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Intellectually Gifted KATRINE, LIESL, PHILIP, HARRY.

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1 Intellectually Gifted KATRINE, LIESL, PHILIP, HARRY

2 How can we help? Accept them and get rid of stereotypes and prejudice by involving them in every day school and social life Be open minded Don’t just use them for their intelligence but take interest in their personality

3 How schools can help? Make links with universities and sports groups etc. Inform students in class and assemblies Teachers can help by giving them extra work to push them and to prevent boredom They have to be able to realise their potential

4 Dos and Don’ts

5 Dos Make a centre where everyone who is interested is welcome Competitions so that… Everyone should be able to join to avoid jealousy and bullying they can feel like they are achieving something

6 Don’ts Teachers can’t decide who can go and who can’t They should not be seperated from their normal classes so as to avoid social issues You mustn’t make them feel like freaks or aliens

7 If Other Students Know Advantages Removes prejudices Others can learn from them The other students become more open minded Disadvantages Bullying Jealousy or annoyance

8 Point Of View From A Highly Gifted Child

9 Should Teachers Be Informed It can’t really be hidden They can then get work from other sources for the highly gifted

10 How To Inform Other Students It should come from ourselves This shows that we’re not ashamed but open minded It also shows that we care about social life not just work We don’t want to be put in a box We’re all in this together

11 Supporting Measures Stimulating – important to be interested in the work you are doing Add classes if we want to Let us work on our own sometimes so that we can explore new material

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