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March 2010. Our Mission Group consists of 5 active members and 6 supporting members. At our initial meeting in April 2008, the following objectives were.

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1 March 2010

2 Our Mission Group consists of 5 active members and 6 supporting members. At our initial meeting in April 2008, the following objectives were identified: 1.EVALUATE what is. 2.EDUCATE ourselves. 3.CHANGE – What can we change? What is in our power? 4.NEW LIFE – What new life can we bring forth (hands-on personal experience). It is evident that the scope of our mission group is broad. Our hope is to become active in a group or organization which is already functioning, but may be in need of help. It is not felt necessary to create a new work. In order to focus more directly on this endeavour, it was decided to concentrate our efforts on organizations or associations in our working/living milieu. At the present time we are not, as a group, directly involved in an organization or association that is concentrated on women’s rights and solidarity. We continue to research our respective areas to become educated in what is available for women. The reality is overwhelming. There are numerous organizations ministering to women. We continue to evaluate and educate. It is also a time in which we are getting to know one another and unifying the group.

3 Sue Burns, csc Delegate Women’s rights have always been important to me and I am proud to be a part of this group. My ministry is with Shepherds of Good Hope shelter and soup kitchen. I work as the Assistant in Human Resources. We have a varied clientele of women and men and our motto is “dedicated to compassion.” Shepherds of Good Hope is a God-centred community joined together to serve and support those whose needs are not being met. We strive to serve and accept one another with joy, dignity and respect. In carrying out our mission, we believe in the power of prayer and the love of God. In providing support, our aim is never to judge, but rather to ease suffering with gentleness and compassion. Each day begins with prayer or the Mass. I also participate in the Associate program on the Committee in our Region. To be a part of this group is a blessing and a pleasure.

4 Andrea Audet, asc Active Member I was born and raised in Quebec City and in my early 20’s I moved to Ottawa to seek employment. I am a library technician working for the Federal Government of Canada where I coordinate interlibrary loans and circulations of books. I am fluently bilingual (French and English). I have been an associate of Holy Cross since 2004. My life has been so much richer since I have had the opportunity to deepen my faith and spirituality by reading and learning more about the spirituality of the Holy Cross congregation and its founder, Blessed Basile Antoine Marie Moreau.

5 Jennifer Cuff, asc Active Member G’day, g’day – a unique Renfrew greeting. I am a 45 year old married women who made a commitment to Holy Cross as an associate in 2005. I remain deeply committed to the needs and works of the Family of Holy Cross. My interest in Women’s Rights & Solidarity is quite passionate. I am a survivor of domestic violence and, working as a professional Social Worker, I have seen and experienced many disturbing situations in which women’s rights are violated. I believe God has gifted me with a talent to work with women – for this I am thankful. In the past I have worked in a women’s shelter providing housing and outreach counseling to support women in putting their lives back in order. I was also a volunteer with the Sexual Assault Crisis Line taking phone calls from women in an abusive relationship. For the past 15 years I have specialized in providing support to persons diagnosed with an intellectual disability. This work brings me tremendous joy in helping them find their independence in a community that is not always kind to the marginalized.

6 Jean Goulet, csc Active Member Regional Representative and Mission Director - Leocadie Sector "Life has been good! I have had the privilege of being both educator of and educated by children, youth and adults in the classroom, parish ministry, diocesan committees, and university. More recently the field of geriatrics beckons me. As a cofounder of a multi- faith group, Women for Peace and former member of the Diocesan Women's Commission, the role of women in the church and society has been a concern."

7 Pat Moore, asc Active Member Associate of Holy Cross since Sept. 2003 Retired school teacher of 30 years. Past-President. Catholic Women’s League St. Martin de Porres Parish Ottawa, Ontario, Canada July 2010 - Resolutions and Legislation Chair Diocesan Executive, Catholic Women’s League Cancer support person in my Parish as well as Eucharistic minister. Member of Ascending Life Canada. I also assist with the English Canadian Region’s cooking project in support of Shepherds of Good Hope shelters and soup kitchen.

8 Annette Blankmann, asc Supporting Member I have been an associate of Holy Cross for over 20 years. I am a retired public servant and have a background in administration. I believe everyone has a right to life, to live in freedom and to be treated in an equitable manner. I have served on many committees concerned with human rights and having equal access to services. I served on the Board of Directors for the MS Society and also worked as a volunteer. I was involved with a Community Health Center in providing programs for women and children at risk or single mothers along with new Canadians. At the present time, one of my activities includes the coordination of a group from my parish that prepares meals for the soup kitchen at the Shepherd’s of Good Hope (a shelter in our downtown market area). I was also involved with the soup kitchen at Saint Joseph’s parish as well as the Women’s Centre at the parish. I am totally committed to equal rights and freedom for all.

9 Eda Caldeira, asc Supporting Member My husband, 3 children and I left Nairobi, Kenya in 1979 to come to Canada. After a time of settling in, I decided to return some of the kindnesses we received. I joined “Good Companions” and became a visitor to a house-bound senior for 16 years. Presently my ministries include cooking for the Shepherd’s of Good Hope centre (an organization that feeds the hungry) and I am a member of a group that visits a home for seniors. In September 2007 I became an Associate of Holy Cross. I enjoy our associate meetings. They challenge my thinking and the way I look at myself and others. I feel very passionate about the treatment of women and children. I joined this mission group with the hope and desire to help make a difference.

10 Gwen Doolan, csc Supporting Member Animator, local community of Lenester in Ottawa, Ontario

11 Barbara Hackett, csc Supporting Member I retired from ministry with Homecare services in Ottawa a few years ago and moved to the community in Cornwall, Ontario. At this time, I volunteer at the Agape Centre two days a week and also sew quilts for this organization. Once a week I teach quilting to a small group. When our pastor’s secretary is away, I help out by answering the phone and the door at the church. I also assist the community of sisters in Alexandria, Ontario on the weekends with many daily living needs.

12 Cecile Paquette, csc Supporting Member I have been involved with various aspects of personal growth and formation within the Congregation as well as for laypersons. At present, I am the Formation Director of our region, the English Canadian Region, as well as Director of Associates. I also work with a group known as Ascending Life - women and men who are interested in personal and spiritual growth. I have always been interested in women's issues and their need for growth. I want to be a supportive member for this all-important group, to be in solidarity with those who can become actively involved with women's issues.

13 Eveline Swaile, csc Supporting Member Women’s issues are important to me, but at 89 years old, with precarious health, there is not much that I can do actively. I do try to keep in touch with what is going on in this field. My major interests are: justice for our aboriginal women – so many of them are disappearing and not enough is being done to find out what is happening to them. justice for elderly abused women. justice for the victims of human trafficking, especially the young women.

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