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Story of Tiit Paananen, former GM of Skype Estonia.

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2 Story of Tiit Paananen, former GM of Skype Estonia

3 Challenge 67ms one way delay in vacuum 102 ms delay in fiber + 45-65 ms delay by global IP backbone + ?? ms delay by local ISP + Jitter, packetloss 20.000 km C=299 792 458 m/s ITU-T G.114 Max 150ms one way delay

4 Skype vision Slide 3 The global communications tool that billions of people rely on every day for sharing experiences, from living room to boardroom

5 40 PERCENT Of the total of all global International PSTN and Skype calling minutes 60+ MILLION Users online at peak times 360 MILLION Users at 100 minutes per month 50 PERCENT Of Skype Calls & Video 2 BILLION Minutes of voice and video in one day

6 Where is Skype? Tallinn & Tartu Prague Stockholm Luxemburg London Moscow Tokyo New York Palo Alto Singapore Hong Kong Redmond

7 Tony Bates as CEO TIMELINE eBay buys Skype for 2.6B $ Silverlake buys Skype 2.75B $ MS buys Skype for 8.5B $ registered Millions of users online Michael Van Swaaij as CEO Josh Silverman as CEO Dan Berg as CTO Mark Gillett as CTO Skype prepares for IPO

8 Beginnings Most hired through networks Hire attitude, skills can be learned No bullshit mgmt style Work hard play hard Being disruptive unites

9 Culture and principles We fly so you don’t have to I don’t know if I am good enough to be here We can’t screw this up, we can’t let each other down Fake it until you make it Eat your own dogfood Skype is the best thing that can happen to you professionally

10 Culture and principles We are working with smartest people We are working in best environment possible Quality is built in You are on the bus or off the bus You might not like how things are but you love Skype

11 Competition Vonage, WeChat, QQ, Whazzup, Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, Gtalk, Facetime, ooVoo, Jitsi, VoxOx, goober, Ekiga, etc Telecoms on one side and new startups with established internet companies on the other side have kept Skype sharp on its mission

12 How Skype „works“? Product = one independently releasable delivery unit of software Cross functional product teams with maturity level tracking. Using SCRUM working from the top of backlog ordered by ROI Fast release cycle Quality „built in“

13 Values Honest Fast Disruptive Make mistakes User centric Fun Every company has values to assist everyone in decision making and making the potential bigger then the sum of parts ?

14 Skype cultural elements We are product engineering led We are truly global We solve for a dynamic world (and convert to ideas to users quickly) We put users at the heart of our decision making

15 Back then and now Regular Telephony – “Standard Def” Voice over IP – “High Def”

16 Back then and now 240p 2005 480p 2007 720p 2010 1080p 2011

17 Missed opportunities Still one revenue stream Mobile opportunity Social network explosion Developer ecosystem

18 Main takeaways from Skype story Its can happen everywhere Networks matter Success lies in an ability to work across timezones and cultures Hiring right people is everything Not good enough – I have seen what good looks like We were lucky and its probably will never repeat exactly like this

19 First Decade of #SkypeMafia


21 Tartu University (TU)Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) Participating Universities

22 Master´s: Cyber Security (TUT) english Computer and Systems Engineering (TUT) english Software Engineering (UT) english Computer Science (UT) Bachelor´s: Informatics (TUT); Computer Science (UT)

23 Thanks

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