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Multi- Agency Response to Violence Against Women and Children from BAMER Communities SEPTEMBER 11TH 2012.

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1 Multi- Agency Response to Violence Against Women and Children from BAMER Communities SEPTEMBER 11TH 2012

2 IMECE WOMEN’S CENTRE IMECE Women’s Centre is a woman only safe and secure centre set up in 1982.

3 Case Study: barriers to accessing services X was referred to Samira Project by her GP. She was forced by her family in Turkey to marry her first cousin. She came to the UK on a spousal visa and since then her husband and his family have become extremely violent against her. She is scared to go back to Turkey as she would be perceived as having brought “shame” to the family. Risk Assessment UKBA DDVR application MARAC Referral IDVA Referral Emergency Accommodation Benefit claims Women and girls in BMER communities are experiencing multiple barriers in accessing VAWG services, BME specialist services are necessary to improve reach. Many experience various forms of violence including FGM, FM, HBV and dowry related violence. Many young girls are at significant risk. The extend and impact of these forms of violence are not fully understood/recognised by many main stream frontline practitioners therefore BME women’s needs are often poorly or inadequately responded to.

4 Case Study: Barriers to accessing services We found X a space in a shelter. The shelter had a curfew, X had to leave the hostel at 8 am until she could go back at 6 pm. She came to Imece and stayed with us between these times during the week. She had nowhere to go at weekends. Because she didn’t have any pocket money for her travel and meals we provided her with an oyster card and lunch. She was worried about UKBA DV Concession application as she didn’t have any chance to go back after she applied. After 48 hours her application was confirmed. We claimed welfare benefits for her as she didn’t have time to wait to be provided interpreter by the JC+ It is getting ever more difficult to find refuge space for women who do not speak English. Agencies have openly stated that they can not offer space. Sometimes it takes about two weeks to find a refuge space. Many women are not aware of their rights and entitlements. Very big number of women survivors have NRPF. New scheme for NRPF clients started on 1 st April which will be implemented by UKBA. No time limit on decision. Once agreed funds for 3 months to be applied to DWP by the survivor. Additional workload for refuge and women’s organisations.

5 Addressing barriers: Language Never use family members for interpretation. Check the dialect spoken by the client before arranging interpreters. Arrange a woman interpreter, or check the preference of your client. Have a brief meeting with interpreter before introducing them to survivor. In your brief, discuss confidentiality and check if interpreter knows the family. If survivor want to be accompanied during the interview, check if she understands full extend of the interview and impact of having a company. If she insists have a brief meeting with the accompanying person and establish a line of rules including confidentiality. At the beginning explain the roles of interpreter. Interpreters should not add their own information or opinions while interpreting the client. Allow more time for the process. Use telephone interpretation service of national Domestic Violence Helpline. Communications is not only a mutual language, try to comfort your survivor until interpreter arrives. Some forms of abuse do not have words to express them in certain cultures i.e. rape is defined as : ‘honour is being taken’. Try to deconstruct terms for better understanding.

6 Mental Health Impact Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Depression Anxiety Language Barrier Difficulties in Accessing Services Low Self Esteem Isolation

7 What do we do? Needs and Risk Assessment (Holistic) and developing safety plans Psychological Assessment 6-12 Sessions of Therapy/Group Therapy Variety of Therapeutic Approaches +Culturally Sensitive Psycho educative Workshops Empowering women in their own language.

8 Thank you! Ozlem Hangul- Isil Sansoy- IMECE Advice Line- 0207 354 1359

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