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Career Options for Women’s Studies Majors Amy Hoag The Career Center

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1 Career Options for Women’s Studies Majors Amy Hoag The Career Center

2 Agenda  Majors and Careers; The Truth About Your Future  Marketing Your Major to Employers  What Can You Do With Your Major?  “Experience” Your Future; Internships and Jobs

3 You Majored in What? Match the Major to Career  Sociology  English  Chemistry  Kinesiology  Math  Women’s Studies  Anthropology  Director for Risk Management/Trading  Head Women’s Basketball Coach  Director of Conference and Event Services  Technical Account Manager  VP for Global Operations  Marketing Assistant  Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

4 Transferable Skills

5 Transferable Skills – Skills that are transferable from one experience to the next. Communication SkillsCritical Thinking SkillsLeadership SkillsTeamwork SkillsInterpersonal SkillsCreativity and Innovation

6 1. Analytical Skills 2. Communication Skills - verbal and written 3. Computer Skills 4. Creativity 5. Detail-Oriented 6. Entrepreneurial Skills/Risk-Taker 7. Flexibility/Adaptability 8. Motivation/initiative 9. Honesty/Integrity 10. Interpersonal Skills 11. Leadership/Management Skills 12. Motivation/Initiative 13. Organizational and Time Management Skills 14. Real Life Experiences 15. Self-Confidence 16. Strong Work Ethic 17. Tactfulness 18. Teamwork Skills 19. Technical Skills 20. Well-mannered/Polite The Top 20 Skills Employers Seek in Candidates (NACE, 2007)

7 Communication Skills How has your major helped you develop these skills?  Confident oral presentation skills.  Creating and presenting ideas in front of a class provides the opportunity to develop your presentation skills.  Effective writing skills.  Writing powerful essays and reports that highlight the achievements of women will allow you to hone your writing skills while developing the ability to compose and edit complex documents.

8 Communication Skills Where else have you developed these skills through your experiences at U of M?

9 Critical Thinking Skills How has your major helped you develop these skills?  Women’s studies students gain the ability to solve problems and think creatively about potential solutions.  You will learn from the work of influential thinkers throughout history.  Then, you will learn how to apply theory to practice to identify new solutions to complex social issues.

10 Critical Thinking Skills Where else have you developed these skills through your experiences at U of M?

11 The Bottom Line  Employers are interested in Women’s Studies majors for the skills sets you develop both in and outside of the classroom!  Employers value your skills, passion and interests, regardless of the specific major you choose.  You are employable and have a world of opportunity available to you!

12 Know Yourself

13 Assessing Your Skills Communication Skills Research Innovation and Ideas Teamwork Solving Complex Problems Analyzing Data

14 Assessing Your Interests Community Improvement Research Leadership and Persuasion Data and Analysis Artistic Expression Women’s Health

15 Assessing Your Values Community Improvement Wealth AutonomyCuriosity Organization and Accuracy Aesthetics

16 Exploring Your Career Options – Let’s Brainstorm Realistic Hands-on Building/Fixing Mechanical and likes to use tools Enjoy nature and the outdoors Enjoy physical activity including sports and athletics Investigative Enjoy figuring out how things work and why Enjoy using science and math to analyze and solve problems Enjoy theory and research Artistic Enjoy art, design, creativity and self expression Often imaginative and original Social Enjoy helping others Enjoy working in groups Have idealistic values or assisting, coaching or empowering others Enterprising Enjoy leading and persuading others Often value status and wealth Tend to be competitive and are excited about taking risks Conventional Enjoy organizing numbers and information Enjoy working with computers and data Value accuracy, dependability, and stability

17 Exploring Your Career Options Realistic Detective FBI Agent Forensics Coach Outdoor Education Director Athletic Director Investigative Health Researcher Social Scientist University Professor Biologist Geneticist Anthropologist Artistic Artist Publisher Writer Designer Media/Journalism Attorney Public Affairs or Public Relations Advertising Social Teacher Counselor Social Worker Non-profit Director Occupational Therapist Midwife Doctor Health Educator Chiropractor OBGYN Grant Writer Advocacy Government Human Resources Enterprising Small business owner Management Buyer Fundraising/Developmen t Sales Marketing Business Analyst Public Official Conventional Web designer Loan Officer Financial Planner Data manager Archivist or Curator

18 Facts about U of M Women’s Studies Majors…  Based on 2007-2008 follow up data for graduating WS seniors:  94% were employed or in graduate programs 6 months after graduation  50% were employed in meaningful work experiences (80% indicated their position had clear career potential)  44% continued their education  Most common fields of employment were Education, Health Care, Non-Profit, and Law/Paralegal  Most common locations for employment were Michigan, New York, California and Chicago  Average salary was $25,000-$35,000/year  Of the successfully employed, 76% began their job search 3-6+ months before graduation and 67% had at least one internship

19 More Facts about U of M Women’s Studies Majors…  Of those continuing their education, 57% are pursuing Master’s programs, 29% are in professional programs (Medical/Law), 7% are in Ph.D. programs and 7% are completing a second Bachelor’s degree  Most common graduate programs for students continuing their education include Law, Public Health, Education, Social Work, and Nursing

20 Exploring Your Job/Internship Opportunities Career Center Resources  Career Center website ( )  Explore career paths (  Explore jobs/internships (Career Center Connector and other industry/employer/networking websites)  Sample internships/jobs posted include…  Children’s Rights Law Intern, New York  League of Women Voters Intern, Washington DC  American Red Cross: Public Relations Intern, MI  U of M Depression Center: Communications Intern, MI  Acumen LLC: Research Analyst/Writer, CA  American Lung Association: Program Coordinator, MI  Mew York City District Attorney’s Office: Paralegal, NY  Prepare resumes, cover letters and practice Interviews (Optimal)  Job and Graduate School Fairs  Graduate School Information Fair, Law Day, Medical School Information Fair, Non-Profit Career Expo, Government Career Fair, Multicultural Career Fair, Internship Fair, Job Fair, etc.

21 Questions? Amy Hoag Assistant Director, Counseling and Advising Services The Career Center

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