Memory Read “Shhh…I’m getting Smarter”

26 Drug-Altered Consciousness
Mouse Party

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