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Diversity and Procurement Roadmap Segue Way to Results April 10, 2014.

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1 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap Segue Way to Results April 10, 2014

2 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap2 About United  World’s most comprehensive global route network, including world-class international gateways to Asia and Australia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East with non-stop or one- stop service from virtually anywhere in the United States  A modern fleet which is the most fuel efficient (when adjusted for cabin size), and the best current aircraft order book among U.S. network carriers  Industry-leading loyalty program that provides more opportunities to earn and redeem miles worldwide  Headquartered in Chicago with over 85,000 employees worldwide  Optimal hub locations in 10 cities, including hubs in the four largest cities in the United States Highlights include:

3 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap3

4 4 Sourcing Process Overview Procurement has defined two primary sourcing processes; Strategic and Tactical. Strategic SourcingTactical Sourcing  Used when establishing major company purchases and/or business improvements  Large or complex projects  Utilizes multi-phase process and evaluated on multiple factors or criteria  Used when sourcing operational requirements that are time sensitive  Low dollar value or one-time purchases  Utilizes abbreviated version of the strategic sourcing process

5 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap5 Strategic Sourcing Process

6 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap6 Scorecard Example

7 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap7 Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid  Engage the Supplier Diversity Department  Be realistic, we want you to be successful, bidding on work you can’t handle sets you up for failure  Make sure you read the entire RFP (including the contract)  Follow instructions and provide all requested information  Provide references for work as similar to the work covered by the RFP as possible  Answer all questions in a complete and concise manner

8 Diversity and Procurement Roadmap8 Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid  Proofread your responses for accuracy, spelling, and grammar  Submit all documents in the requested format (don’t change templates or formulas)  Don’t lock or protect any documents  Ask questions, don’t assume  Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your response  Be prepared to answer why you should be selected over the competition  Don’t get discouraged if you are not successful on the first try

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