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Orientation Game Design Contest to promote gender awareness Gender? What is it?

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1 Orientation Game Design Contest to promote gender awareness Gender? What is it?

2 What do you think? Agree or disagree? Women are beautiful like flowers.

3 What do you think? Agree or disagree? Women can be as good engineers as men

4 What do you think? Agree or disagree? Men can take care of babies as well as women.

5 What do you think? Agree or disagree? Men are the elephant’s front legs and women are its hind legs.

6 What do you think? Agree or disagree? What determines your views about the above sentences? Your own value judgment? Your teachers’ and parents’ teaching? The cultural tradition?

7 Are women and men born to be different? Sex vs. Gender

8 What is Sex? Biological differences between females and males

9 What is Sex? Examples: Female have XX chromosome, while males have XY chromosome Females have vagina, while males have penis Females could bear babies

10 What is Gender? Socio-cultural differences between women and men the roles (mother/father, husband/wife) characteristics (values, personality traits, behaviours, attitudes and interests) in different societal institutions (the family, schools, workplaces and governments).

11 What is Gender? When you say that you are a man/woman, what are you actually implying? What should be your job? Should you be a nurse? What should be your hobbies? Should you go rock-climbing? What should be your character? Should you be emotional? What should your wear? Should you wear pink?

12 What is Gender? Gender roles and characteristics: learned and transmitted through socialisation; changeable over time; and have wide variations both within and between societies and cultures.

13 Socialisation of Gender Socialisation is the process which an individual acquire, through interaction with other people, the knowledge about various attitudes, values, behaviours, roles, social and cultural skills It is the process which we become self-conscious, knowledgeable and skillful so that we could live our lives under a specific environment. This process is at work continuously through all phases of our lives, especially when we move in a new environment.

14 Socialisation of Gender During the socialisation process, the following parties play an important part in shaping your concepts about gender :- Family Friends School Education Working Environment Media

15 Socialisation of Gender Think about the following:- What is the meaning of your name? Who tells you what kind of toys you should have for your birthday? Why did you choose your major subject in University? Why are you assigned your tasks at the Christmas party at your workplace? Who tells you what body figure you should have?

16 Myths and Facts about Gender Myth: Women are weaker than men. Fact: Leg strength relative to the individual’s lean body weight is equal for men and women Men have faster neuro-muscular response time: great force production Women have a greater portion of shored elastic energy than men during activities in which muscle is pre-stretched, e.g. counter movement prior to jumping.

17 Myths and Facts about Gender Myth: After getting married, women do not need to work. Fact: In Hong Kong, women constitutes 44% of the labour force. Their labour participation rate is 52%. Of those people who are heavily involved in housework, 80% were women. Women homemakers spent 6.8 hours a day on housework, women with dual role spent 3 hours, while men spent 1.1 hours on average.

18 Myths and Facts about Gender Myth: Women are worse in decision-maker than men. Fact: In the HKSAR Government, women constitutes 7 among the 17 Permanent Secretaries, the most senior officials in the civil service,. In the administrative officers grade, which is a corps of multi-skilled professional administrators who form the backbone of the government's policy, 53.4 % were women. Of all the top/ senior management positions in private and non-government sector in Hong Kong, women are now holding about a quarter (26%) of them.

19 What is Gender Stereotyping? Gender Stereotyping emerges when pre- conceived ideas about one sex are applied indiscriminately without considering any personal, social and cultural factors. For example: "Men are aggressive while women are emotional".

20 Proliferation of Gender Stereotyping in our daily life Have you ever:- 1. made use of women's body and /or portraying women as sex objects to draw other people’s attention? 2. made fun of women's body or their particular parts? 3. associated certain ability, like analytical skills and physical strength, to a specific sex? 4. confined certain family roles, like breadwinner and housekeeper, and occupations, like nurse and engineer, to a specific sex?

21 Who are the Women in Hong Kong?

22 Life Expectancy Female: 84.3 Male: 78.5 Labour Force Population Female: 1.6 million (44%) Male: 2.0 million (56%) Total: around 3.6 million

23 Who are the Women in Hong Kong? Percentage of Female Students in Universities in 2002/03 Female: 16,300 (55%) Male: 13,089 (45%) Total: 29,389

24 Who are the Women in Hong Kong? Education Choice of subjects Female dominatingMale dominating Arts & Humanities 76.0% Engineering and Technology 72.4% Education 74.2%Sciences 61.9% Social Sciences 65.1%

25 Who are the Women in Hong Kong? Public Life and Decision Making Members in Legislative Council Female: 11 Male: 49 Members in District Councils Female: 90 Male: 412 Members in Government Advisory and Statutory Boards Female: 1,357 (23.4%) Male: 4,434 (76.6%)

26 Who are the Women in Hong Kong? Women’s Roles in the Family Sharing of Housework Responsible for 20% and less Female: 36.2% Male: 68.3% Time Spent on Unpaid Activities Female: 3.3hrs Male: 1.1hrs

27 Some questions for thought

28 Have you ever felt uncomfortable during certain games/activities in the O Camps because of some sex- related elements?

29 When you are planning for the coming O-camp, will you like to make some changes to these games/activities?

30 Will you like to design an orientation game to promote gender awareness among participants ?

31 Act Now! Come and join the Orientation Game Design Contest!

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