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Caption: “I take great pleasure in introducing to you my newly-

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1 Caption: “I take great pleasure in introducing to you my newly-
adopted daughter.” Fat Dude’s Sash: Ohio Constitutional Convention Question 1: Why do you think the woman is introducing the man (the Ohio constitutional Convention) as her adopted daughter? Question 2: What do you think the dog is representing? How does this play into the women’s suffrage movement?

2 Oh hum It is the duty of everyman to see that his wife- Hi ho Should have equal rights at the ballot box and I hope that you- Hi um In favor of women suffrage will-will- Who started this anyways This is an appreciative audience I must say

3 Reclaiming Credit Caption: “Make Way”
Question One: Do you think this picture is showing women being more dominate? Question Two: What are they trying to “Make Way” for?

4 Snooty Booty Caption: Suffragettes who have never been kissed. Question One: Why do you think these women look the way they do? Question Two: Is this picture pro or anti suffrage? Explain.

5 Susan B. Anthony Cartoon
This cartoon shows Susan B. Anthony chasing after President Grover Cleveland By Charles Lewis Bartholomew between 1892 and 1896 “Susan B. Anthony” written on her collar, “Grover C” written on his hat, “Women’s Suffrage” on umbrella, “What I Know about Women’s Clubs” on his book

6 Temptation Cartoon From Life magazine, 1911 The key is labeled ”Power”
Around the building are the labels “National Government” “State Government” and “Municipal Government” The Sun is labeled “Woman’s Suffrage”



9 The unanswerable argument for suffrage.
Taft - Wilson - Roosevelt The cartoon was printed to represent the differences on suffrage between the presidential candidates of 1912. What do the animals in the background represent? How do the candidates facial expressions represent their feelings towards suffrage? The unanswerable argument for suffrage.

10 What is the significance of the men to women ratio?
This cartoon was printed to encourage the suffrage movement in Toronto. What is the significance of the men to women ratio? What is represented by the fact that the two men are running away holding hands? Mayor Oliver- “Wonder who told them we didn’t encourage the suffragette movement in Toronto?”

11 Growth of Woman's Votes Description: Progressively shows the number of states where woman had the right to vote from The first woman is a baby and the last woman is holding a briefcase. Question: How has the woman's image changed as she gains more states where she has the right to vote? Question: Why was it harder for women to gain the right to vote in more states in the beginning?

12 Wrapped up Woman Description: Woman is wrapped up before a fat man in a ribbon bearing these words; artificial limitations, customs, prejudice, vote-less, no financial control and no equality before the law. Question: What is the significance of the vote-less gag around the woman's mouth? Question: Which of these issues that the woman is wrapped in broke the seal of revolt?

13 Votes for Women Broadside

14 Election Day Comic

15 Anti Woman Suffrage Caption: “I did not raise my girl to be a voter.”
Man 1: Procurer Man 2: Dive keeper Man 3: Child Labor Employer Man 4: Grafter Man 5: Cadet Man 6: Sweat Shop Owner Man in Front: Political boss

16 Anti Woman Suffrage Who: W.A. Rogers Harpers weekly
What: “O save us, senators, from ourselves!” Where: New York When: Saturday, Feb Why: Anti Woman Suffrage (DUH!)

17 Pro suffrage Old age pension, temperance, wifeユs sisterユs bill, infant death rate, barmaids, poor law reform, religious education, factory legislation, cry of the children, free food ミ school children, peace proposals

18 Pro suffrage (across bandana) spirit of 1,000,000 women voters (on ropes) politics is no place for women

19 The Dirty Pool of Politics
Pro Suffrage Food Adulteration Bribery White Slavery Graft (corruption and bribery) The Dirty Pool of Politics

20 Anti Suffrage What, dinner’s not ready yet! What have you been doing? The one on the left is a man and on the right is his wife

21 Woman’s Suffrage cartoons
The woman standing up is wearing a pro suffrage sash. The one sitting down is wearing an anti-suffrage sash and holding a mirror that reads : “Prejudice” The one for pro suffrage is saying : “ Try this glass sister.” while handing her a mirror that reads : “Without prejudice”

22 Caption reads : “Woman. ‘Queen of the Home,’ say the Anti-Suffragists- Yes Queen of a Cook- Stove Throne.”

23 A petition from the Women’s Anti Suffrage Party of New York


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