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Women’s History Month Presentation

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1 Women’s History Month Presentation
[Your Name] [Your Teacher’s Name] [Your School] [Your Grade] Women’s History Month Presentation

2 Introduction State the significance of Women’s History Month
Tell what Women’s History Month means to you

3 Overview Give a brief overview of what you’ll cover in your presentation

4 History Make a timeline of the important historical events
Name of Event 1 Name of Event 2 Name of Event 3 Name of Event 4 Name of Event 5 Name of Event 6 1st Date 2nd Date 3rd Date 4th Date 5th Date 6th Date Description of Event

5 Interesting Facts List some interesting facts about Women’s History Month

6 Women’s History Leaders
Choose three leaders in women’s history and discuss their lives and accomplishments

7 Arts and Literature Provide examples of art and literature that are significant to Women’s History Month

8 How We Celebrate List some ways we celebrate Women’s History Month around the nation

9 Conclusion Provide a brief summary of your presentation

10 Questions & Answers Invite questions from the audience

11 Resources List the resources you used for your research

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