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The $14 Trillion Opportunity Sample/Excerpt

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1 The $14 Trillion Opportunity Sample/Excerpt

2 $14 Trillion Opportunity - Summary: Women investors control 50% of the nation’s wealth. They need and want help but there is a giant gap between wealthy women and the financial services industry. Learn: The Huge Opportunity What’s Not Working What Works Keys to Marketing Success Barbara Kay, MA, LPC, RCC Presentation Time: The duration of this presentation can be adapted to accommodate the event within a range of 45 – 90 minutes. Copyright © 2012 No portion of this presentation material may be copied or distributed in any form without written permission by Barbara Kay.

3 Barbara coaches and consults on performance: Achievement Time Teams Client relationships Change Leadership Productivity Professionally trained in Clinical Psychology and Coaching, publications include journal articles and two books, The Top Performer’s Guide to Change and The $14 Trillion Woman: Your Essential Guide to Engaging the Female Client. Barbara works with: Professionals Teams Organizations Associations Copyright © 2012 No portion of this presentation material may be copied or distributed in any form without written permission by Barbara Kay.

4 W omen control 50% of all US wealth (estimated $14 trillion) 79% of affluent couples are dual earners 40% of wives earn equal or MORE than their husbands (38 – 41% depending on education) Women = 39% of all “top wealth holders” Top 20% couples - 30% of wives equal or more than husbands 53% of high-wealth women earned $$ Financial Power Now

5 Women Want Help 90% of women will have sole responsibility for their assets 82% women want help Only 25% of women feel “well prepared” in making financial decisions 60% are “just guessing” on retirement needs Only 7% have a written plan

6 Yet…… only 19% trust a financial advisor to lead planning 70% who want help can’t find a advisor they can trust Why??

7 The $14 Trillion Opportunity Impact of Tradition What would you guess?

8 The $14 Trillion Opportunity Research shows what women want is easy. They don’t like: Not _____________ easier for you ______________

9 The $14 Trillion Opportunity They want 3 key things ______

10 The $14 Trillion Opportunity Women will feel more: Satisfied Engaged Understood

11 The $14 Trillion Opportunity Before…. As late as 1970 college educated women earned only a tiny 6% of the household income. Now… 41% college-educated women earn equal or MORE than their husbands

12 New Approach Cooperative vs. Competitive

13 What Works

14 What Women Want: 1.Connection 2.Understanding 3.Application 4.Partnership Story: Relating differently What Works

15 What to Expect: More _____ Lots of _____ Less ______ All about _______ Deciding by ______ ________ style ________cycle What Works

16 What to Do: 1.Connect by _______ 2.Spend time ______ 3.Focus on _______ What Works

17 TD Ameritrade 2011 study found : 87% manage the household budget 94% of women pay the bills Prudential 2010 study found: 95% of women are directly involved in financial decisions Pew Research 2008 found: Only 21% - 35% husbands make the financial decisions. Greatest % was the wife alone. Why it Matters Today

18 Tradition no longer works: Fact: 90% of women leave their established advisor within 3 years of being widowed. Most leave within the first year. Examples: Female clients driving advisor change Why it Matters Today

19 Today’s Demographics: 51% of population is single & more than ½ are women For married couples 95% of wives are directly involved in making the financial decision and 46% are THE decider Reaching the decision maker means……reaching more women Who is the Target Client Now

20 Women are: Loyal clients Bond with people Eager Cooperative Success Benefits

21 Marketing Keys Impact of Traditional Marketing: “Overwhelming” “Complicated” “Foreign” “Boring”

22 Marketing Keys They Want 4 Simple Things: 1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____

23 Marketing Keys No more of this: Large Groups Mixed Gender Expert Lecture Financial Topic Data Charts/Graphs Instead……..

24 Women: Give 3 recommendations for every 1 that men give Directly refer 2 clients for every 1 that a man refers Actively advocate when they’re “raving fans” Engage in WOM 92 times per week Stories of Success: Free Marketing & Referrals Success Benefits

25 Personal Application What to stop that blocks success 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ When? What to start that builds success 1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________ When?

26 Additional Resources Assessments (individual & group) Coaching (individual & group) Team-Development Custom Workshops Speaking Topics: Productivity Team Time Change Clients Leadership

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