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ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958. MATERNITY WORLDWIDE This charity was started some 7/8 years ago by senior obstetricians in London supported by trustees.

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2 MATERNITY WORLDWIDE This charity was started some 7/8 years ago by senior obstetricians in London supported by trustees from the business world to address these defects in the care of young women.  Teaching and training of village women to act as birth attendants to assist in safe delivery and also to recognise in pregnant women, at an early stage, medical conditions requiring skilled specialist care to allow time for safe transport out of the village to centres of care.  Provide and equip and train Midwives in regional medical centres to offer safe delivery units to provide this care not available in the village.  Facilitate specialist obstetric care in central hospitals by resident obstetricians and visiting obstetricians from developed countries.  Promote, and in a limited way financially support, women in villages to start simple revenue earning businesses to give some security and income to the family unit so dependent on the women.

3 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 800 YOUNG WOMEN A DAY DIE IN CHILDBIRTH WORLDWIDE; 99% OF THESE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. In Uganda it is estimated 4,700 women and girls die in childbirth annually. Mostly these deaths are from preventable causes routinely treated and rectified prenatally and at birth in developed countries. IN RURAL AREAS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES  Access and transport are poor to non-existent, so emergency admission to centres providing treatment when crises develop is impossible.  Women provide all family care, cooking, wood and water collection and child rearing. If a mother dies, not only her unborn child will probably die but also her other children with no one left to care for them.  Women`s status is not high in many of these communities, with little or no ability to earn income for themselves.

4 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 ROTARY SUPPORT Abbeydale Rotary Club has supported financially this charity by a cash contribution. We now wish to support them further by our fund raising activity but crucially this time we wish to access "ROTARY Foundation Global funding". This requires the project to be of a value not less than $30,000 and must be a Rotary project with local Rotary participation in the beneficiary country. The project is to equip a Midwife led clinic in Kiryabutuzi in Uganda. This clinic is structurally partially built and will be completed by Maternity World Wide. As Foundation will not fund structural investment, our involvement is equipment.

5 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 INVENTORY OF EQUIPMENT REQUIRED The Medical Equipment Required: Medical Equipment £ MIDWIFERY DELIVERY PACK (US$ 172.63 X 4) 407.41 PERINEAL SUTURE/CERVICAL REPAIR PACK (US$42.39 X 4) 99.87 CRANIOTOMY SET (£130 x 2) 260.00 VACUUM EXTRACTOR (£520 X 2) 1,040.00 UTERINE EVACUATION SET (244 X 2) 488.00 NEONATEL RESUSCITATION PACK (£300 x 1) 300.00 EXAMINATION BED (£200 X 2) 400.00 DELIVERY BED (£200 x 1) 200.00 STRETCHER (£483 x 1) 483.60 Medical Equipment £ SUTURING/EXAMINATION LIGHT (£80 X3) 240.00 OXYGEN CYLINDER (£80 x 1) 80.00 AUTOCLAVE (US$ 482.26 X2) 568.83 NEWBORN MUCUS EXTRACTOR (£12 X 3) 36.00 BABY WEIGHING SCALES (£36 X 2) 72.00 SHARPS DISPOSAL BINS 30.00 GENERATORS (£875 x 1) 875.00 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION 80.00 Total£5,660.71

6 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 Office and logistic equipment Office and logistic equipment will enable appropriate recording of patient information and ensure good communications are possible between the referral hospital and local communities. Office and Logistics Equipment £ DESKS (£100 X 3)300.00 OFFICE CHAIRS (£50 X 6)300.00 WAITING AREA CHAIRS (£50 X 8)400.00 DESKTOP COMPUTER (£500 X 2)1,000.00 LAPTOP COMPUTER (£500 X 2)1,000.00 TELEPHONE/FAX MACHINE FOR OFFICE80.00 TELEPHONE INSTALLATION COSTS50.00 TWO WAY RADIO TO COMMUNICATE WITH VILLAGEs (£142.80 X 6)856.80 Total£3,986.80

7 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 Utilities Utilities provided for the clinic will enable it to function hygienically, cost- effectively and safely.Utilities £ WATER STORAGE TANK1,337.00 SOLAR PANELS822.00 PIT LATRINE892.00 PLASTERBOARD CEILINGS927.00 FENCING3,872.00 Total£7,850 education materials Lastly, the education materials will ensure that the in-house midwife has up to date resources and materials for community outreach Education Materials £ OBSTETRICS MODEL FOR TEACHING DELIVERY1,116.00 PURCHASE OF TEXTBOOKS FOR SMALL LIBRARY750.00 HEALTH PROMOTION MATERIALS1,000.00 Total£2,866.00

8 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 Funding A.Abbeydale Rotary club are nearly at their target of raising £2,000 B.Apply to our district for DDF (district designated funding) for a grant C.Recruit other clubs, preferably from outside our District, to fund raise in their club and, as they are from other Districts, make application to their District for DDF. D.Apply for “Rotary Foundation Global Grant. This consists of:- 1.Club raised funds matched 50% by the Global fund 2. DDF matched 100% by Global Fund £21,000. This quite obviously soon adds up to our target costing for the equipment of £21,000. So with quite modest support from other clubs, with DDF and Global funding, this money would hopefully be raised by our target of January 2015. OVERALL TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT £20,363.51

9 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 WE TRULY HOPE AND TRUST YOU CAN SUPPORT US IN SUCH A WORTHWHILE CAUSE ! MANY THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Contacts; Chris Kenyon, chairman International committee, Tele: 0114 236 2120 Dorothy Birks, Foundation. Tele: 0114 236 4174 Nigel Thomas, Tele: 0114 236 3314 Graham Taylor, Tele: 0114 249 9724

10 ROTARY CLUB OF ABBEYDALE Est 1958 Click on the links below to view; Power point Presentation on Maternity worldwide. Maternal Health Services in Gimbie. – video Training Skilled Birth Attendants. - video

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