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1 ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION General We are a registered NGO's at Nagpur, Maharashtra (India) working in the area of Housing, Health and Women’s Education.

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1 1 ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION General We are a registered NGO's at Nagpur, Maharashtra (India) working in the area of Housing, Health and Women’s Education since 1983. Our membership primarily is from Health Professionals, retired academicians and retired IAS officers. MANAVSEVA LOKKALYAN MAHASANGH DR. SIDDIQUI COMPLEX, PLOT NO. 32 ASI NAGAR, NAGPUR – 17

2 2 Since the year 2000 we have been addressing the problem of Childhood Blindness, which is quite prevalent in our region of work specially in Vidarbha, Maharashtra We concentrate our major work for upliftment of the under privileged, economically backward women, minorities, malnourished & homeless. We concentrate our major work for upliftment of the under privileged, economically backward women, minorities, malnourished & homeless.

3 3 Since the year 2000 we have been addressing the problem of Childhood Blindness, which is quite prevalent in our region of work specially in Vidarbha, Maharashtra Our Doctor members and Associates have prepared a detailed project called Telefilm on Manavseva Netralaya and Drishti Lifeline Mobile Services.

4 4 This Project directly covers the subject of Education of Childhood Blindness, related Education Research and Development. The same has been approved, acknowledged by the Health Authorities, Government of Maharashtra, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Indian Medical Association, International Society for Telemedicine, I.S.R.O., Bangalore & SAARC Multipurpose Society, Nagpur.

5 5 MSLMS is a Charitable Trust engaged in various kinds of charitable works since its inception for more than 20 years. The activities include providing help to poor the locality to overcome damage caused by shortage of drinking water, rehabilitating the poor and the down – trodden, help to overcome the damages of natural calamities and disasters, educational activities such as formal and non formal education, medical activities and so on.

6 6 This organization is conferred with the facilities under12A (a) and 80G (v) & (vi) currently valid, Our organization has applied for 35 AC, having FCRA Registration. This trust is functioning with a view of INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT of the poor as a SPECIAL SCHEME consisting of Education, Training, Employment, Health care, promoting Social Status and thus elevating them to high horizons.

7 7 It has a special project to eradicate childhood blindness, to control female feticide, Women’s empowerment programs, etc. It will also sponsor a massive employment scheme for unemployed youth residing in colonies like, SC/ST Colony, General Colonies, Slum Areas, families living under poverty line, Back ward and Other Backward Class and Women etc. Presently the organization is poised to take up some charitable activities in a massive way such as setting up of a Manavseva Lifeline Hospital with a specialized purpose of providing treatment, rehabilitation and preventive measures in connection with the epidemics like AIDS, Cancer, Leprosy etc.

8 8 The Trust is concentrating its charitable activities in Maharashtra. 1.The Promoter The Promoter of the said projects is a Charitable Trust viz, MANAVSEVA LOKKALYAN MAHASANGH promoted by a group of qualified and experienced medical professionals from various fields working for the improvement of health and eradication of childhood blindness. The purposes and objectives of the trust are the promotion of the living standards of the rural masses through all related spheres of developmental activities and mitigation of calamities caused by contagious diseases, the promotion of social harmony, is service in Nature and promoted by individuals hailing from humanitarian community. The objectives are all well defined in the Trust Act.

9 9 1.3. This Project This is a proposal for total Development of the rural poor, down trodden and socially deserted women through a conglomeration of related projects so as to get them educated, trained, employed, rehabilitated and secured in their life through sustainable income; Housing of the economically weaker section. Firstly the downtrodden will be well educated so as to face the challenges of the modern world under the liberalized era. Simultaneously their health and environment will also be looked after. The following are the proposed projects.

10 10 1.Eradication of Childhood Blindness

11 11 2. Womens Education along with SNDT, Women’s National University Manav Seva Members resolved to promote & establish a Post Graduate Diploma Institute called “SAARC Educational Academy” for Ladies in affiliation with S N D T Women’s University, Mumbai in which, 60 students were given admission in the college instituted as a specialized course. The P.G. Diploma in Dietetics commenced during the Academic Year of 2006-07 whose students are doing internship at various hospitals in Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur after completing their academic year.

12 12 A massive rehabilitation project of Women suffering from various problems like unemployment & under employment, lack of income for sustaining their family, remaining unmarried even after an age of 25 years. Asset creation for the asset-less category of people belonging to the criss-cross of the society. It has been assumed that this has been the root cause of the poor for remaining undeveloped. They need employment for which a micro finance project has also been devised. Educational institutions for giving high-class education and training to the rural masses of Maharashtra

13 13 3. Housing Facilities for the Unreachable and Families of Blind Children’s. SAARC Multipurpose Society has continued with its “Home for homeless Project” at Manav Seva Nagpur, as per MOU with ManavSeva Lokkalyan Mahasangh, Nagpur, regarding construction of 110 Homes for homeless BPL people.

14 14 The programs for the year 2005-2006 were approved by all members of the Society in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Dr. Raj Vakil Siddiqui.

15 15 II SCOPE OF THE PROJECTS: 1.Women’s Empowerment and Rehabilitation. One of the main aims of the MANAVSEVA LOKKALYAN MAHASANGH is to Rehabilitate and empower poor women who are being exploited physically and mentally due to lack of sustainable income. The main problems suffered by Women are as mentioned in section I above.

16 16 The projects proposed are Taluka level job training centers and production centers with hostels and crèches. This will aim at the betterment of farmers engaged in cotton and sugar cane cultivation by providing better price for their product directly, without any profit motive.

17 17 2. Asset Creation Project for the Asset-less Category of People. It is a well-found fact that the reason for remaining under-developed is the lack of assets from which a sustainable income can be generated. The trust understands this crucial factor and has decided to devise a suitable project for helping the poor to create assets of their own for generating sustainable income from it. In brief the project is as follows:-

18 18 The Trust will select hardworking poor and urge them to acquire some land from which they may generate income to sustain their life and repay the assistance provided by the Trust without charging any type of interest. For example if any one wishes to work in a rubber estate by purchasing it, the trust will extend its assistance to purchase the land stipulating conditions and limits under necessary permission from concerned authorities like Reserve Bank of India and urge them to work in the estate and repay the debt to the trust and make the assets his own.

19 19 The present day educational systems do not provide chances for the poor to grab better education free of cost. Because of this, they cannot train themselves to capture better employment opportunities. We are sure that this novel project will help a lot of poor people to acquire some land as his own and develop himself in future. Unemployment is yet another vesting problem of the lower class people.

20 20 One may assume how much time it will take for making employment opportunist for a particular number of people. Considering this fact the officers of the Trust have resolved to give employment opportunities to 1,000 families. The present day self employment program namely the PMRY is not capable of giving employment and sustainable income to the poor within a specific time frame because the annual number of loan facilities allowed to the unemployed for favorites of the Bank managers. As such the employment opportunities provided by a bank of the poor of an area is four or five, hence, for making employment opportunities for100 people it will take twenty to twenty five years.

21 21 3. Super Specialty Hospital coupled with Medical College on Global basis. Donations grabbed by private managements of medical and engineering colleges for admission currently are used for their developments. At MANAVSEVA LOKKALYAN MAHASANGH it has been resolved to provide chances for poor students to get admission in our regional Medical Colleges purely on the basis of merit and backwardness in their economic conditions.

22 22 The treatment at these Super Specialty Medical college hospitals will also be very reasonable compared to other super specialty hospitals anywhere in the world. Faculty and medical staff will also be of the highest level. There shall be rehabilitation section for the people of referred category along with the Medical College in separate premises.

23 23 4. Taluka level rehabilitation centre for Beggars. Street Children Mentally retarded. Senior Citizen, etc. It is another major objective of the Trust to rehabilitate Beggars, Street Children, Mentally Retarded, age old people etc. At present the Temple streets, places of festivals etc are teemed with beggars bearing contagious diseases seek alarms which causes frustration to the people who visit these areas. There are rules to prevent this menace. However, without pointing a source for livelihood, it cannot be thwarted by any authority effectively. Considering this the Trust plans to set up a rehabilitation centre for providing medical treatment, food, shelter and employment till their optional end.

24 24 Mentally retarded people are yet another section of human-beings who need sympathy and love. They need love sympathy, care, food and consolation. And this is what the Trust is reluctant to give to them. It treats them as cursed and wretched. This attitude needs to be changed. The Trust has very effective project planning to make their life changed in the best possible way. This is also the case of age-old people for whom there are no one to take care. The Trust will rehabilitate them with treatment, food, entertainment, shelter and consolation.

25 25 5. First ever project to discourage female feticide from the stage of conception to employment and marriage. This is one of the Dream projects of the Trust. It is very alarming that the nation loses half a million female children every year. Ultimately there is no other serious loss than this to the nation. Parents kill their own children just for fear of dowry that they may be liable to pay when they grow up. Thus the pseudo love parents show to their children. A sin to be looked upon with seriousness.

26 26 There will be talented scientists like Marie Curie, reformers like Hellen Keller, Administrators like Indira Gandhi & Margeret Thatcher and writer like Pearl S Beck and so on. Considering this, the Trust has resolved to set up a project to depose the unwanted female child to the Trust very confidentially and bring them up to the betterment of the national goals and saving the precious life of the child When one realize that a child born from their own blood will cause financial erosion, they are ready to kill their own child. This raises a question whether they love their own child or the money they have accumulated almost sometimes illegally. This made the workersof the Trust to think that this is the greatest national loss.

27 27 6. Womens Educational Institutions. If you educate a man one man is educated, if you educate one woman indirectly all the family members are educated. Hence woman’s education is the need for the development of our nation. Despite the ancestral way of Indian Education, which then was a selfless service for the betterment of human generations, to-day it has turned to be purely an industrial product. So the inputs supplied to the educational process needed to generate income indiscriminately. This caused denial of chances to those who cannot bring in profit. Those deprived are only the poor bright students.

28 28 A second effect of this resulted in concentrating the education file in the hands of the profit motive industrialists – who commonly lack sympathy and humanitarian feelings. Before Governments moving towards this side, they were to ensure a sustainable and sufficient income for all poor to cater to the needs of higher expenses in higher education. This they could not do and left the poor who come to 95% of the total population, to be deprived of access to better education to their bright students.

29 29 Thus the Governments have become helpless in economic and social fields to safeguard the interest of the poorer sections of our Trust. This necessitates the NGOs to organize these sections of our Trust to cater their needs and aspirations. This is the general background of our concepts. Now the latest innovative concept in school level education is establishment of International Schools. This gives chances to excel the standards of even the best existing school standards. This is feared to make deep cleavage in the school level education. This will again divide the Trust into an economically privileged and underprivileged class in future.

30 30 Establishment and tie-ups with world class schools for the poor those who cannot offer costly requirements of present day international schools will definitely cater to the needs of bright poor students at regional and national level. The students who come out of our world class schools will be absorbed by their higher educational Institutions and Enterprises. This justifies the prospects of our project to establish education Institutions. Ultimately it may lead to a situation where the most brilliant brains of our Youth being discarded, due to this particular economic and social atmosphere.

31 31 By establishing the above mentioned project, it is sure that they can effectively address some of vesting and crucial problems the state is facing and large mass of the Trust suffer from time immemorial. In the said spheres, the role of Government is limited and NGOs are the best alternative. ***********************

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