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2009 Annual Report A Year in Review. Our Mission Women Helping Women serves Southwestern Ohio as a unique provider of crisis intervention and support.

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1 2009 Annual Report A Year in Review


3 Our Mission Women Helping Women serves Southwestern Ohio as a unique provider of crisis intervention and support services for direct and indirect survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. The agency also takes a leading role in educating the community to promote awareness and help prevent these types of abuse. Our Vision Taking an active role in empowering individuals and transforming our community. Table of Contents Missionpage 3 Board of Trusteespage 4 Program Descriptions/Accomplishmentspage 6 -8 Financial Informationpage 9 Donor Recognitionpage 10 -13 Corporate Supportpage 11 Foundation & In-kind Supportpage 11 Honorariums/Memorialspage 13 Staffpage 14 Contact Informationpage 16

4 2009 Board of Trustees Board Officers Elisabeth P. Hendy, President Stern Hendy Properties Susan E. Grathwohl, First Vice President Fifth Third Bank Joan Erhardt, Second Vice President Bertha Newton Street Consulting Susan M. Dyer, Treasurer Waldman, Pitcher & Co. Connie R. Cunningham, Secretary Community Volunteer Members at Large Catherine O. BradfordMarilyn J. Maag PNC Bank Porter Wright Morris Arthur LLP Kathy DavisSonia J. Myles Jeff Ruby’s Procter & Gamble Edward E. DohrmannMeeka D. Owens Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel, Inc. Macy’s Ellen W. Feld, M.D.Janet Steiner Associates in Women’s Health Physical Therapist Judy B. GreenPatricia J. Sweeney Community Volunteer Community Volunteer Doris M. HolzheimerMolly T. Tami Vintner Select Northern Kentucky University Juanita A. JohnsonJanine D. Wadsworth Union Institute and University Community Volunteer Gail S. LewinCaptain Thomas A. Johns Community Volunteer Cincinnati Police Department Honorary Board of Trustee Members Susan E. ArnoldRoxanne Qualls Procter & Gamble Cincinnati City Council


6 Program Description and Accomplishments In 2009, Women Helping Women served over 8,500 direct and indirect survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking, and provided education/prevention programs to over 4,500 individuals in Hamilton County. The US Department of Health and Human Services has identified two outcomes as empirically shown by research to lead to long-term results of increased safety and well-being for domestic violence survivors: developing a plan of action to deal with their crisis and knowledge of resources available to assist/protect them. We measure these and other outcomes as appropriate to document and track the impact of our programming. Our target for all outcome achievement is 85% of clients served. In 2009, 95% of clients served demonstrated knowledge of resources available to assist/protect them and 93% of clients served had developed a plan of action to deal with their crisis. Hotline Our hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide crisis intervention to sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking survivors. Hotline services include Language Line interpretation services for non-English speaking callers and TTY access for Deaf/Hard –of Hearing callers. Women Helping Women handled 5,373 hotline calls in 2009.95% of callers demonstrated knowledge of resources available and 93% developed a verbal plan of action to deal with their crisis. “Women Helping Women was helpful in every way. Thank you. “ – Client Hospital Accompaniment Women Helping Women and staff volunteers work around-the-clock to provide support to rape survivors in hospital emergency rooms. In 2009, we provided hospital accompaniment to 173 sexual assault survivors. “I’m so grateful you helped me and my husband understand what was going on.” - Client, Parent of Survivor

7 Court and Law Advocacy Women Helping Women staff and volunteers accompany sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking survivors to criminal and domestic relations court daily, providing advocacy, support and education. Women Helping Women advocates also serve these survivors during the investigation phase of cases involved with the Cincinnati Police Department. In 2009, we provided 534 court advocacy contacts and 494 law enforcement advocacy correspondence contacts. “Thank you so much for all your help. I’m excited to start my new life.” - Client Individual Crisis Intervention Staff provides help to survivors dealing with the immediate after-effects of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. In 2009, the agency provided 662 individual crisis intervention contacts. “Women Helping Women has been very helpful to me. Thanks a lot.” – Client Support Groups To help survivors cope with their feelings about experiencing sexual assault and/or domestic violence, Women Helping Women facilitates a number of support groups. These groups help survivors feel less isolated, enable them to share their experiences and feelings and provide them with strength and support to overcome their fears. In 2009, support group contacts totaled 1,900. Volunteers Volunteers are vital to the 24-hour operation of the agency. Following intensive training, our volunteers serve many roles including court advocates, answering the hotline, accompanying sexual assault survivors to the hospital, and help with community outreach/education. Volunteers are active as Board and committee members and provide clerical support. A group of over 100 volunteers provided more than 7,000 hours of service in 2009.

8 Community Outreach, Education and Professional Trainings Each year Women Helping Women receives many requests for community education presentations about the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. The agency also continues to be a crucial and reliable resource for the media regarding local, state and national issues involving domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. Ensuring that other professionals such as law enforcement officers, medical professionals, teachers and counselors, social workers know how to identify and respond appropriately improves the community’s response to survivors and increases their safety and support. A total of 38 speeches, 29 professional trainings and 17 informational table/booths reaching a total of more than 1,513 individuals were provided in 2009 to a variety of organizations including law enforcement departments, social service agencies, hospitals, clinics, drug treatment programs and church groups. Date Rape/Dating Violence Prevention Program Domestic/dating violence and sexual assault disproportionately affect youth; girls ages 16 to 19 are four more times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault ( National Crime Victims Survey, 2000), and women ages 16-24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate partner violence (US Department of Justice, 2001). Our school-based education prevention program provides junior and senior high school students and other at –risk adolescent groups the knowledge and skills to recognize, respond to, and prevent date rape/dating violence. In 2009, Women Helping Women served 1,935 adolescents. “This program really helped me realize how to know what is healthy and unhealthy, and the relationships I will have in the future will help me see if it’s going okay.” “I’ve learned more about my rights and more about what is considered rape.”

9 Financial Information

10 Donor Recognition We would like to recognize the following individuals, corporations and foundations who made a financial contribution to Women Helping Women from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009. We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support. Every effort has been made to include all donors. If we have inadvertently omitted your name, we humbly apologize. Please contact the Development Office and we will rectify the situation in our next Annual Report. DIRECTORS CIRCLE (Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999) Miriam H. Stern Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation Estate of Edith May Hill AMBASSADOR (Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999) Anonymous Ms. Linda E. Lauch CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499) Anonymous Dr. Evelyn C. Joseph & Mr. William D. Borek Harvey C. Hubbell Trust Maria C. Blake, Ph.D. & Melvin R. Stampe Molly and Tom Tami Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hendy Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morris Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rouse Mr. and Mrs. James Cochran Mr. H. David Diebel III Mr. James Borgman and Ms. Suzanne Soled Ms. Betty Huck and Mr. Bob Stothfang Ms. Judith B. Green and Mr. Tom McDonough Ms. June E. Gaub Ms. Susan E. Grathwohl Ms. Susan Marmo Ms. Peggy Shannon The David F. and Sara K. Weston Fund ADVOCATE (Gifts of $500 - $999) Mr. and Mrs. David Alarie Kathy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dohrmann Mr. and Mrs. John Pepper Mr. and Mrs. Lee Schimberg Mr. and Mrs. Lou Rauh Mr. Douglas Linz and Ms. Deborah Middaugh Mr. Drew G. Engel Mr. Gareth Hudson Mr. Tom Schiff Mrs. Carolyn S. Kite Mrs. Janet Steiner Ms. Arleene Keller Ms. Doris M. Holzheimer & Mr. Gordon C. Hullar Ms. Harriet F. Smith Ms. Marilyn Maag Ms. Mary Henkel & Mr. Patrick Larkin Ms. Patricia J. Sweeney Ms. Doreen Quinn Gifts under $500 Anonymous Ms. Christine Adams Mr. Barry S. Adamson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Allen Ms. Perriann Allen Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banks Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Beebe Mr. Adam G. Bender Ms. Annie Bennett Mr. and Mrs. David Beran Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Berenfield Mr. and Mrs. Tim Berghoff Mr. Michael Berry Drs. Elaine and David Billmire Ms. Rozlyn Bleznick Ms. Joyce Borkin Ms. Jan Boylan Ms. Catherine Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Todd Braff Ms. Jennifer Branch Mr. and Mrs. George Brinkman Ms. Francis May Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bryson Mr. and Mrs. Tim Burke Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Caldwell Mr. Paul B. Calico Ms. Bonnie G. Camden Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carter Ms. Julie Dwyer Casey Mr. Les Chard and Ms. Diane Engber Ms. Mary Sue Cheeseman Drs. Louis and Kathy Claybon Ms. Dorie Comer Ms. Mary L. Corley Ms. Paige Craig Ms. Connie Cunningham Ralph B. Davidow Trust Ms. Trisha DeHall Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Derge Jr. Ms. Marion DiFalco Ms. Kelly DiNardo Ms. Jean C. Drach Mrs. Ellen Dunsker Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dwyer Mr. Maurice Dwyer Ms. Sue Dyer Mrs. Carol Eilerman Ms. Katharine Elliott Ms. Connie Elsaesser Ms. Joan Erhardt Ms. Linda B. Fabe Dr. Ellen Feld Ms. Barbara A. Feldmann Chief and Mrs. Eugene Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. John Fillion Kendall Fisher Mr. Daniel J. Fitzsimmons Dr. and Mrs. Richard Freiberg

11 The Friedlander Family Fund Mrs. Nancy L. Fultz Ms. Ginger Gandy and Ms. Pam Jacobson Ms. Mary Gerson Ms. Shelly Shor Gerson Ms. Pam Gibbs Ms. Marcheta Gillam and Mr. Joe Feldhaus Ms. Carole V. Giuliani Ms. Elizabeth D. Goldsmith Ms. Nancy Goldberg Ms. Nancy Goldstein-Levine Ms. Arlene Golembiewski Mr. and Mrs. David Greenfield Dr. and Mrs. Fred Haffner The Honorable Deidra L. Hair Ms. Jennifer T. Harrison Dr. Rae E. Hartman, M.D. Mr. Bruce Heyman Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hoguet Rev. Jean L. Holmes Hope in Heels Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. Bob Besse Mr. William Hoven International Theme Park Service, Inc. J & R Coordinating Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Johann Dr. Evelyn C. Joseph & Mr. William D. Borek Thomas Kalin, Ph.D. Mr. Scott E. Knox Ms. Carol Lawrence Ms. M. Ann Leech Dr. Bradley M. Lemberg Dr. and Mrs. Phil Lichtenstein Dr. Jennifer Loggie Dr. Jim Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mattingly Mr. Andrew Ulmer and Ms. Bobbie McTurner Mr. Alvin Meisel Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Miller Mr. Joel K. Monteith & Mrs. Barbara S. Mustoe- Monteith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Moorman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran Ms. Christine S. Moran Ms. Jean Morton Mrs. Marjorie Motch Ms. Beth S. Neman Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Newmark Judge John P. O'Connor Mrs. Juanita Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Randy Olson Ms. Meeka D. Owens Mr. and Mrs. Morrie Passer Mr. and Mrs. Burton W. Perlman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pharo Mr. Rob Pope Ms. Michelle L. and Ms. Susan L. Raab Ms. Karen P. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Ron Reitz Linda Rhyne, PhD Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riley Ms. Ann Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Robertson Ms. Jeanne Rolfes Mr. and Mrs. Tony G. Russo Ms. Mary D. Schweitzer Ms. Carol J. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Shea Mr. John B. Shea III Ms. Beth Silverman Ms. Genevieve H. Smith Ms. Jane Smith Mrs. Cheryl D. Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Steger Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stegman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stern Mrs. Bobbie Sterne Mr. and Mrs. Don Stites Mr. and Mrs. William V. Strauss Mrs. Laurie Strunk Ms. Kitty Tallarico Fumiko and Shiro I. Tanaka Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thaman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tobias Ms. Janet G. Todd Ms. Heidi Toelke Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Thomas Mrs. Dee Vannelli Ms. Janine Wadsworth Ms. Courtney Walton Mr. Anthony Weber Ms. Kathy Weimann Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Welham Rev. Gail Wells Dr. and Mrs. James Willis Mrs. Laurie Strunk Ms. Kitty Tallarico Corporations & Organizations U/C VDAY Abbott Laboratories Beta Rho Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Cincinnati Arts Studio Cincinnati International Wine Festival, Inc. Citi Diane Iseman & Assoc. GRC Wireless, Inc./Shelter Alliance Fund Laureate Delta Mu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Liberty Mutual Monti, Incorporated Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church Peter J. McKenna, M.D. Pleasant Run Presbyterian Church Women's Association Regency Beauty Institute Roto-Rooter Services Co. Sillis Construction, LLC. SS&G Statman, Harris & Eyrich, LLC The Exchange Club of Western Hills UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Fund Wagon Wheels Women's Club Watson Research, Ltd. Diane Nagy and Wing Eyecare Foundations Cincinnati Bar Foundation Franklin A. Klaine and Janet S. Klaine Family Foundation Junior Woman's Club of Wyoming Foundation Mr. Robert J. Crosset Jr. Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank Trustee The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Hiale, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation The Spaulding Foundation

12 Pic's Produce Plitt Seafood Prestige Ausio & Visual Creative Services Red Bull RNDC-USA Rob Schuster Illustration & Design Ross, Sinclaire & Associates, LLC Seligman Southern Wine Strauss & Troy Superior Linens Sysco Foods The BMW StoreApi Printing Api Printing The Plastic Surgery Group Wells Fargo WGRR Dwaine Luna WRRM Warm 98 Radio - Bobbi Maxwell & Jodi Franks Zipscene Sunday Salon Sponsors Avon Products, Inc. Bramkamp Printing Cincinnati Bell Duke Energy Shared Services, Inc. Haire Bohmer Wealth Management Group, LLC Mangat-Kuy-Holzapfel Plastic Surgery NVE Creative Peter J. McKenna, M.D. Ritter Daniher Financial Advisory, LLC Sunday Salon Speakers The Adagio Trio Stephen Birmingham Jacqueline Burris Paul Daugherty Greg Hardman Rita Nader Heikenfeld Curtis Heuser Lisa Cooper Holmes Doris Holzheimer and Gordon Hullar Erich Kunzel r. Terri L. Roth Michele and Randy Sandler Sonja Stratman Lawrence Suer Judith Van Ginkel George Vredeveld Sunday Salon Host/Hostesses Bev Bredenfoerder Steve Cox Liz and Brian Donnan Marilyn Harris Curtis Heuser Carolyn and Jim Kite Philip and Barbara Lichtenstein Mamie and Bob Maxwell Sandy Meyer Jane Miller Mary and William Moran Moe and Jack Rouse Michele and Randy Midge Selonick Nancy and Howard Starnbach The Symphony Hotel Donna and Roger Weddle Barbara and Jay Wittenbaum Barbara Wriston-Ruddy LUTN Corporate Sponsors Marilyn & Martin Wade Beers Business Forms Bootsy's produced by Jeff Ruby Chef Jeremy Lieb Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co. CincyChic City Beat Connie Duglin Specialty Goodwin Lighting Heidelberg John Morrell Kreutzer & Dorl Florists Linen & Chair Cover Rental National City - now a part of PNC Northern Kentucky Water District Pepsi Americas LUTN Individual Sponsors Mary Armor Allison Banzhaf Evelyn Banzhaf McCord Catherine Bradford Wendy & Tom Braff Jacki &Gary Bryson Melissa Camp Mary Sue Cheeseman Paige Craig Kathy Davis H. David Diebel III Sue Dyer Joan Erhardt Martha Feller Elizabeth Fiore June Gaub Sue Grathwohl Kathy Grote Susan Grote Jane M. Grote Judie Guttadauro Betsy & Dave Hendy Mary C. Henkel & Patrick Larkin Betsy Hodges Doris M. Holzheimer & Gordon C. Hullar Marianne F. Ivey Jim & Carolyn Kite Buddy LaRosa Sheriff Simon Leis, Jr. Gail S. Lewin Diane Pelzer Roxanne Qualls Mary Ran RNDC_General of Ohio Jeanne Rolfes Lois & Richard Rosenthal Melody Sawyer Richardson Fred & Sherry Steinbeck Janet Steiner Patricia Sweeney Tom & Molly Tami Dr. Jim Mahon, The Compass Group Barbara & Tom Tobias Wenday & Randy Travis Deidre Trefzger

13 Tributes & Memorials In Honor of Roxanne Qualls Cincinnati Bar Association, Lisa McPherson Julie Koenig Joan M. Couden Connie Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. William Culp Doris Holzheimer Jean Ellis Erin K. Carman Melanie Garner Elaine Plummer Allan D. Koptish Gregory & Judy Miller Jessica Pardue Janet Palm & Kenneth Reed Kenneth & Lois Keiser Reed Rosemary Bloom Mr. & Mrs. James Salinger Sara St. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Tom St. Martin Herbert Haas 60 th Birthday Dr. Alan Tarshis Emily Wernert Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wernet In Memory of Margaret Allen Ms. Bonnie Hill Ann E. Berry Groh Ms. Kathy Beimensche Ms. Elizabeth Binder Werner Mrs. Joyce Bowman Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Burger Mr. & Mrs. Dan Erhart Mr. & Mrs. Bill German Mr. & Mrs. Jim Gerst Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gutekunst Hartco, Inc. Mr. Robert Jaspers & Family Mrs. Betty Jaspers Mr. & Mrs. Ted Jaspers Mrs. Monica Kleimeyer Mr. & Mrs. Mac McGranahan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mella Jeanne F. Rueve & Family Mr. & Mrs. Pat Weber Kelly Dwyer Ms. Rosie Kennedy Henry Goodson Judge Norbert Nadel Mike & Kathy Greco Phil & Pat Seuberling Juanita Holzheimer Ms. Ruth Ann Bumiller Phyllis Levison Ms. Midge Selonick Margo Locaputo Mr. John J. Locaputo Virginia (Ginny) Mack Sisters of Charity, Sr. Ruth Bockenstette, Sr. Victoria M. Forde Nancy Minson Ms. Sarah Gideonse Dolly Nurre Ms. Gael T. Fischer Eileen S. Pressler Ms. Barbara Schenck Gregory D. Taylor Ms. Rachel Stone Lori Wacksman-Martin Ms. Heather Rae Byer

14 2010 Staff Listing Kendall Fisher Executive Director Monica Cox Administrative Assistant Cordelia Schaber Finance Director Staci Walling Accounting Assistant Pat Seuberling Development Director Paige Craig Development Associate Ashley Rouster Education and Outreach Supervisor Brooke Trusty School and Community Educator Leah Holland Direct Service Supervisor Cassie Appleman Law Enforcement Advocate Jerry Heidel Law Enforcement Advocate Reneen Mincy Legal Aid Advocate Peggy Caldwell Personal Crimes Unit Advocate Bonnie Weaver Prosecutor’s Office Advocate Yvonne Chambers Crisis Intervention Specialist Bahar Hanjani Crisis Intervention Specialist Christy McGovern Crisis Intervention Specialist Lynse Blood After Hour Advocate Frances May Brooks After Hour Advocate Monica Hamilton After Hour Advocate Samantha Herstol After Hour Advocate Kristina Jolly After Hour Advocate Elizabeth McCarty After Hour Advocate Jessica Pardue After Hour Advocate Becky Zaugg After Hour Advocate


16 Community Law Center BuildingPhone: 513-977-5541 215 East Ninth Street, 7 th FloorFax: 513-977-5544 Cincinnati, OH Annual Report 2009 A Year in Review

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