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UN Women & P4P P4P Annual Consultations 29 th – 30 th January, 2013 - Rome.

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1 UN Women & P4P P4P Annual Consultations 29 th – 30 th January, 2013 - Rome

2 Our Partnership with P4P Forthcoming strategic planning cycle provides a great opportunity to UN- Women and WFP for mutual engagement to systematize and strengthen partnership and synergies in all relevant areas, including the P4P; UN-Women plays a key role in supporting the advancement of P4P gender mainstreaming goals; Within the framework of various MoUs, the two agencies are working closely to mainstream gender in several countries across the globe.

3 What has worked well? UN/Government of Liberia Joint Programme for Food Security and Nutrition (2008-2012): UN Women provided organizational and business development, and capacity strengthening to women’s farming groups. Highly performing women’s cooperatives are then connected to the WFP P4P Programme to sell their produce; Ghana, Mozambique: Gender assessment completed – next step: convene a workshop bringing together national stakeholders to implement the gender action plan; Rwanda: UN Women through its Programme on Enhancing gender responsive service delivery in the agriculture sector works in partnership with WFP through the P4P to ensure that gender is mainstreamed in the P4P; Honduras: UN Women worked with P4P in developing a gender strategy, and supports various gender mainstreaming activities

4 Looking Forward Nicaragua: P4P is in conversation with UN Women to explore and identify possible areas for common work; South Sudan: P4P established contact with UN Women in the third quarter of 2012 to explore partnership opportunities UN Women is currently strengthening its regional architecture and will be able to leverage its partnership with P4P in more countries

5 Pilot Countries: Ethiopia Guatemala Liberia Nepal Niger Kyrgyzstan Rwanda Overview: 5-years joint programme aimed at economically empowering rural women; Expected to generate synergies that capitalize on each agency’s mandate, comparative advantage and institutional strength to generate wider scale improvements in the livelihoods and rights of rural women; P4P selected as a main criteria for the selection of pilot countries in the RWEE joint programme; Support women POs to address their supply side constrains including their transport capacity so that they can procure agricultural products within the framework of the P4P programme and access market opportunities. UN Women Communications Strategy

6 Thank you Contact: Tacko Ndiaye Policy Adviser on Economic Empowerment UN Women 220 East 42 nd Street, 18 th floor New York, NY 10017 Tel: +1 646 781 4451 Email:

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