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Auction of Things That Money Can’t Buy 29:01:15 All Proceeds go to The Development of St John’s Pipes & Fiddle: Gordon Wilson, Concertina: Ann Ward Guitar:

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1 Auction of Things That Money Can’t Buy 29:01:15 All Proceeds go to The Development of St John’s Pipes & Fiddle: Gordon Wilson, Concertina: Ann Ward Guitar: Freddie Pretorius Organiser: Barbara Graham Auctioneer: Gavin Lindsay, Shapes

2 Lot 1: A Garment Knitted for You A garment of your choice knitted/crocheted for you pattern and wool to be supplied by whoever wins the Lot

3 Lot 2: Decoration (10 hours) A room in your house painted for you (furniture to be cleared in readiness for this please (paint and brushes to be provided )

4 Lot 3: A run in a 1953 R-type Classic Bentley Fancy a trip in a classic open top 4.5L R-type Bentley?

5 Lot 3: Fancy a run in the Bentley? Starting in central Edinburgh, you (and up to two additional passengers) will be driven out of town, head across the Forth bridge and back, stopping off to enjoy the views. On the way back we'll pass through South Queensferry for a swift pose and a glass of something warming.

6 Lot 4: Your Garden Tidied Up, ready for Spring (1 Day)

7 Lot 5: Tech-Help/Tuition in your Home (2 hours) Tech-help in your home, including installation of any updates to your software or tuition in use of gadgets (including Microsoft or Apple plus most modern mobile phones etc.)

8 Lot 6: Motivational Session (2 hrs) A self-awareness, motivational session (life coaching) with a qualified psychotherapist

9 Lot 7: Genealogy Research, 1 day, results on a CD for you

10 Lot 8: 4 night stay in Orkney The Former Coastguard’s House A 4 night stay in a fully equipped self-catering holiday home in Kirkwall, Orkney (sleeps 7), 4 bicycles provided. Overlooking Kirkwall Bay, short walk to centre of town

11 Lot 8: Orkney, walk to Yesnaby

12 Lot 8: Orkney Puffin

13 Lot 8: Orkney, Kirkwall Bay view from Ingleside, your holiday home

14 Lot 9: Dinner at The Rectory hosted by The Rector, Markus Dunzkofer

15 Lot 9: Dinner at The Rectory For up to seven people, a three course meal with wine included. Date at a mutually agreed time in 2015 to be decided upon. Come and join me!

16 Lot 10 : Private Tour of the National Gallery of Art with Duncan Thomson

17 Lot 11: Personalised Sampler

18 Lot 12: New Tablet Device

19 Lot 13 – Knitting for beginners a session with Gill Edgar

20 Lot 14: A Ride in a Convertible

21 Lot 15: Original Print, signed

22 ANGELA HEIDEMANN Although I left Germany in 1994, Germany will never leave me entirely. A trace of an accent stubbornly remains, I still love rye bread and shop at Lidl occasionally. But I would not want to go back. I've fallen in love with Scotland. I like the sky that is never the same, the people, the language, the sea. I like Burns, although I don't understand every word. I even like haggis. Irn Bru is where I draw the line. My educational background is as mixed as my cultural one. I started out as a linguist and now I am a painter and printmaker. Art and language - neighbouring countries. I have been working as an artist, illustrator, teacher, and educational author. My work is mainly figurative. I am more interested in expressive potential than in literal representation and I value emotional truth over realism. As a printmaker, I give myself the freedom to draw and enjoy the whimsical and expressive qualities of my subjects

23 Lot 16: Upcycled chair, World Peace Tartan (chair on view)

24 Lot 16: World Peace Tartan. The World Peace Tartan was created to promote a global message of peace. The striking light blue in the design is representative of the presence, hope and potential of the United Nations. Scotland is represented at the heart of this enterprise through the purple and green of the Scottish thistle. The red and black in the design represent and remind us of the realities of war and violence and the great need for a new living culture of nonviolence with the white running through the pattern proving a counterbalance in being symbolic of peace and light.

25 Lot 17: Lemon Pots A dozen lemon pots for your freezer to use for your next dinner party (please provide or return the ramekins)

26 Lot 18: Offer of a stay in Madeira for two people A few days (up to one week) in a lovely apartment with extensive views. This is in a well equipped hotel resort on the edge of Funchal. Dates are flexible and can be arranged to suit (travel not included)

27 Lot 18: View from the Madeira Apartment Balcony

28 Lot 18: Another view from the Madeira Apartment Balcony

29 Lot 18: Madeira Apartment Bedroom

30 Lot 18: Madeira Beach

31 Lot 18: Madeira View



34 Lot 18: Madeira Coastline

35 Lot 18: Madeira

36 Lot 19: Royal Scottish Geographic Society Lectures (x4) One ticket is available for FOUR lectures 18th February at 2.15 Alien Species, the good, the bad & the ugly (Japanese knotweed etc) by Fred Pearce 18th March at 2.15 Names for the sea strangers in Iceland (living in Reykjavik) by Sarah Moss

37 Lot 19: RSGS Lectures 5th February at 7.30 Circling the midnight sun (the circumpolar world societies & landscape) James Raffan 5th March at 7.30 Arirang - the North Korea propaganda art phenomenon by Jeremy Hunter All these talks are at the Appleton Tower, 11 Crighton Street (just beside George Square) The winner of this lot can be collected by Josephine McLeod or Josephine is happy to arrange to meet 15 mins beforehand, downstairs at the Appleton tower.

38 Lot 20: Be Immortalised in a novel See your name or that of someone you nominate immortalised in a novel set in Edinburgh by author Anne Stenhouse) 2 characters available 1 male, 1 female Anne Stenhouse is an Edinburgh based writer of historical romance. Author of Mariah’s Marriage and Bella’s Betrothal, Anne has a new novel scheduled for spring 2015. Daisy’s Dilemma will be an e-book and is a continuation of the story of one of the supporting characters from Mariah’s Marriage.

39 Lot 20: Be Immortalised in a novel The central character, Daisy Mellon, is already named, but she has some Edinburgh connections in need of literary baptism. The redoubtable coachman who drives the Edinburgh family from Edinburgh to London in 1822 might be a winner for your dad, brother, son, cousin or friend. Would they cut a dashing figure on the box of a stately vehicle?

40 Lot 20: Be Immortalised in a novel The ladies might be tempted by a mention as Lady Beatrice’s neighbour in the elegant surroundings of a Queen Street town house. Lady Beatrice is Daisy’s aunt. Reserve price is £40 per character. A complimentary e-copy of Daisy’s Dilemma will be sent to the named individuals. The winners to be named on Anne’s writing blog:

41 Lot 21: An Evening at Home with Opera and Refreshments From Enrico Caruso to Joan Sutherland 10 places are available for bids to join John & Anne Graham for an evening with the great opera singers of the 20th century. The evening will involve an expert guided tour of a range of 20 th century Opera music accompanied by delicious refreshments in their elegant drawing room

42 Lot 21: An evening of Opera Music with The Grahams

43 Lot 21: Opera Evening

44 Lot 22: Outing hosted by Josephine MacLeod A drive in the country and a pub lunch in the company of Josephine MacLeod

45 Lot 23: Week in Earlsferry Cottage

46 Lot 23: Earlsferry cottage, Torpend Cottage is 100 yards from the beach at 23 High Street Available for ONE week between 2 nd April & 26 th June 2015 Sleeps 6, new kitchen & bathroom upgrade This lot is worth £600; Around 1 hour drive from Edinburgh Late September or October if preferred

47 Lot 23: Kitchen at Torpend

48 Lot 23: Elie Beach

49 Lot 23: Cricket on the beach

50 Lot 23: Sittingroom at Torpend

51 Lot 23: Bedroom 1 at Torpend

52 Lot 23: Bedroom 2 at Torpend

53 Lot 23: Bedroom 3 at Torpend

54 Lot 24: Anyone for Golf? Lunch and a round of golf as a guest of Mo Grant at Ravelston Golf Club

55 Lot 25: Birdwatching Trip Puffin Trip: A place on a Sightseeing and Birdwatching Trip aboard ‘The Braveheart’ round Craigleith Island and to The Bass Rock; 10 places available for the 1.5 hour trip (to be sold as a single lot or individually)



58 Lot 26: RSNO Concert Tickets Järvi Conducts Shostakovich Five Fri 20 Feb 2015, 7.30PM Usher Hall, Edinburgh Rimsky-KorsakovCapriccio espagnol Prokofiev Piano Concerto No3 in C major Interval ShostakovichSymphony No5

59 Lot 26: RSNO Concert tickets Neeme Järvi (Conductor) Jean-Efflam Bavouzet (Piano) 6.45 John Whitener (RSNO Principal Tuba) in conversation with Jean- Efflam Bavouzet in the Upper Circle Bar

60 Lot 27: Dressing Table Kidney shaped dressing table, fully dressed

61 End of Auction THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH Special thanks to all those who helped to organise this event, and to our auctioneer, Gavin Lindsay

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