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Revision Officer Training. Washrooms Emergency Exit Forms Refreshments Questions Housekeeping.

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1 Revision Officer Training

2 Washrooms Emergency Exit Forms Refreshments Questions Housekeeping

3 Revision Officer Oath “I, ______________ (your name), solemnly affirm that I will: Act faithfully in the capacity set out in my appointment, and perform all the duties required by law; Maintain and aid in maintaining the secrecy of voting; Not interfere or attempt to interfere with an elector when he/she is casting a ballot, obtain or communicate any information as to how an elector is about to vote or has voted, or directly or indirectly induce an elector to show her/his marked ballot to any person.

4 Revision Officer Manual Webinar Re-cap Role of Revision Officer Enumerator & Voter Help Modules Possible scenarios with practice exercises Questions Material to Cover

5 Webinar Re-cap

6 Offices to be Elected Mayor Regional Councillor Local Councillor Regional Chair School Board Trustee Referendum question

7 School Boards Durham District School Board (EP) – 2 reps (one represents wards 1 & 2, another represents wards 3 & 4) Durham Catholic School Board (ES) – 2 reps elected ‘at large’ and represent the entire town. Electors can select 2 choices on the ballot. Conseil scolaire Viamonde (FP) – 1 Rep represents a Region that extends beyond Ajax borders. Oshawa compiles all local results and announces winner. Conseil scolaire district centre-sud (FS) – 1 Rep represents a Region that extends beyond Ajax borders. Oshawa compiles all local results and announces winner.

8 Who can vote? A person is entitled to be an elector in the 2014 Municipal Election if, on voting day, he/she is: A Canadian citizen At least 18 years of age A resident of the Town of Ajax or an owner or tenant of land (as assessed under the Assessment Act) in the Town of Ajax, or the spouse of such owner or tenant Not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office

9 Who can vote? Cont’d A person can only vote ONCE for the same contest, but they CAN vote in two separate jurisdictions for different offices (e.g. a person who lives in Whitby but owns a rental property in Ajax can vote for Mayor/Councillors in each municipality) A person may not vote more than ONCE for the same contest (e.g. the person who lives in Whitby and owns property in Ajax can only vote for Regional Chair ONCE) Within Ajax, a person can only be listed ONCE (e.g. If a person owns multiple properties in Ajax, they are only entitled to vote FROM ONE, and it has to be the one where they live and sleep)

10 QUIZ! I live down by the Lake, but I own a business property in Pickering Village. My buddy is a candidate in Ward 1 and I’d like to vote for him, so please register me as a voter at my business address in the Village.

11 QUIZ! I live in Ajax with my wife, but we own a farm in Goderich. Can we vote for Mayor in both municipalities?

12 QUIZ! I go to UOIT and live in a student house in Oshawa, but my permanent home (where my parents live) is in Ajax. Can I vote in both places?

13 Voting LocationManager Kinsmen Heritage CtrChris Walker Lincoln Alex P.S.Rob Carpenter Audley Rec CentreRob Braid J. Clarke RichardsonPaul Allore M.C.C.George Rodrigues St. Francis CentreMaria Wiggers A.C.C.Rosanna Jagr Lakeside P.S.Jackie Lumsden Library Main BranchCarol Coleman Carruthers Marsh Pav.Gary Muller 10 POLLING LOCATIONS

14 Voting Process All electors on Voters List were mailed a VIL containing a secret voting PIN & voting instructions in mid-October Persons can vote from home online or by phone, or coming to a polling location At the polling location, those who already have a Letter/PIN can proceed to a voting kiosk to cast a ballot Those who don’t have one (left it at home, never received one, not on the list) would proceed to a Revision Officer to obtain a letter & PIN

15 List Revisions & ID Requirements ID is ONLY asked for when an elector sees the Revision Officer. An elector need not produce ID in order to use the voting kiosk. If a person is ON THE LIST but requires an information change (address, name, school support, etc.), they should be asked for ID showing name and address. If they can’t produce ID, they can swear a “Declaration of Identify” instead. If a person is NOT on the list and requests to be added to the list, they MUST show ID displaying name and qualifying address NO EXCEPTIONS

16 GOLDEN RULE When in doubt, always err on the side of enfranchisement

17 Arrive no later than 9 a.m. Prepare to stay all day Bring something to do! Personal technology Dress comfortably Bring food, drink & medications Bathroom breaks are permitted Respect the rules of the facility Expectations ***If you CANNOT make it on October 27 contact 905-619-2529 ext. VOTE (8683) ASAP!***

18 The Election Team Revision Officer E-Voting Officer Reserve Officers Election Staff Team Ward Captain Voting Place Manager

19 Voting Place Set-up

20 Supplies & Equipment Supply bag Equipment – Laptops – router

21 Set-Up Signage Vote Here! Maps Voting conduct Station Labels No photos Languages

22 The primary role of the Revision Officer is to search, add the individual to the List and/or revise property/voter information then direct the voter to a voting kiosk Roles and Responsibilities

23 Log into Intelivote (Voter’s List software) Assist qualified persons in the following circumstances: If they did not receive a Voter Information Letter and PIN in the mail. If they lost their PIN, forgot it at home or claim it was stolen. If they need to be added to the Voters List. Their information on the list (such as school support or address) needs to be updated. Roles and Responsibilities

24 V.I.L. = Voter Information Letter. The letter that was mailed to all qualified citizens with instructions on how and when to vote. PIN = Personal Identification Number. The number needed to vote in the 2014 election, whether on-line, by phone, or at a Voting Place. EL-15 = The form filled out to make amendments to the Voters List. Acronyms

25 Customer Service

26 Customer service motto: ‘Exceeding Expectations Every time’ Strive to ensure that each service transaction is handled with expertise, professionalism and care You leave an impression – make it positive!

27 Accessibility Understanding the needs of Customers with disabilities: -Put the person FIRST! -All customers’ needs are not equal -Not all disabilities are visible -Serving Customers with various disabilities  Deaf/ Hard of Hearing  Intellectual/Developmental  Physical

28 Friend of the Voter Stay calm Listen to the concern/empathize Explain/provide alternatives where possible Try to end on a positive note Notify VPM if the situation escalates Don’t take it personally! Dealing with Difficult Customers

29 Customer Service Appointed to observe voting process throughout the day on behalf of candidate Can inspect equipment, but not touch Must carry Appointment Form CANNOT wear candidate paraphernalia, interact with voters, or assist voters in casting a ballot Typically act appropriately, but if not, advise VPM immediately Scrutineers & Candidates

30 5-10 Minute Break

31 Customer Service Intelivote is the software you will be using on election day to makes changes to the Voter’s List. Log-in to the system using your appointed log-on ID and password. Intelivote

32 Customer Service Possible Scenarios! Intelivote

33 Additional Info.

34 In case of emergency… Loss of Power / WiFi Natural Disaster Bomb Threat Injury / Medical Emergency Theft of Equipment Violent Voter

35 FAQs Media Neutrality – don’t discuss candidates! Voting method/security Voter turn out Results Voters’ List – I was on for the provincial election, why not now?

36 The Best for Last… Payment will be processed within 2-3 weeks of Election day You will receive a cheque by mail (non-Town staff)

37 Let’s Recap Webinar Re-cap Your Role Customer Service Speed Bumps What did we miss?

38 We Want to Hear From You! Legislative Services Ajax Town Hall 65 Harwood Ave. South 905-619-2529 ext. VOTE (8683) Nicole Wellsbury, Deputy Clerk & Election Deputy Returning Officer Stay in Touch!

39 Thank You!

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