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What is Global Volunteer Network?

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2 What is Global Volunteer Network?
Global Volunteer Network is a registered non-profit, Non Government Organization (NGO) whose goal is to: Connect volunteers to communities in need Provide financially feasible volunteer opportunities

3 The GVN Vision To support the work of local community organizations in developing countries through the placement of international volunteers.

4 Who created Global Volunteer Network and why?
Colin Salisbury is the Founder and President. After spending time volunteering in Ghana, Colin noticed the tremendous difference volunteers could make in helping local organizations achieve their goals.

5 When was GVN launched? GVN was launched in 2002 and the number of participants continues to increase So far we have placed over 18,000 volunteers around the world!

6 Where Does GVN Offer Programs?
South Dakota Nepal Vietnam Cambodia Philippines Thailand Fiji Ethiopia Rwanda Kenya Seychelles Ghana South Africa Uganda Argentina Brazil Costa Rica Ecuador Guatemala Panama Peru

7 What types of programs do we offer?
Teaching Children Nature Medical Construction Community Wildlife Treks And many more!

8 Volunteer testimonials
Don’t just take our word for it that volunteering has many benefits, see what some of our past volunteers had to say: “Yes, it’s tough. But after the first few days, when you get over the jetlag and the change, I can’t see how you would ever regret it. I just can’t.” - Volunteer

9 “We’re all people at the end of the day
“We’re all people at the end of the day. There are no differences when you strip away everything else. That’s one thing that I’ve found through volunteering. At the end of the day, we were all sitting there drinking tea, being women, having that bond.” - Volunteer

10 “And in the passing of a brick, in the chalk-dusted writing of a word, in the gentle rocking of a lonely child, a new world is forged where the universal truths are love, compassion and generosity.” - GVN staff

11 How Can I Participate? You can apply to our programs online at: Our coordinators will assess your application and respond within 48 hours.

12 GVN Foundation Don’t have time to volunteer?
The GVN Foundation is the fundraising branch of GVN. It works with local community organizations to implement sustainable development projects. GVN Foundation allows visitors to contribute financially to the work of GVN and its partners. For more information visit:

13 Gifts of Change Give the gift of hope by purchasing a GVN Foundation gift to support one of our programs in Uganda, Rwanda, Nepal, Peru or Kenya. - US$29 buys a piglet for our partner in Uganda - US$20 buys nails for a home in Honduras - US$28 buys one month of food for a child in Nepal

14 Project of the Month The Project of the Month is an initiative which puts one of our projects in the spotlight for a month to help raise awareness and funds for a specific cause. The campaign is a way to create a direct connection between our donors and the organizations that we support. We encourage you to check out what the projects are for each month and help us change lives! For more information visit:

15 GVN Fundraising Treks Test your mental and
physical strength on some of the world’s renowned peaks, while raising money for projects to benefit disadvantaged communities. We run treks to: Machu Picchu, Peru Everest Base Camp, Nepal Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kenya

16 Eat So They Can Get Involved October 20–212012
This is an international fundraiser that invites citizens of the world to participate in what is collectively one huge dinner party. Funds raised are used to provide nutrition programs for our partners. You can get started by visiting

17 Eat So They Can – The Funds
Since 2005 we have raised US$539,278! Examples of achievements include: Piggery, Uganda A piggery has been set up to support a school in Uganda, directly benefitting 66 kids. As the pig herd grows, the school plans to give out piglets to the guardians of the students to help them generate income for their families too.    Nutrition for Change, Peru In Peru, we are continuing to support our partner’s Nutrition for Change program. This program provides 350 school children with a nutritious lunch and vitamin each day.

For more info visit:

19 you wish to see in the world.”
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” MAHATMA GANDHI

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