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Michelle Ross Sheila Hensley January 2015.

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1 Michelle Ross Sheila Hensley January 2015









10  Before starting the request if you are disposing of any computer type equipment make sure you have completed the information on the Maintain Asset Screen  After you save the draft you can go back in and add or remove barcodes, but once you submit you can only remove them

11 Q - Can I mix custodial areas if I am a PC for more than one area? A – No each custodial area must have their own request. Q – Can you fix Sunflower so that Unicor’s address fills in automatically? A – No, since all of DOCs agencies utilize Sunflower it is not cost effective to do this. Q – As the POC can I complete a request for the PC? A – Yes, as long as you are listed as the POC.

12 Q. Does the 30 day clock start when we submit the request or when you approve it? A. The 30 day window starts once PPMB approves the request the first time. Q. What is the reason for the monitors being on this form? A. DOC policy now requires monitors to be placed on the NF 37-45 Sanitization Form. Q. Please confirm that all items must have an entry about sanitization. A. Only assets that have the additional required information in the User Defined Field must be put on a NF 37-45 Form.

13 Q. Can multiple model numbers be requested on one request form? A. Yes, however multiple custodial areas cannot be placed on the same request. Q. If an incorrect CD number is entered by mistake. How do you correct the problem? Does the incorrect item need to be retired? A. The PC or the PAO can go into the accept/deny field and select Withdraw and click SAVE and this will put a line through the barcode removing it from the request and the NF 37-50 form.

14 Q. Is there a flow chart that maps these processes A. Yes, once the new National Disposal Plan revised August 2014 is approved and posted. Q. When did the requirements changed for monitors to be placed on the NF37-45 as that wasn't a requirement before? A. PPMB noticed the change in August 2014. DOC put this change into place. Q. Monitors and printers don't have a "hard disk", so why are you checking "Hard Disk Status"? A. It is in the updated DOC Property Handbook as a requirement.

15 Q. We purge the drives if we are donating the old systems to schools. As of Oct 1, do we need the NF37-45 for Donations as well? A. Yes, all donated equipment has always required a NF 37-45 form. Q. Do Cameras fall into this category; if not what form will cameras be entered on? A. Not at this time, but if that changes then you will use the NF 37-45 Form Q. Question on the 37-45. How do we enter property that is being recycled? A. FINAL DISPOSITION SHOULD ALWAYS BE DISPOSED

16 Q. On the current form, you cannot mix Phones & Computers on the same form; can you mix asset types on the new form? A. On the new NF 37-45 Form you no longer are required to separate these assets. Q. Can you verify, are we able to take assets to the recycler after the FIRST approval? A. Yes, after PPMB approves the request the first time you can schedule and have the recycler pick up the assets.

17 Q. Can the same person sign as IT Security Officer and property custodian if they hold both positions? A. No, the form requires 3 signatures for verification. Another IT or Federal employee must sign as the IT person. The PC must always sign as the property custodian. Q. Can the PC do the hard disk sanitization or does it have to be the IT person? A. Yes, as long as someone from IT can verify that the sanitization took place and signs the NF 37-45 form.

18 Q. What happens when you trade in your old cell phone for a discount on a new purchase? A. Request a retirement of an asset and choose trade in. Make sure you have proper documentation showing this is what happened. i.e. shipping documentation with barcode. Q. On the NOAA 37-45, at the bottom, whose signature is the IT Security Official? Is it the IT Specialist who sanitized the equipment or does it has to be the ISSO? A. The IT Specialist who sanitized the equipment

19 Q. Is retirement the same as excessed? A. No, retirement is when you retire the asset. Excessed is when we transfer or utilize the GSA process. Q. It used to be the PAO that arranged called the Recycle Company, now- the contacts/custodians can? A. The PC, PAO or the POC can schedule a pick up. Q. I have 11 desktop computers that are excess. Am I to retire them or send for reuse? A. If you are sending them to a recycler then you must complete a request for retirement

20 Q. I am a one stop shop. On the NF37-45 can I e- sign before IT? A. Yes, but the PC and IT must sign on the same day. The PAO must be the last to sign. Q. Can I attach multiple 37-45s to one 37-50? Or do you prefer one 37-45 to one 37-50? A. You can attach multiple NF37-45s, but the form must match the NF 37-50 form and the request. If the asset is not listed on the NF 37-50 then it cannot be on the NF 37-45 Form for that request.

21 Q. So if I understand what Sheila just showed for monitors on the NF 37-45, we click the "Not Sanitized" drop down. Is that correct? A. YES Q. Will the old 37-45s be rejected if the new ones are going to be released in 30 days? Do I wait for the new one (OAR inv now thru April)? A. You can attach the old NF 37-45 if it already signed, but you need to use the new NF 37-45 form for all new request.

22 Q. When an item is to be retired is it typical to move the asset to the PCs hand receipt? When do the items actually drop off the hand receipt and by whom? A. Once the asset is final evented in Sunflower it will be dropped immediately. Q. Until what date can I excess this year? A. Every day there is no cutoff date Q. Why can't the terms be the same on the 37-45 as in Sunflower A. DOC controls Sunflower, NOAA developed the NF 37-45 form.

23 Q. Is there a listing for Unicor address? A. Unicor is not located in every state. You can go to the Unicor website to see if there is a Unicor in you’re a dfs/corporate/CATMC3816_C.pdfrea. dfs/corporate/CATMC3816_C.pdfrea Q. Do you have plans for a training session on the retirement of capitalized assets? A. Yes, May 27 th

24 Q. How does the coordination with the recycle party occur? A. Once the retirement request is approved the first time by PPMB, the PC, POC or the PAO is responsible for contacting the recycle company to schedule a pick up and to have them sign the NF 37-50 form. Q. Do you attach the 37-45 before you submit your initial request A. This is preferred in case there is an issue the PC has time to make the corrections.

25 Q. What about when a monitor has no memory? Do we still have to put it on a 37-45? if so, What do we select as method if it was not sanitized? A. Yes, leave it as the Select Method Q. So if I get this right another, fed employee can sign the 37-45 if they see that the HDs are indeed removed and destroyed? A. Yes, if you have no other IT person in the area or the PC is also the IT person.

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