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Substances and addictions. substances What is it? Mainly, substance is a measure which affects your central nervous system. It is very dangerous because.

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1 Substances and addictions

2 substances

3 What is it? Mainly, substance is a measure which affects your central nervous system. It is very dangerous because people usually get addicted of it and lose their social lives and money. Curiosity: Nowadays, television is also ranked to substances...

4 Where can it be found? Substances can be found in: coffee, refined sugar, tobacco, tea, aphrodisiacs and others.

5 Ethyl alcohol It is very popular but forbidden for persons below the age of 18 or even 21 (in some countries). Unfortunately, young people sometimes buy it. It badly affects their health, for example: they have problems with memory, difficulties with studying, agressive behaviour, dependence, block the normal growth and many others

6 Tobacco Smoking is very dangerous for young organism. It affects the lungs, problems with breathing. In a cigarette, there are many carcinogenic and harmful substancions. Smoking can also cause a lungs and trachea cancer which lead to death. So, smoking is consuming not only our health but also money. Better avoid it...

7 Coffee Coffee- very popular in many countries. But many people don't know that it can affect their health badly. Drinking coffee every day leads to neurosis, dental caries, problems with sleeping, rise up the cholesterol in blood and even heart attack at persons with lower metabolism

8 Drugs Drugs are most dangerous of all substances because they affect us really bad and strong on every organism- young or old. One of really bad effect of taking drugs is mainly very strong dependence. Other effects are: arrhythmias, hypertension, impaired motor coordination (drug addicted people sometimes can't keep a glass in their hand), skin damages caused by intravenous drug use and thus, many infections. Some of known drugs are: opium, morphine, dionina and heroin, hashish, cocaine, LSD, amphetamines. Drug addicted people usually lose their contacts with friends and parents, isolate themselves from the environment, and do everything to get another drug dose. They usually rob their parents or other people to collect money for drugs

9 Designer drugs Designer drug is a substance that affects your central nervous system (like amphetamines and methamphetamine but 10x weaker). Side effects of drug use are: stomach aches, nausea, head aches, mood swings, palpitations, anxiety, confusion (which causes problems with studying and concentration) and also to dehydration and rapid pulse. Designer drugs can be addictive which leads to social problems wrote in „Drugs” section.

10 Addictions

11 Addiction Addiction is when the body or mind badly wants or needs something in order to work right. When somebody is addicted to something, they can become sick if they do not get the thing they are addicted to. But taking more of the thing they are addicted to can also hurt their health. Some people who are addicts need to go to a doctor or hospital to cure the addiction, so they no longer crave (want or need) the drug. People can also be addicted to other things which are not drugs. We'll try to show you some of them

12 Addiction to the internet / computer It is very „popular” addiction. Addicted persons are usually teenagers but you can also hear that many adult persons are also addicted to the computer. Addicted persons can't live one day without accessing any computer. They really want to spend time only surfing the Net so they waste many hours sitting in front of the monitor. Usual effects of it are: sore eyes, vision defect, back problems, muscle weakness, malnutrition or general body fatigue (occurs when an addicted person doesn't move out from the computer for many hours). Apart from health problems, these persons also have social life problems. They are not going to school or hanging out with friends which affects their psyche.

13 Addiction to the chocolate Eating too much chocolate usually effects with acne, stomach aches, dental caries other teeth diseases. Also, there are many people addicted to the chocolate. They can't stop thinking about eating chocolate or they immediately want to eat some.

14 Gambling addiction For sure, some people are addicted to the gambling. It usually affects to their social lives because they can lost all money they have or win a big prize which can change their life on better. But every movement in gambling games is very risky. In one moment you can lose everything you have. Sometimes, people move to crime to raise money for gambling and then usually lose it, what leads to another robbery and as a consequence - going to prison.

15 Addiction to the television Nowadays, television is everywhere. It can be a good source of entertainment and knowledge. Used properly, doesn't pose any risk. But... Some people spend too much time sitting in front of TV. They watch also films containing brutality, crime and drugs. Also they watch stupid comedies. All these things can affect to their logic thinking. Eating and a lack of movement influences on the health - it causes obesity. Obesity whereas, can rise up the risk of infarctions, increase the cholesterol level and many others.

16 Addiction to the shopping Shopping- we do it every day: we buy things we need or we want to eat. Nothing special. But there are people whose only way to relax or get happier is exactly shopping. They usually lose money for things they don't need to, spend much time in shops or galleries and and thus they go into financial troubles. Usually, the addicted persons are women... Sadly, number of people addicted to the shopping is rising up nowadays. They have to stop it and if they can't- ask for help.


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