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Light your FIRE! State Committee of Kansas Farm Bureau Women.

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1 Light your FIRE! State Committee of Kansas Farm Bureau Women

2 Top 10 Reasons to have a Women’s Leadership Committee

3 1. The primary reason is to train women along with other women to develop leadership skills to serve the organization in a variety of roles.

4 According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture, what percentage of farm operators in the U.S. are women? 10% 30% 65% 50%

5 The total number of female principal operators increased by 29% between 2002 and 2007. True False

6 Which area of the U.S. has the lowest percentage of female principal operators? East South Midwest North

7 Women are more likely to be involved in cattle operations compared to grain production. True False

8 2) Women represent approximately half of the membership of the organization yet they hold a much lower percentage of leadership roles. Developing leadership skills with women will help to change that percentage.

9 What is the approximate average value of sales on female operated farms in the U.S.? $100,000 $1 million $37,000 $15,000

10 Approximately how much total land is managed by female principal operators in the U.S.? 2.3 million acres 15 acres 1 million acres

11 The states have the lowest percentages of women as principal operators are Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Alaska. True False

12 What percentage of farming operations have women as the principal operators, meaning they are in charge of day-to-day decisions for the farm or ranch? 32% 100% 14% 0%

13 3.Women have been identified through focus groups as more effective in communicating about agriculture than men. By focusing on working with women to help them develop communications skills, the organization will benefit.

14 The average size of a female operated farm is 210 acres. True False

15 The average value of products sold on all farms in the U.S. is $219,000. Comparatively, are women operated farms higher, lower or about the same, in the value of products sold? Higher Lower About the same

16 Out of the approximate 66,000 farms in Kansas, women operate approximately how many of these farms? 12,000 26,000 8,000 65,000

17 Men are more likely than women to operate farms classified as producing “other” crops or livestock. True False

18 4. Women enjoy being doers. Give a group of women a challenge and the tools they need, then get out of the way!

19 There are a little over 1 million reported Farm Operators who are women across the U.S. True False

20 In 2002, how many women principal operators had an annual value of sales of $500,000 or more? 250 2,100 2 80

21 In Kansas which age group has the largest percent of women principal operators? 25-34 years 35-44 years 45-54 years 55-64 years

22 About 4,500 of the women operated farms had sales of less than $1,000 annually. True False

23 5. In many cases, when a couple “ages out” of the YFR committee, the men may be quickly assigned to other roles in FB. That is not always the case for women. A women’s leadership committee provides that opportunity for women to continue their leadership development.

24 Approximately how many of the Kansas oilseed and grain farms are operated by women? 6,300 200 4,000 1,200

25 In what year was the first woman elected as a state director? 1850 1978 2001 1922

26 Who was responsible for creating the modern women’s organization known in Farm Bureau today? Ila Haflich Kailey Agriculture Hilary Clinton

27 The KFB board of directors has 13 members. How many of them are women? 1 3 6

28 6. Women’s committees are willing to tackle some programs that may make men uncomfortable, such as food safety, nutrition, farm safety and health issues.

29 KFB has 13 state committees with a total of 137 members. How many of these members are women? 20 35 50

30 The State KFB Women’s Committee program of work is approved by: KFB Women’s Committee KFB Board of Directors Minnie Mouse

31 Who selects the members of the appointed KFB state committees? KFB CEO District Directors with recommendation of District Board members. KFB President with the recommendation of District Board members.

32 Even though women were not eligible to vote in federal elections, KFB set out to give them an equal voice. True False

33 7. The family perspective that women bring to the table is invaluable to Farm Bureau, a family organization.

34 When was the first women’s committee appointed in Farm Bureau? 1919 1921 1935

35 Of the 105 counties in Kansas, how many women serve as county FB Presidents? 9 19 29

36 What is the average size of farms in Kansas that have women as the principal operator? 10,000 acres 1,200 acres 300 acres 2,300 acres

37 Who is the Kansas Woman who now serves on the American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee? Helen Norris Holly Higgins Edie Dahlsten

38 8. There is obviously a need for women to work with other women. Look in agriculture at the commodity women’s organizations and groups such as Agri-Women and WIFE. Outside agriculture, most professions have women’s organizations, i.e. Women in Law, American Association of University Women, etc. If the need were not there, these organizations would not exist.

39 KFB has 7 Ag advisory committees consisting of one delegate from each FB District. How many women serve on those appointed committees? 4 10 12

40 How many women have served American Farm Bureau as Chairs of Women’s Programs? 8 21 12

41 Approximately what percent of women principal operators live on the farm in Kansas? 52% 70% 12% 87%

42 All Farm Bureau women are invited to the National Women’s Leadership Conference to be held April 15-18, 2011. Where will that conference be held? Baltimore, Maryland Wichita, Kansas Washington DC

43 9. Women are great supporters of youth development and in many state and county women’s programs, they focus on poster contests, essay contests, youth ambassadors, scholarships, and more. If the women’s committee was not there to do that, it might not be done.

44 Name 2 programs in Farm Bureau designed to develop leadership in women. Kansas Farm Bureau County Leadership Conference AFB Communications Boot Camp (July, 2010) (brochures) Kansas Farm Bureau Annual meeting programs and exhibits National Women’s Leadership Conference (April 15-18, 2011) Serve on KFB State Committees CAPWIZ DIY programs Serve on County Boards

45 What are 2 of the program priorities that have been approved for the women’s committee? Empower Leaders Influence the Political Process Revitalize the Grassroots Speak Up for Agriculture

46 Women are invited to become involved in which of the following programs in Farm Bureau? Policy development and implementation Agricultural research and production Educating consumers and children about agriculture All of the above

47 In Kansas, approximately how many beef cattle ranches or farms are operated by women? 1,600 3,400 900 2,500

48 10. Women want to be involved in action programs such as Food Check-Out Week, Farm-City Week, and adopt a legislator. The opportunity should be provided to let that happen.

49 Who served as the catalyst in implementation of Food Check Out Day and the Ronald McDonald House partnership? Terry Gilbert, Chair of AFBF Women Linda Reinhardt, former chair of KFB and AFBF Women Holly Higgins, KFB Staff for women’s programs

50 Approximately how much total land is owned and how much total land is rented by women in the U.S.? 2.5 million owned, 5 million rented 1,200 owned, 2,000 rented 1.7 million owned, 600,000 rented

51 Tell two ways that women can be effective in influencing the political process. CAPWIZ FBACT E-mail members of Congress about issues Attend Day at the Statehouse Host local legislators for information meetings Write letters to the editor about issues affecting agriculture and communities Visit legislative offices Keep informed about current issues

52 County Women’s Committee

53 Committee Function To increase the involvement and leadership of women in fulfilling the mission of the Farm Bureau.

54 Committee Authority To schedule and plan a program of work within an approved budget, according to the by-laws of the county Farm Bureau.

55 Committee Member Responsibilities Attend scheduled women’s meetings and contribute to planning a program of work that increases involvement of women in accomplishing the mission of KFB. Provide leadership by serving as a role model and providing training opportunities to other women. Communicate with county Farm Bureau women’s committee members providing information concerning programs, training opportunities and other organizational activities Develop and implement special projects to accomplish the areas of focus for the committee

56 Committee Member Responsibilities (cont.) Promote women’s involvement in legislative issues Promote classroom and consumer education programs about agriculture Network with other agricultural organizations

57 Sizzling Committee Meetings Set date well in advance. Send draft agenda. Begin on time. Set time limits. Confirm all decisions. Record all actions. Adjourn on time.

58 Foolproof Board Reports Board goals/Strategic plan Minutes of committee meetings and list of activities Adequate preparation time

59 Foolproof Board Reports (con’t) Categorize items as “need to know” not “nice to know.” Report activities that are directly related to board goals. (Hint: tour’s meals, travel plans, etc. should not be included unless they relate directly to the goal). Be prepared to answer questions and provide further details.

60 Without Burning Out! Get Fired Up

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