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2 STUDY SKILLS Pay attention in class Take good notes

3 Keep an organised notebook Ask questions in class

4 Plan a definite study time Don’t cram for hours the and place for each day night before a test or exam

5 INDEPENDENT LEARNERS The following are characteristics of a successful student. Develop these in yourself Ask questions Discuss topics with your peers If you don’t understand something, speak up

6 ‘Ideas are funny things, they don’t work unless you do’
You are responsible for your own learning ‘Ideas are funny things, they don’t work unless you do’

7 STUDY TIMETABLE Study sessions just don’t happen when you feel like doing them. They need to be scheduled on an organised timetable.

8 SOME TIPS Don’t study after 11.00pm
Divide time equally between subjects Put a copy of your exam timetable somewhere to keep parents informed Revise your study timetable – things change Stick to it ! “Well done is better than well said”


10 Afrikaans and Zulu Translation and remembering rules are key factors in passing these extensive subjects.




Are all abstract subjects. Learn to read all content and analyse before applying what you have learnt. They are pure science subjects that are intense and require plenty, plenty and plenty of practise!

15 STUDY SESSIONS How do you study? What are you supposed to do?
Study has 3 parts (O; A; R) Organising subject matter efficiently Getting work and assignments in advance Researching and revising work for exams

16 Don’t make study sessions too long
Drink some water before you start Break tasks down into smaller manageable ones Do daily summaries of work covered in class in your own words under Main Points

17 You can also use travel time to and from school for
Planning Listening to recorded summaries or points on an MP3 player Then when you arrive home, it is much easier to get down to study You are psyched up Your purpose and task are set You can apply yourself immediately

18 COUNTDOWN to the EXAMS In the run up to your exams, you must adopt a more disciplined attitude Your performance in the exam is vital to your success Look at them positively as an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding

19 Social Life : Put this on hold Give up parties, nights out etc. Plan your rewards you will give yourself after the exams Exercise : Walk or jog daily to reduce the pressure It clears the mind and encourages positive thoughts

20 Distractions : Eliminate noise
Organise for friends to call at an agreed time

21 Remembering -Listen to study tapes Read over notes - Plan and revise

22 The key is to study actively :
Test yourself Take notes Don’t just read ‘ Many drops fill the bucket ‘

23 EXAM PREPARATION The secrets to success:
Have genuine faith in your preparation Don’t leave anything to chance Know exactly what is required for each exam Understand each subject Quiz your teachers Know your exam format Multiple choice Short answer Essays

24 EXAM PREPARATION Around the house put up lists of Key facts Formulae
Quotes Examples Recite them aloud when you see them Do past papers under exam conditions Identify areas of weakness and address them Become comfortable with the vocabulary used Perfect the pace you must work at Your timing is critical

25 ‘ When only the best will do ‘
EXAM PREPARATION Test your knowledge and understanding Discuss it, explain it Justify it with friends Question each other List any improvements needed Work through them systematically Retest your knowledge Be thorough and focused – have a Study Timetable in your study area ‘ When only the best will do ‘

26 EXAM TECHNIQUE Understanding Instructions
On the front cover of the exam paper are instructions Read them Understand them Know what questions to do Where to put your answers

27 EXAM TECHNIQUE Reading Time Read the paper through Plan your approach
Identify questions you can do immediately Put the questions in the order you wish to do them Don’t work out answers Your confidence will build with more difficult questions

28 EXAM TECHNIQUE The Exam itself Start on straight forward questions
Don’t dwell on those you can’t do Move on On multiple choice questions Eliminate those answers you think are incorrect Beware of careless mistakes Plan your answers Draw big, clear and accurate diagrams

29 ‘ You make your own luck’
EXAM TECHNIQUE The magic word in exams is Not fast Not slow But consistently and persistently ‘ You make your own luck’

30 EXAM TIME Put a copy of your Exam Timetable in a place where your family can double check times and dates Take a bottle of water to the exam Arrive in plenty time before the exam Don’t listen to music beforehand – the songs will play on your mind Have a watch and the necessary equipment Be relaxed and focused – your preparation has you ready for your exam

31 ‘ Achievement is a habit – work on it ‘
Use reading time effectively Underline / highlight key words and phrases Do plans - do they address the questions? Make sure that you have filled in all the details Stay alert – don’t daydream Don’t panic if short on time – note the main points If you finish early, check your work thoroughly Never leave early Write neatly and legibly ‘ Achievement is a habit – work on it ‘

32 EXAM STRESS … and how to beat it
Revision Notes Exam Timetable

33 Remember Remember it is important to eat and sleep well
Put yourself first – it is an important time for you – try to talk to family about how they can make studying a little easier for you, e.g. by agreeing times when you can have your own space, when they will try to be a bit quieter around the house and when you would rather not be disturbed DON’T REVISE ALL THE TIME – TAKE BREAKS AND DO THINGS YOU ENJOY AND HELP YOU RELAX

34 Brain Foods Wholegrain Oily fish Blueberries

35 More Brain Foods Baby tomatoes Blackcurrants Pumpkin seeds

36 And more… Vitamins Broccoli Nuts

37 PREPARE for the BIG DAY CHECK … Have a good breakfast
Give yourself plenty of time to get to the exam room Make sure you know where the exam is being held Take everything you need – pens, pencils, water, anything else? Go to the toilet before the exam starts

38 Show us what you’re capable of Wendywood ,this June!


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