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Kate Bojin Project Manager Phone: (416) 920-6684 ext. white ribbon.

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1 Kate Bojin Project Manager Phone: (416) 920-6684 ext. 13 Twitter: @Canada_NCoP @WhiteRibbon white ribbon

2 Introduction Critical we gage perspectives of women’s organizations in defining accountability Speaking from perspective of White Ribbon as a “male engagement organization” and not a women’s organization per se Need to keep up the momentum and action-based dialogue on accountability

3 Strategies Clear positioning and statements of support for survivors of GBV (not murky “smoke and mirrors” language of men’s rights groups) Social media support for women’s organizations (sharing women’s stories, feminist blogs, articles) Maintain focus on broader social justice as well as gender equality Intersectionality impacting one’s experience of gender (broader spectrum of masculinity vs. femininity) Giving clear statements that accountable practice with women’s organizations is critical

4 Strategies Ensure that diverse women’s voices (including trans women) and their experiences of violence are at the core of awareness raising events. Most recently held the What Makes a Man Conference (Nov. 2014). Numerous women-only panels, majority of women were moderators/facilitators, indigenous ceremony to begin the event

5 Practicing Accountability Individual level Male allies need to hold themselves to account for their own actions and behaviours White Ribbon aims to build spaces for men and boys to foster their personal accountability, and hold other men/boys to account Personal recognition that being an (accountable) ally is a long term process of reshaping male privilege and being cognizant of your space and voice

6 Practicing Accountability Organizational level Accountability within organizational partnerships Translating organizational accountability to everyday and interpersonal working relationships (application of formal policies/protocols) Gender equity within White Ribbon- female staff, board of directors, Female Chair of the Board Collaboration and partnerships with national women’s organizations (Alberta Council for Women’s Shelters, Chrysalis House Assoc., Les EssentiElles, Nova Vita Women’s Shelter, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada)

7 Practicing Accountability (Cont.) White Ribbon’s history of encouraging local campaigns to fundraise for women’s organizations Support of indigenous communities in addressing gender- based violence and recognition of the impact of systemic oppression on those communities (Examples: I Am a Kind Man; Western Shoshone communities in the Barrick project; inclusion of Aboriginal and gay/trans dads in fatherhood research). With the national community of practice, planning to develop a position paper focused on accountability ( organizational capacity building)

8 Practicing Accountability Movement Accountability Ensure equitable representation of women at high level panels and global conferences/events (for example, Men Engage Symposium in Delhi, Nov 2014). Accountability with women’s organizations, coalitions, networks as a global movement, specifically on: equitable partnerships (process and relationships), resource creation and joint projects, ensuring feminist and inclusive messaging with men and boys Accountability within men’s engagement organizations

9 Critical Considerations Working from a social justice and gender equality perspective, intersectionality (race, sexuality, ability, age) Policies/protocols to actual changes in everyday interactions and behaviours Authentic relationships with women’s groups and listening to diverse perspectives on fostering long-term accountable practice

10 Accountability: 5 R’s R elationship-building R eshaping power relations R espect at all levels of the partnership (formal/informal) R eflexive R isk mitigation

11 Call to Action Let’s keep the accountability dialogue going, whilst being grounded in enhancing our practice and collaborative work. Follow us on Twitter @whiteribbon, Facebook

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